After three weeks of upward movement, the national average price for regular gasoline dropped 5.5¢ to $1.909/gal. for the week ending Feb. 23. That’s $1.221 below the price a year ago. Meanwhile, diesel was down for the sixth straight week, dropping 5.6¢ to $2.13/gal., $1.422 below last year.

Gasoline on the East Coast slipped to $1.912, the Midwest to $1.808, the Gulf Coast to $1.785, the Rocky Mountains to $1.801, and the West Coast to $2.221. California shed 3¢ to hit $2.261/gal.

Diesel was down across all regions. The East Coast decreased 5.1¢ to $2.199, the Midwest 6.6¢ to $2.071, the Gulf Coast 5.9¢ to $2.074, the Rocky Mountain price 2.5¢ to $2.158, and the West Coast was at $2.238. California slipped 4.3¢ to $2.219/gal.