The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline increased 2.5¢ last week to $2.812/gal., as of Sept. 24, 2007, 43.4¢ higher than last year. Meanwhile, diesel topped the $3 mark for the first time since Aug. 28, 2006, strengthening for the fourth straight week to land at $3.032/gal. That's 6.8¢ more than last week and 43.7¢ higher than this time last year.

All regions gained in gasoline price except the Rocky Mountains, which fell 0.7¢ to $2.817. The East Coast registered a 3.7¢ increase to $2.769, and the Midwest inched up 0.2¢ to $2.861, 65.4¢ over last year. The Gulf Coast was up 2.6¢ to $2.705 for the lowest regional price. West Coast prices jumped 4.9¢ to $2.909, the nation's highest, while California was $2.961, up 5.7¢ from last week and 20.1¢ over the previous year.

Diesel price rose in all regions, with the largest jump on the East Coast at 7.6¢ to $3.037/gal. The Gulf Coast increased 6.8¢ to $2.971, the Rocky Mountain region increased 5.6¢ to $3.028, and the Midwest and West Coast both settled at $3.054/gal., the highest regional prices in the country. California prices were up 7¢ to $3.093.
-- Energy Information Administration