• Just imagine if Taylor Swift, after winning her Country Music Awards Entertainer of the Year Award last night, was asked what's next and she said, "We're going to celebrate with friends and family with a nice big juicy steak."

  • The Kerry/Boxer Climate Bill has passed through committee, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and others are using words like “stifling” to describe its potential impact on agriculture. While there were many amendments proposed that would have decreased the impact on ag, none were voted on as the bill was passed out of committee without Republicans even voting; they had walked out in protest prior to the vote.

    With the national unemployment figure at over 10%, you wouldn't think our government would be considering regulating dust on country roads, but it is. I have no idea what that says about our country – when we can spend so much time and effort on the patently absurd. Perhaps it’s a way to avoid addressing the big issues. Oh, and the regulation of dust has a very real possibility of really happening.

  • Genetics and economics to keep Choice/Select spread historically narrow. The percentage of carcasses grading Choice and Prime is up 1.5% on the year and up nearly 7% over the five-year average. More yearlings, increased outweights and improved genetics are all contributors.

    Seasonally the Choice/Select spread is expected to increase over the next 60 days or so, but depressed demand and consumer concerns over price will keep the Choice/Select spread narrower for the foreseeable future.

  • The best thing about ranching may be the lifestyle, especially when one considers the benefits of raising one's kids with agrarian/rural values and work ethic. Talk to teachers or others who work with kids and they say the gap is growing. I'm betting we have a president in 35-50 years who was born and raised on the farm and ranch, and that she will be joined by a whole host of captains of industry who share the same background.
-- Troy Marshall