I've always thought the Ron Pauls and Glen Becks of the world were a little out there, kind of a version of Wayne Pacelle but from the other side of the equation. However, when you actually read the proposals/treaty to be discussed at the climate change summit in Denmark next month, you have to wonder if their conspiracy mindset isn't based in reality.

Essentially, we’re being asked to accept culpability for climate change. Climate change in and of itself isn’t even debated or discussed; it’s just assumed to be occurring, that it’s our fault and that the results will be catastrophic for us and the planet. Once we accept our guilty plea, then the logical step is to accept our punishment.

Essentially the thinking goes that our wealth and prosperity were created on the backs of others and to the detriment of the planet. Thus, we need to make things right by essentially paying retribution to developing countries and accepting a lower standard of living via higher taxes, income redistribution and less economic growth.

And since it’s been determined that we as a people and our governments have allowed this to occur through our selfish greed, we can’t be trusted to determine what remedies are logical and acceptable. That power is to be ceded to the environmental movement, which will essentially be granted control over climate change issues.

That becomes a very scary proposition for me as a staunch advocate of capitalism and democracy. And, I can't believe this landmark meeting is only a month away and very little regarding it has been reported or discussed. Of course, that plays into the hands of climate change activists.

In the past, we’ve talked about how the environmental and the animal welfare/anti-livestock production movements have joined forces because of their common goals. This marriage was confirmed by one of the latest job position announcements at the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS). The position is for an animal agriculture and climate change specialist. This specialist would work in HSUS's farm animals section with responsibility for addressing and mitigating the animal agriculture sector's contributions to climate change.

It still amazes me that most people who support HSUS think they are saving kittens and puppies. These movements have also adopted a strong socialist anti-democracy bent, and until we truly embrace the goals of these movements and their common interests, we won’t be nearly as effective as we need to be in combating them.