“They’re black and they’ve had their shots… any more questions?” is the theme of the 2009 Montana Livestock Forum and Nutrition Conference, April 21-22 in Bozeman. Set for the GranTree Inn, the meeting is sponsored by Montana State University Extension and the Montana Feed Association.

Among the program topics are: Black-hided and shots: Is there more to being successful?, Who will pay for a national animal ID program, Reducing ranch expenses, Beef product sampling, Meaningless information that cattle buyers don’t value anymore, Protein supplementation in cow fertility, Fetal Programming and heifer development before and after birth, and Growing supplemental energy on the ranch.

Registration is $65 for two days or $45 for the April 21 program only and $30 for the April 22 program. To learn more, call Anita Gray at 406-994-3414 or email anitag@montana.edu.