Temple Grandin, a two-hour biopic about the well-known animal behaviorist and designer of animal handling facilities, debuts tomorrow night at 8 p.m. (EST) on HBO. The high-budget production covers roughly two decades of Grandin’s life, following her development as an unresponsive autistic child through to her emergence as a leading designer of animal-handling systems.

View a trailer of the film here TG_Outreach2.mov. Included are production scenes from Temple Grandin as well as comments by Grandin; actress Claire Danes, who plays Grandin in the production; director Mick Jackson; Julia Ormond, who plays her mother Eustacia; producer Emily Gerson Saines; and Jim Schwertner, CEO of Capitol Land and Livestock, Schwertner, TX, one of the shooting locations for the production; among others.

Also provided in the clip are footage and explanations of the animal-care precautions taken during filming of animal scenes, as well as glimpses of the “animatronic cows” built and used in the production to depict some of the action scenes with livestock.

While the beef industry is front and center in this production, the focus of the story is the truly remarkable and inspiring story of how Grandin was able to overcome her handicap to become the world-renowned figure she is today. Having seen an advance copy of the film, the final product is compelling and inspirational in every sense, and Danes nails Grandin’s character to the point that at times you think you are actually watching a younger Grandin. Remember, that the period the film covers ends in the late 1970s to early 1980s.

You can read more about her and the HBO production at beefmagazine.com/beef-temple-hbo-debut/. And the New York Times carried a Thursday review on the production at www.nytimes.com/grandin=temple

HBO says DVDs of Temple Grandin won’t be available until September. Learn more about the film at www.hbo.com/movies/temple-grandin.mov.