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TryN2 Farms (not verified)
on Sep 16, 2013

Producing beef like grandpa did means 40% of our population is headed back to the farm, 40% of the accountants, 40% of the Actors, 40% of the plumbers, 40% of the teachers etc etc. They don't want a calf in every subdivision back yard OR the manure 'polution' to go with it. Every improvement in mankinds history has costs associated with it. Beta-agonists are no exception. they can be used but must be used with a full understanding of their consequences and limitations. With 7 Billion now and 9 Billion people soon to be in this world we'd have environmental disaster if we tried to raise protein with the low carcass weights and long time cycles of my GrandPa. Not to be disrespectful but going back in efficiency/technology is just ignoring the thousands of years of human progress and basic human nature. And in the case of food production issues it's just an arrogant way of saying it's OK if other poorer folks starve as long as I have the affluence to afford more expensive protein and can feel nostalgic about my hobby. Mother nature IS very wise and she is also harsh and cruel, going to bed hungry is a cruelty I will continue to work to prevent.

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