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Dog breeder who loves ranchers (not verified)
on May 9, 2013

Bittman is quoting the same old bull (apologies to the real bulls) about meat that the animal rights activists spew that labels all dog breeders "puppy mills". Our environment is being destroyed by too many PEOPLE, not an overabundance of cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens or dogs.

I also agree that anonymous comments should not be allowed. I think you would find that the same people comment on every meat supporting article on the internet. I have been told that the animal rights folks actually PAY these folks to comment! (So much for all those dollars going to help the poor puppies and kitties in the shelter).

Weight Watchers and their banks of nutritionists stress the importance of eating good protein source at breakfast. Eggs are perfect! As some of the other sensible commenters stated, balanced, non processed, portion controlled eating combined with exercise is key in keeping weight manageable.

My education is in science and it is undeniable that humans are omnivores. Our bodies are set up to eat animal and vegetable sources. If we were meant to only eat veggies we wouldn't need Beano!

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