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Nebraska farm/ranch wife (not verified)
on May 8, 2013

whoo- I can't tell if you are trying to make an educated argument and lack to education to do so or if you are just throwing irrelevant ideas into the air. If the video was taped over several weeks then the 1st incident would have been reported with in the 1st 48 hours according to the bill. Bam it is on record with the proper authority. May be argued at that time as an isolated incident yes. 2nd beating being reported w/ in 48 hours of it's occurrence. Bam again it is officially on record.... 3rd beating reported again w/ in 48 hours of its occurrence. Do you see where I am going with this. It is about reporting the abuse when it happens not when you damn well think it is of benefit you or the person running the video camera. It needs to be a benefit to the animal. Report it as it occurs. Also to address the issue of editing the footage... This should really be a no brainer but I will explain it to you anyway. It is called "tampering with evidence" which is not a particularly legal practice. You can not twist evidence to portray something different then what it is. The video needs to be submitted in its original format to be a nonbiased piece of evidence in a crime case. This bill is not to stifle free speech or a disrespect to those who died serving our country. It is enforcing the timely reporting of unlawful or harmful acts of violence to the proper authorities so the problem can be properly addressed and fixed if need be. It is also not a matter or making undercover surveillance of thieves and drug dealers illegal either because the proper authorities have reasonable cause for suspicion to watch those individuals closely to catch them in the act of crime to then go through the proper channels of authority and judicial system to prosecute them of their crime. I do not support animal cruelty. I do not believe that it is right to beat an animal, but I do believe that we all need to keep our heads about us and use common sense. There is a right to privacy, and I think that also needs to be respected. We all know that there are a lot of abused and beaten people in the US but does that give a government or a group of people the right to set up surveillance in private homes just to make sure no abuse it taking place. I think not. Do we need to open up our private homes to inspectors to interview all members of a house hold to investigate for abuse. Absolutely not unless there have been proper reports issued to the proper authorities in a timely manner to ensue the investigation by the proper department. There needs to be checks and balances with in the system. This bill is only forcing the animal rights groups that offer up these videos to do it in a timely and truthful manner so that it may be addressed and taken care of right away and not 5 years later.

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