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on Nov 27, 2012

I raise more cow $'s than corn $'s but the reality is - #1 right or wrong the EPA says we need an oxygenate and ethanol is an appropriate one for a variety of reasons. #2 There is NO active "tax supported incentives" for ethanol production. #3 at this stage (we can argue about the past) the Market IS telling the fuel industry what to do, ethanol is cheaper than gas so they are using it, #4 PLEASE PLEASE lets not become the "anti modern AG" critics and ignore current well researched science, - ethanol in it's current production system - including all it's inputs IS a very good NET producer of transportation energy. That DOES NOT mean its as efficient as pulling oil out of the ground calorie for calorie but see #1. We're not producing ethanol using the same technology as the 1980's - it IS "paying for itself" both financially and from a BTU standpoint.
The VERY vast majority of folks who raise cows also raise corn, both sides of the discussion are part of the 'family 'of AG.
Folks - no matter what part of AG we align ourselves with, our BIGGEST concern - no matter how close you are to going in the red, is the fact that we producers are not in control of our collective industry. We cannot work together to build a strong Agriculture to feed the world and employ our kids if we pit one part of the industry against another.
And remember I have to buy a lot more corn than I raise.


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