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Mr.Smith (not verified)
on Feb 28, 2012

This story is really about heavy handed government officials and how many situations like this do not need to happen. I'll give you a situation that happened by a local government enity that because they were government, were asked by a party that had political connections with local government to "teach someone a lesson that they were at odds with" it has now gotten completely out of hand. To keep the innocent parties from further harm we'll just call the parties Mr.Smith & Mr. Jones. Mr. Smith leased a farm property from Mr. Jones and put his livestock on it ,improved the fences, fixed the interior roads, repaired the water lines, and essentially put the property back into productive use.Then Mr. Jones wanted to raise the rent and control what kind of livestock Mr. Smith could keep on the property ----in other words was trying to break the lease and run Mr. Smith off the property.When Mr. Smith stated he wasn't going to agree to any of these new terms or leave the property Mr. Jones then violated Mr. Smith's livestock in such a way that they became under weight and Mr. Jones then called complaints into the local Animal Control with whom he had political connections to that Mr. Smith was "abusing his own livestock", Animal Control a division of the Sheriff swoped in and without doing a proper investigation seized the animals without a warrent, When Mr. Smith demanded to see a warrent they threated to arrest Mr. Smith and his neighbors who were there protesting that the Sheriff follow the law. The Sheriff ended up taking Mr. Smith's animals without a warrent by force.After a while Mr. Smith's animals were abused by the Sheriff's department to the point that some died and then they gave some of them away and ethanized the male breeding animals "since they couldn't be handled" , all of this was done while they tried to prosecute Mr. Smith for " animal abuse" which it turned out were all bogus charges to cover up their illegal acts. All of these acts were known to the local courts who tried to shut down Mr. Smith from pursueing all the legal remedies to get his animals back, which would expose all the liability that the Sheriff's office had caused to the County.So it's not just the PETA or HSUS that tries to stomp all over citizens rights and swing a big club to shut people down that are trying to run their lives in a lawful manner.

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