• Halter and rope
  • Disposable long-sleeve obstetrical (OB) gloves
  • OB lubricant in a squeeze bottle
  • Plastic bucket for wash water and/or plastic squeeze bottles for wash water
  • Rags or roll cotton for washing the cow
  • Clean OB chains/straps and handles
  • Calf-puller
  • Oxytocin and epinephrine
  • Suction bulb for suctioning fluid from the nostrils of a calf that’s not breathing
  • Iodine or chlorhexadine for disinfecting navel stumps
  • Flashlight (with batteries that work!)
  • Injectable antibiotics for cows/calves, prescribed by your vet
  • Sterile syringes and needles
  • Bottle and lamb nipple for feeding a calf
  • Stomach tube (nasogastric tube) or esophageal feeder
  • Frozen colostrum or packages of commercial colostrum replacer
  • Electrolytes
  • Toolbox to hold/carry needed items in one handy place

Heather Smith Thomas is a Salmon, ID, rancher and freelance writer.


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