Wes Ishmael

Contributing Editor, Penton Media, Inc.

Among the industry’s most insightful thinkers, Wes Ishmael concentrates on industry price and market perspectives for BEEF magazine. Along with his monthly “Cattle Economics” column, he also writes the BEEF Stocker Trends electronic newsletter, coordinates the National Stocker Award competition, and contributes to the Beef Stocker USA website produced by BEEF and Kansas State University. A BEEF contributing editor since 1999, he’s been involved with livestock publications since 1983. Wes grew up in Colorado and has always been in and around the livestock business; he now lives at Benbrook, TX.

Posts by Wes Ishmael

in Cattle Economics Jul 13, 2015

Are retailer demands taking money from your pocket?

Retail giants recent announcements on animal welfare magnifies the vexing question about if and when producers will develop a system to identify and....More
in BEEF Editors' Blog Jul 08, 2015

Pondering the other side of high prices

The best cure for high prices in high prices....More
Angus cxows
in BEEF Editors' Blog Jun 30, 2015

Can we measure cow efficiency? Not as a single trait

One of the holy grails in the brave new world of genetic evaluation is cow efficiency. But efficiency is not a single trait, it’s an index of....More
in BEEF Editors' Blog Jun 25, 2015

Solve the water problem; solve the world problem

Scarcity of freshwater is an issue that flows beyond the human misery of thirst, malnutrition and disease. The growing lack of access to potable....More
in BEEF Editors' Blog Jun 10, 2015

Optimum preconditioning lengths vary

Depending on the source, calves may not need a full 45-day preconditioning period. Recent research indicates that, in the right conditions with the....More
in Cattle Economics Jun 02, 2015

Can you justify your ranch's water use? Soon you might have to

For my money, history’s real value — the lessons to be had — come from the people who made it or are in the process of making it....More
in BEEF Editors' Blog May 27, 2015

Sustainability drum beats louder

Walmart enters the fray with announcement on antibiotics, animal welfare....More
in BEEF Editors' Blog May 13, 2015

Basic demand drivers still provide the most opportunity

Digging into the data shows more acceptance of beef industry structure, export markets....More
in Cattle Economics May 11, 2015

10 opportunites ahead for beef producers

Gary Smith asked a group of industry leaders to identify key opportunities for beef over the next decade. See their top 10 list below....More
in Cattle Economics Mar 30, 2015

Beef producers, consumers must find common ground on production ethics

As food producers, we can’t say to consumers: “Growing food is a noble cause, but it’s none of your business how we do it.’” Here's why cattle....More

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