Dave Sjeklocha, DVM, is operations manager of animal health and welfare for Cattle Empire, LLC, Satanta, KS.

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preventing pinkeye in cattle
in Vet's Opinion Apr 01, 2010

How To Prevent & Treat Pinkeye In Cattle

Pinkeye is a painful disease that can cause reductions in weaning weights of as much as 17-65 lbs./animal. Once pinkeye begins to spread through a....More
in Vet's Opinion Jan 01, 2010

Under the microscope

Good animal welfare is no longer assumed. Back in the day, we (veterinarians, farmers and ranchers) were taken at our word that we had the best....More
in Vet's Opinion Oct 01, 2009

Outsmart your cows

Management before medicine Good management doesn't come in a bottle, and using an antibiotic indicates our management practices have failed. To me, a....More
in Vet's Opinion Feb 27, 2009

The Madness Over Methane

BEEF readers know food-animal agriculture is under attack. Animal rights and environmental groups....More
in Vet's Opinion Nov 01, 2008

Timing is everything

Why do we vaccinate cattle? Of course, the reason is to attempt to prevent disease. However, if our timing is wrong, we can actually make the....More
in Vet's Opinion Aug 01, 2008

What is a premium?

As a veterinarian, clients frequently ask me: Can I get a premium for my preconditioned calves? I always respond with: What is a premium? Premiums can....More
in Vet's Opinion Feb 01, 2008

Dangerous perceptions

Several years ago, McDonald's quit using foam packaging and switched to using paper and cardboard for wrapping its food products. The fast-food giant....More
in Vet's Opinion Oct 01, 2007

The correct advice

In regard to veterinarian Dave Sjeklocha's September issue column, is the word, (p. 16) there is no question. This includes optimizing performance....More
in Vet's Opinion Sep 01, 2007

Optimize is the word

I've never cared for the phrase maximum performance when it comes to production agriculture. Maximum means the best or greatest possible with no....More

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