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What’s Your Favorite Part Of Ranching?


This week’s poll asks, “What’s your favorite ranch chore?”

There are six of us involved in my family’s cattle operation, and each individual is unique in what they like best about the beef business. This works out well, as each one of us uses our strengths in our own individual roles on the ranch.

For example, my dad Dave oversees most of the breeding decisions, and there’s nothing he likes better than collecting weaning and yearling weight data to send in for EPD information. He’s also passionate about calculating feed rations and watching his cattle grow.

My mom Peggy, an accountant by trade, handles most of the paperwork, billing, mailing to customers, tax preparation, data entry and record-keeping. She’s a mean cook, too, and keeps the guys in the field well fed while planting, harvesting or baling hay.

I share a love of working directly with the cattle, but I also enjoy marketing and advertising. It allows me to use my creativity to promote our business. Meanwhile, my younger sisters are still involved in 4-H and FFA, so they are in charge of the show cattle. And, my husband Tyler is our designated handyman; he keeps the machinery running smoothly and can fix just about anything.

Whether it’s feeding cattle or planting corn, it’s been said that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I feel pretty lucky to be in the cattle business, where I can do what I love on a daily basis.

This week’s poll on the homepage asks, “What’s your favorite ranch chore?”

With 95 votes in so far, 70% of you say working with the cattle is your favorite part. Another 14% enjoy making hay, while 6% prefer managing pastures. Marketing is a favorite chore among 3% of you, while the remaining 3% cites “other” chores as a favorite part.

What’s the best part for you? What do you love most about the cattle business?

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Dannenhauer Cattle Co. (not verified)
on Jul 5, 2012

I like it all which is a good thing because I am the only one to do it. I appreciate the early mornings, being able to do what I enjoy.

Darcy (not verified)
on Jul 5, 2012

My regular job is in "town", but my husband works on a ranch full-time, and I help him out where/when I can in the evenings or on the weekends.

For me, where I'm not there every day, so my favorite thing is when you can see {change} happening. I like it when you go through a field of calves and they seem so much bigger, or how nice a newly mowed field looks, or the difference a new stack of hay makes when I look at our view out the kitchen window.

I think I get to appreciate those more since I'm not fully involved every day. And I try to tell my husband how nice those changes look too - I think he appreciates it when someone notices the small things. But really, those small things add up to success in the big picture. :)

Doug Ferguson (not verified)
on Jul 11, 2012

I like that every day is different. Never the same ole grind

on Aug 9, 2014

I think I get to appreciate those more since I'm not completely engaged every day. And I try to tell my spouse how awesome those changes look too - I think he likes it when someone realises the tiny problems. linkedin

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