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What Does HSUS & The Hunger Games Have In Common?


A farmer teams up with HSUS, but is that letting the fox in the hen house?

Partnering with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is a lot like joining an alliance in the Hunger Games. If you’ve seen the movie or read the books, you know that each district in this imaginary world has to sacrifice a boy and a girl tribute to play in the Hunger Games, which ultimately results in the tributes killing one another until only one remains.

A common tactic in the Hunger Games is to join an alliance to help smoke out the weak ones; however, if you are not the strongest or the most cunning in your alliance, your death is imminent as soon as your usefulness wears out.


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Likewise, I think a Kansas farmer/cattle feeder who has teamed up with HSUS to help eliminate “industrial agriculture” is headed for the same result if the HSUS master plan wins out.

As reported in Farm and Dairy, “Cattle rancher and political activist Mike Callicrate has spent a lot of time fighting for what he considers fair and open markets in the beef industry. He’s sued large corporations, lobbied lawmakers, fought to defund the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and helped to file ballot measures supporting what he feels is the fair, humane way to raise animals.

“Callicrate is known for inventing the Callicrate Bander used to castrate bulls. He wears many hats, but his main theme is supporting ‘family farmers’ against industrial agriculture. According to Callicrate, grocery stores, meatpackers and large farms are pushing family farmers off the land.

“Part of his new approach is becoming a partner with HSUS. Callicrate joined the HSUS farmer advisory council for Colorado in 2012, and has worked alongside the organization to ‘stop industrialized ag.’ He said the size of the HSUS and some of their similar values, made it an attractive partner.”

Callicrate seems like a charismatic sort; his website says he was an advisor for the films Food Inc. and FRESH, and is cited in several books including The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Fast Food Nation. He obviously believes in his convictions; however, I think it’s only a matter of time before this “tribute” is a victim of his own game. Siding with a group like HSUS is a slippery slope to tread. I don’t understand how compromising with an animal rights group is going to yield positive results for any farmer or rancher, big or small.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Terry Ward (not verified)
on Mar 9, 2014

Love it when you guys feed on each other.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 10, 2014

Terry's comment proves Amanda's point. As a supporter of HSUS Terry is showing that they still consider Mr. Callicrate part of "our side". Along this same point there is a group in Missouri (HSUS Missouri Agriculture Council) made up of well meaning agriculturalists who have misplaced trust in this group. Without a doubt once HSUS uses small producers to win over the masses against larger producers they will then turn their back and feed those same small producers to the wolves. Their stance against all agriculture is entirely too clear and is again being proven through their actions against the Missouri right to farm amendment, an amendment designed to protect all farmers, big or small.

Dustin Cox (not verified)
on Mar 10, 2014

Very true. There are times , places and people that we can try to influence and help understand modern agriculture but HSUS and PETA are not one of those people.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 10, 2014

The writer is correct. Having watched the HSUS and their activities against other animal interests, it is clear that no good can come from partnering with good at all. As for Terry Ward, this person is a well known animal rights troll who likes to make comments on animal lists. Never very smart ones either! LOL.

on Mar 10, 2014

Ward, Dopp, and Elliot are all H$U$ trolls with a penchant towards insulting personal attacks. Ignore them.

A partnership of an animal enterprise and the H$U$ is like letting the fox to roam around in the hen house day or night and believing it when it says it won't eat the hens. H$U$ is led by “animal rights” vegan *true believers*, and the ultimate goal is the elimination of animal use (insofar as society will *enable* them). The only reasons I can think of that animal enterprise individuals would “team” with H$U$ is that either (1) they are suffering from *cognitive dissonance* (denial of reality); (2) they think they will personally *profit* from the “team” (monetarily and status); or (3) they think they will avoid being attacked by an AR sociopath (IOW, let the alligator eat others first). Do these people really think that the H$U$ AR *true believer* leaders approve of their animal enterprise, no matter how well run it is? There’s so much factual information to the contrary out there, it’s really hard to believe people put on such blinders and drink the AR-koolaid so readily.

on Mar 11, 2014

The animal rights political lobby basically has two, related strategies: incrementalism (they propose laws that move indirectly, step-by-step towards their goals, the better to keep their real goals secret) and lying (they intentionally misrepresent what the proposed laws would do, in order to entrench them before anyone notices what they REALLY do). But there is a way to see through the lies: Simply ponder this: if all the laws and regulations that the animal rights lobby wants to get passed actually became law, what would be the total effect of all those laws added together? It would make it impossible to own, work, or interact with any animals, including pets, or eat any meat, or use any animal products, or do any animal research. It would make all domestic animals extinct. And it would finish us, too, as a species, because, contrary to the animal rights lies, a true vegan diet is not capable of sustaining human life. Ask any actual, practicing doctor (not those animal rights figurehead doctors). That shows you what the REAL intention of this so-called "humane" movement is.

rachael bannister (not verified)
on Mar 11, 2014

Really? How many small farms and ranches have been shut down because of the take over by big Corp. foreign owned companies?
Why can't there be a middle of the road on the raising care and slaughter process of food animals?
Why the big obsession with the slaughter of horses?They are not a food source for the American public.If a large majority of U.S. Citizens does not want non food source horses sent to slaughter then why push so hard for it? Why not want it to be banned? Stop the fiasco that is going on in other countries about horse meat sold as other products before it starts here in our country.
If there is not problem with the raising,care,and slaughter of food animals then why not let the public see the entire process completely and the industry stop anyone who is not living up to the standards of humane treatment and not want to make people who report any wrong doing criminals?
Public perception is changing and meat producers in my way of thinking need to change along with them.
Most Americans don't use the term Animal Rights any longer,the term humane treatment of food sources and animals used for testing are not fighting words.
Of course there are extremist on both sides.Dont' kill anything on one side and I will kill or do anything I want to any way I want to because it is mind to do with as I please.
Therefore my statement why not find a middle ground.

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