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This week’s poll asks: What’s your biggest industry worry?

As a young beef producer, I have my fair share of concerns about the cattle business. Obtaining the credit to purchase cattle, land, feed and equipment is a constant struggle.  Maintaining a steady cash flow to pay the bills is of equal concern. In addition to increased input costs, new pressures from animal rights activists and politicians worry me. How will new regulations and policies change the way I do business? Meanwhile, unfounded consumer concerns about the safety and wholesomeness of beef leave me fearful about how they might impact demand?

Nonetheless, it’s an exciting time to be in the beef industry, and my enthusiasm never wavers for my chosen life in agriculture. However, the challenges we face are daunting, and this week’s poll on the homepage wants your input on the biggest challenges you face as a beef producer. Vote in the poll here.

What’s your biggest industry worry?

So far, 56% of you say it's growing government regulations. Another 31% of respondents say it is increased input costs. Another 9% say consumer demand, while the remaining 5% cite other concerns.

So, what’s your take? What's your biggest concern about the cattle business? If not listed above, what are you most worried about? Most importantly, how can we overcome some of these industry hurdles?

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Mathena (not verified)
on May 23, 2012

I voted for government regulation as my main concerns. With the ever growing EPA always trying to stuff some new "better" regulation down the throat of every producer, be it a grain, beef, or even a ethanol producer. Like all the new regulations on waste water from feed lots, and the EPA hippies going around closing, or the feed lot becomes so resisted on what land they can use that they can't get anything done.
Sure keep toxic materials like nuclear waste, poisons out of the water and don't let feed lots drain right into a river, but closing a feedlot because the water shed goes into a field miles from a lake river of stream, because they don't have a containment pond is just going to far, and this is only the start.

That's just my thoughts

Terry Church (not verified)
on May 23, 2012

Not just young farmers and ranchers struggle with the things Amanda mentioned in the article. It seems that all those in agricultural production struggle. I know, for myself it seems there is always something to have to deal with. Costs is always a huge problem, then the goverment, fuel, weather, and so on and on. Farming / Ranching is not for the weak hearted. There is always something to have to struggle with. There's an old saying " What don't kill you, makes you stronger". There's alot of strong people in agriculture. Hang in there folks!

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