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Was Rep. Paul Ryan The Right VP Pick For Romney?


This week’s poll asks, “What do you think of Romney’s VP pick?”

The Republican candidate for U.S. president, Mitt Romney, has announced his choice of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate for the White House. It was a decision that has both Democrats and Republicans buzzing.

Ryan is currently serving his seventh term in Congress, and he is the chairman for the Committee on Budget, as well as a senior member on the Subcommittee on Health in the Committee on Ways and Means. Some of his big initiatives have been focused on tax reform and Medicare, where his proposals seem spot-on, although perhaps a bit aggressive for Republicans, but which Democrats portray as harmful for middle-class Americans and the poor.

CNN describes Ryan as a youthful, “conservative Catholic, policy wonk, fitness freak” and a bold choice for Romney.

Currently, Romney is seven points behind Obama in the latest CNN poll.

Certainly, this election will bring forward many discussions on handling the nation’s deficit, determining the new direction for Medicare and deciding the type of regulatory environment the next four years will bring.

This week’s poll on asks, “What do you think of Romney’s VP pick?”

With 237 votes so far, 83% say Ryan is a good choice for Republicans, but bad for Democrats. Meanwhile, 11% believe he will help the Democrats in the election. The final 6% aren’t sure.

The discussion in the poll is hot right now, with readers weighing in:

“Bye, bye Obama!”

“Ryan is a poor choice for our nation; we need a positive leader with the good of the nation at the top of the agenda.”

“If Romney is so good with financial matters, why would he select someone who is also supposed to be good with financial matters? Romney must have a one-track mind and it is on the wrong track.”

“Obama wins!”

“I agree strongly with the VP choice! Let's stop entitling growing numbers of welfare recipients, including ridiculous farm subsidies financed off of our children's futures! Send Obama back to Chicago!”

Even though the numbers are overwhelmingly in favor of Ryan as a good choice for a running mate, the comments say differently, with strong opposing views on each side.

Will Paul Ryan help Romney in the election, or did this selection boost the Obama campaign?

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John R. Dykers, Jr. (not verified)
on Aug 23, 2012

The election was over with the Roberts decision on Obamacare. With Ryan think 1964 and Goldwater/Miller. Start planning how to survive the stagflation of a second Obama administration. It could get gruesome worldwide and more war may result. Rationality disappears when Quality of life deteriorates. Neither major party has a plan for the nation, just itself. The worst "special interest" now is Congress.
Laws designed to improved function can be briet. Laws designed for "loopholes" to satisfiy the particular interests of particular groups and their lobbyists and to keep lawyers well employed exploiting the convoluted language can run into the thousands of pages. eg The Medical Care Reinvention Act, 4 pages with annotations, and Obamacare that Nancy Pelosi famously described as having to be passed to see what it says! (Reminds me of my first mother in law who had to hear what she said about something before she knew what she thought about it!!!)

3 and 4 of The Big Four conver the fairness aspects of "The Buffet Rule" .

The Big Four
(1) The Medical Care Reinvention Act – 4 pages including annotations-
(2) Term Limits – already 2 for President
2 terms for Senate, 3 for the House; better management control of civil service
(3) Leave the IRS Code intact and create a parallel single rate system with NO deductions. Will still have to calculate income on which tax is due but tax will be due on every dollar the same. Every current taxpayer may choose which system to use, but can’t switch back. All new taxpayers go on the single rate system.
(4) Abolish the corporate income tax AND require that 90% of earnings be paid in dividends (as is currently done with Real Estate Investment Trusts). The maximum annual Executive compensation limit is the lowest hourly wage paid(e.g. $7/hr which is $14,560 per year for a 40 hour week) x24 hrs x7 days x52weeks x20 for skill set, $1,223,040 per year; OR 1% of earnings whichever is greater. (that would be the same earnings 90% of which are paid as dividends to stockholders.) (an increase in lowest hourly wage would also raise the limit on executive compensation) (so earnings, dividends, wages and executive pay are directly linked!)

Mark M. Mulhall (not verified)
on Aug 23, 2012

Paul Ryan is the finest vice presidential pick since Sarah Palin. He's never had a job outside of Washington since coming under the wing of mediocre NFL quarterback Jack Kemp, who got sacked big time in a debate with Al Gore, after presidential candidate Bob Dole chirped Kemp would rout Gore in the argument.

Ryan is a devotee of Ayn Rand, a person who does not believe in the common good and has been called an athiest. That must be music to the ears of the conservative Christian right, folks making up the southern fried moralist bunch and Republican Theocracy.

On top of that, Ryan has united contentious sides of Catholicism. U. S. Catholic bishops and "Nuns on the Bus." both call Ryan's budget ideas "immoral."

Let's not talk about abortion or birth control. I'll defer to Ryan and his buddy, Mr. Akin.

Joe Scarborough, former GOP Congressman said this morning, the GOP is down double digits with women voters and 30% behind with Hispanic voters, the folks Iowa's GOP Steve King wants to remove as farm helpers.

New corn is/was over $8.00 per bu and Iowa farm ground values have hit the moon. Think I'll go for Paul Ryan.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Aug 23, 2012

Ryan as VP choice is going to resonate as he is a better debater on the economic impact of the current and pending cuts and taxation, entitlements, and union deals all connected with this administration 's health 'care' and 'fair' agendas of division that threaten the very soul of our great nation. One nation under God- America. Let's support and help to promote with all our words and actions the last chance this nation has to remain an free and sovereign country. It is hard to trust any politician after we have been witness to so much corruption by so many for so long. But our fight has only begun, adn we are up to it. Our bigger fight is going to be dealing with the large amount of mislead that have literally been indoctrinated to think that America's tapping into our own resources is evil. As if we could really have an impact on the entire world when the other nations not only won't comply, they are being given the rights to our resources by our president! We must cut the UN from making our own decisions!It is a group of nations that hate America, as does this Obamanation that should have been impeached and out of office by now. We do have the power, now we need to find a way to involve EVERYONE to vote for the right reasons!!! And remind people of how great America really is!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Aug 23, 2012

Funny, the question revolves around a job that's primary function is waiting for the President to become incompasitated. I will concede that Mr. Ryan will do doubt contribute significantly more than the current Vice President if Mr. Romney is elected. The question we all need to ask ourselves is whether or not this Country wants another four years of what we've seen the past four years? The next question is whether Mr. Romney is the one who can provide a pathway for a difference. We have nome major problems to address in this Country and quite frankly, they will need addressed in a far different way than the past four years. Based on his own comments, if Mr. Obama is re-elected, he will be the most surprised man in the United States based on his own comments during his first 18 months of office. True enough, this Country will have bought into moving this country towards a more socialistic path and to an old timer like myself, it will take some getting used to. Under a democracy, it is the voters who truly decide.

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