Mike Apley

Kansas State University

Mike Apley, DVM, PhD, is a professor in clinical sciences at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

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in Vet's Opinion Jan 06, 2015

A 100-year-old knife has modern-day lessons

Technologies contributing to efficiency in modern agricultural production continue to evolve, with the result being that less than 2% of Americans....More
diagnosing cattle disease
in Vet's Opinion Oct 10, 2014

Bovine Lymphosarcoma: Few Cows Show Clinical Signs Of Cattle Disease

There are multiple forms of bovine lymphoma/lymphosarcoma (different names, same disease). The forms are classified by age of onset, location of the....More
veterinary feed directive
in Vet's Opinion Jul 01, 2014

Producers Should Get Ready For Effects of Veterinary Feed Directive

What a new VFD will look like is still being determined. One proposed change is that the definition of veterinary oversight lies with the local....More
in Vet's Opinion Mar 25, 2014

Consumers Hear Only Half The Story On Food-Borne Illness

When activist groups and media sensationalize food-bone illness outbreaks without providing the context of the overwhelming safety of the U.S. food....More
in Vet's Opinion Dec 30, 2013

Make Sure You’re Using Antibiotics In A Legal Manner

If you’re told that some of our drug and animal health regulations don’t need to be followed, you’re getting bad advice. If you take that advice, you....More
calf health and BRD
in Vet's Opinion Sep 30, 2013

Pay Attention To Animal Treatment Outcomes

When dealing with cattle disease, poor treatment response isn’t always due to antibiotic resistance, and switching antibiotics or getting more exotic....More
withdrawal guidelines for food animal drugs
in Vet's Opinion Jun 25, 2013

A Guide To Understanding Animal Drug Withdrawal Times

The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) sets slaughter withdrawal times for approved food animal drugs. Let’s discuss the work that goes into....More
vet necropsies explain cattle disease
in Vet's Opinion Mar 22, 2013

What Cattle Necropsies Can Tell Us

If you have ever had your vet perform a necropsy, you understand it is detailed work. However, do you know exactly what they are looking for? Mike....More
in Vet's Opinion Dec 20, 2012

Individual Death Loss Can Be A Tip To Bigger Problem

In a lot of periodicals, this title would require reading the article for clarification. But a majority of BEEF readers probably guessed I’m....More
toxic algae can kill cattle
in Vet's Opinion Aug 16, 2012

Watch Out For Toxic Algae Blooms In Stock Ponds

Your veterinarian can help you find more resources on this potential threat to your herd, including getting in touch with a toxicologist to aid in....More
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