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TV Show “Parks & Recreation” Promotes Beef In Big Way


Sometimes, victories for the beef industry come in surprising packages. The network TV show, “Parks & Recreation,” is a good example of one of those victories.

Although I’m not a big TV watcher, I do make a point to keep up with a few favorites. In our household, it’s “Parks & Recreation,” a show about government workers working in the Parks and Rec department in Pawnee, IN.

The show has a little something for everyone, and the characters are relatable, no matter who you are. There’s the dedicated public servant, the health nut, the slacker, the kindly nurse, the grey beard, and the flashy talker, and they all work together, meshing their many political leanings and opinions for one humorous show. Personally, my favorite character is Ron Swanson -- a fiercely independent, woodworking, jazz-playing, no-nonsense guy who has a serious passion for meat.

As a beef producer, it’s refreshing to see some positive media coverage for animal protein, particularly in a time when it’s often demonized. Where other shows are quick to make quips about “factory farms” and “heart-clogging meat,” Parks & Rec writers must have an appreciation for a good steak on the grill, if the character Ron Swanson is any indication.

Swanson’s love of meat definitely makes him a friend to the beef industry, and although his passion borders on obsession, it certainly makes for funny TV. Although this blog post might not be covering a very serious topic, it’s always nice to know there are some small wins in popular culture that help to burnish the image of animal proteins in the American diet.

Just for fun, here are five memes of some of Swanson’s best meat quotes on the show that I think you will enjoy:

If you haven’t watched Parks & Recreation, I highly recommend it for a good laugh. If you have seen it, what are your favorite Swanson quotes? Do you agree that he makes a good advocate for the beef industry? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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