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Trend Alert: Meat Pies!


From steak and kidney pie, to chicken pot pie, meat pies have been popular across the globe for centuries; now, the trend is coming stateside! Here’s a roundup of what the experts are saying about this affordable, versatile meal.

“Much loved in Australia, Britain and elsewhere, but traditionally ignored in the U.S., meat pies are showing signs of hitting trend status here, too,” reports the Huffington Post (HP). On Monday, I wrote about “The Hamburger Economy,” where Americans are trading high-priced steaks for more-affordable options like ground beef. I think the revival of meat pies might be just the ticket for Americans on a tight budget.

“Chunky steak and Thai chicken curry are two of the flavors offered at a new takeout spot in midtown Manhattan, the first U.S. outpost of an Australian chain called Pie Face, which opened in January and has a line out the door at lunchtime. Ten more stores are planned in the city by year's end, and more later in other cities, including at airports and train stations,” according to HP. “In supermarkets, too, meat pies are getting more shelf space, analysts say, thanks at least in part to the rising cost of beef. USDA projected late last year that beef prices would remain high for the next few years.”

"The meat pie is a less expensive and filling alternative to a steak, a big burger, a meat loaf – even chicken," says Phil Lempert, the food marketing analyst known as the Supermarket Guru.

Even Prince William said his favorite meal is meat pie!

"William’s favorite British pie is filled with saucy ground beef and topped with mashed potatoes and melted cheese.” Read the entire blog, “Will The Royal Wedding Menu Feature Beef?

The meat pie is rising in popularity because it’s convenient, affordable and versatile. I’ve rounded up a few meat pie recipes to try yet this winter. The photos and related recipes are courtesy of Beef It’s What’s For Dinner.

Beefy Shepherd’s Pie

St. Pat’s Beef Pot Pie

Southwest Crescent Pie


I’m inclined to try the original, with roast beef, peas, carrots and gravy, but I think a spicy version with taco meat, tomatoes, peppers, onions, salsa and sour cream would be great, too. What’s your favorite beef pot pie recipe? Share your best with us today!

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Jennifer (not verified)
on Mar 7, 2012

Mmm! I love sirloin empanadas, personal-sized meat pies. This recipe was created by Chef Michael at Certified Angus Beef. You'll have to make several batches -- they disappear quickly!

Sirloin Empanadas

ginny (not verified)
on Mar 7, 2012

No offense cause I love my beef, but true shepherd's pie is lamb, hence shepherd, not cowboy. Pot pies are pretty much on the bottom of my list. If I'm looking to fix something inexpensive with beef, aka, chopmeat-based, will go with sloppy joes, chili or cheeseburger soup. Hamburger is also the base for my pasta sauce for anything from simple spaghetti to something like stuffed shells. Pick up any cookbook and you can usually find all types of really good recipes using very reasonably priced cuts of beef. also has a bunch of great beef recipes. Must say though as a producer, I'm enjoying the prices we're getting at the sale barn but I hope we're not pricing ourselves right out of consumers' shopping carts in favor of chicken or pork. Not sure how people can afford to pay the $7 to $8 a pound for steak that is being charged in our area.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 7, 2012

I use leftover roast for my meat pie. My recipe varies, but includes chopped cooked beef, carrots, onions, rudabaga, mushrooms and whatever else I feel like throwing in. I put it in a 9-inch pie plate or a 9x13 pan, depending on how much filling I end up with. I always use a bottom and a top crust, usually homemade but I have used store bought on occasion. Then I make gravy using the juice from the original pot roast. My family loves it!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 7, 2012

Been a favorite with us for quite a while!!
Shepherd's Pie is with smashed potatoes on top!!

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