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Six Reasons Why I Eat Meat Every Day -- Mondays, Too


Prevention magazine urges readers to go meatless on Mondays. Here's why BEEF Daily editor Amanda Radke eats meat every day of the week.

I have to hand it to vegetarian and vegan activists, they know how to create a movement to rally around. Only a small segment of the U.S. population actually follows a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but these folks have been able to take their ideas mainstream. Universities across the country have adopted the Meatless Monday trend, and it seems like every time I pick up a consumer publication, there’s an article promoting meatless meals like tofu and bean burgers.

ISix Reasons To Eat Meat Every Day of The Weekn the October 2012 issue of Prevention magazine, Mandy Oaklander writes, “If you’re a Prevention reader – and if you’re reading this, well, then, you are – you know we’ve always been fans of vegetarian eating. Now we’re taking the commitment to healthy eating one step further by making every Monday a meatless one. Check out our reasons for nixing the meat, and see how easy we’re making it for you to join us. Bring on the veggies! It’s easy. With no meat thermometers to check – and no scary feeling you’re about to poison your family with underdone chicken – vegetarian cooking is perfect for worrywarts.”

The article, entitled “Six Reasons To Do Meatless Mondays,” says going sans meat is easy, eco-friendly, life-saving, affordable, kind and makes you feel sexy.

Sorry, Prevention, but you’ve got it all wrong. Here are my six reasons to include meat in your diet:


  1. It’s healthy. There are 29 lean cuts of beef, according to USDA standards. Beef provides nutrients like zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins, and half of the fat found in beef is monounsaturated, the same heart-healthy fats found in olive oil.
  2. It’s easy. Using recipes from, beef is an easy addition to a well-balanced meal. Simply fire up the grill or turn on the slow cooker, and you’ve got a healthy, simple meal that stars meat.
  3. It’s environmentally friendly. Cattle graze on land that is too steep, hilly or rocky for farming. Cattle aerate the soil and eat brush, which is good for wildfire management. Check out our Earth Day page to find more reasons why beef production is good for the planet.
  4. It’s affordable. Calorie-for-calorie, beef is more nutrient dense than vegetarian protein options like peanut butter, tofu or beans. You get more nutritional bang for your buck by choosing healthy, lean animal proteins. 
  5. It’s kind. Cattlemen care about their livestock; it makes good business sense and it’s the right thing to do. Respectfully harvesting these animals to nourish people is a part of the circle of life, and something that ranchers take very seriously.
  6. It will make you feel sexy. Without protein as the center of my diet, I feel depleted of energy. Sure, vegetables and fruits are great, but without protein power, I’m not strong. And, being strong is sexy! Be inspired by all the Team Beef members who are out leading busy, active lifestyles, competing in triathalons, marathons and more! 

What are the reasons you eat meat? Let’s make Meat-In Monday the new trend!


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Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

it's not affordable unless you get beef that is not pure (mixed in with soy, etc like at taco bell). pure grade a, good quality beef is pretty expensive. that's why most americans who are suffering in this economy have been eating more vegetarian

on Oct 22, 2012

Amanda, Why are these people even reading our blog if they are so against our cause? I understand all the freedom of this and that, but isn't it strange these people even find the time to read your daily column! As far as under-cooking all it takes is a little self-learned cooking instruction and following recipes in order not to under-cook a meat dish! As for supper tonight i will have round steak and veggies! Stick to your guns Amanda! Gary

Anonymous (not verified)
on Dec 17, 2012

We read these blogs to find relevant arguments against our own information. It's called being an informed and socially responsible citizen.

Gary (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

Apparently not eating meats makes you mad at those that do. I guess I will continue being fit,happy, and a beef eater instead of being mad at everyone who doesn't see things my way-thinking I am smarter and going to outlive everyone who chooses a different diet than I do!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

It makes people mad, because so much harm and cruelty comes from the beef industry, and the meat industry in general. Farms are not like they were a long time ago. If they were, then people would not be so angry. They have become Factory Farms, and there is no time for the care, compassion, and love that the farmers use to give these animals. The regular farmers have been bought out by the factory farmers. The cattle are often thrown on the side of the road when they become sick. It is the non-meat eaters who tend to go clean up the mess of those who eat meat. (I.e. fight for animal rights, make things humane, pick up those sick and dying animals and nurse them to health or euthanize them if they are so sick) Of course this makes non-meat eaters angry. Things are done very sloppy in the US and its becoming the norm. Not to mention the impact on the environment. We have all seen the math and research that has been done about how if we use the grains to feed the starving humans, rather then the animals that are bred for meat that we could prevent a lot of world hunger. The facts are all there. There is more harm then good, and the non-meat eaters have a hard time understanding how meat eaters can be ok with this.

gs (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

Wow the disconnect astounds me. Most of these comments are out of touch! Go hire a personal trainer to lose weight and the high end ones will put you on a high protein very low carb diet!Although they would rather you not eat fat, anyone of them would promote it over carbs. Actually some will promote it. Why? Pretty much because of everything the author said in her first paragraph. Because they are realistic. Because they want to be successful hence become effective high end personal trainers.Actually everthing she said is basically true. Why do you think beef is so high? Is it because 98% of America is stupid? Get real people! And by the way good luck with that vegan lifestye! You probably don't even know thatthe keyboard you will use to reply is made in part from animal fat. Imagine that ........... typing in animal fat.And while you are typing in animal fat ask yourself the question WHO IS OUT OF TOUCH?? I almost choked on the irony!! Lol!

Allison Florance (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

When I was pregnant, I have to admit that I was excited about the fact that I would be "able to eat for 2". What fun I will have eating the things that I liked in greater quantity.

My doctor corrected me and said that I would need to get NUTRITIONAL value for 2.. It wasn't about the calories.

Lean beef was the most nutritionally dense choice for me. I love the taste and nutrition per calorie was unbeatable.

I appreciate the internet for helping teach us how to cook beef in healthy ways. It is somewhat of a lost art for a couple of generations now.

I am an omnivore and have had high cholesterol my entire life. I do not take drugs, balance my diet making the choices that are nutritionally dense to watch my weight, excercise vigorously all to avoid medication.

I have not done a study on myself, but I can tell you that once I started eating the lean beef (thanks to the information being shared on the internet because I didn't know) my cholesterol went DOWN. The only change I made was with the beef.


Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012


It's too bad trolls are on this page replying with their own propaganda. Maybe we should ask them how it feels to be tool's in their own versions. I find it highly hypocritical to call you out for standing up in something you believe in while they chastise you and stand up for their own beliefs. Why can't we just eat what we want? Is my eating meat hurting you? We all have the luxury of choosing what is on our dinner plates - lets enjoy this.

I would like to say I think you missed a key #7 - in calling out the safety issue. Oaklander clearly overstepped in her writing and used fear mongering to push not eating meat with "poisoning your family"... safe food handling is always a key but you can't avoid food contamination such as E. coli or Salmonella by not eating meat.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Dec 17, 2012

She's only being called out because none of her information is being supported with facts. She is expressing an opinion that is being advertised as fact. Unfortunately it is this propaganda that is causing ignorant populations in our country to sacrifice their own health and the health of others based on the beliefs of corporate lobbyists and their fellow members who happen to have a journalism degree.

on Oct 22, 2012

I see the trolls are still lurking...
- irradiation is proposed to insure better safety for meat in the market place. Why is that such a bad thing? And no, the meat doesn't become radioactive.
- You seem to think a vegan diet is 100% safe? What about the recent peanut butter scare?
- If anybody is a corporate tool it's you bark eaters. I hope you enjoy filling the pockets of that industries coffers. Unlike you, I don't enjoy paying 6 times more for food that is less healthy.
- I did enjoy the cattle roaming free for miles comment. Do you really think cattle will be walking freely through your lawn or on the highway?

Ben (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

Its amazing how all the veggie, and vegan folks, are so one sided, and for some reason do not know how or care to read and learn. There are more than just your side of the argument, and its best to listen, read, and learn about all aspects of any argument then make a decision. What I mean is actually get off your keister go visit farms and ranches, not just those who are small operators catering to a specific crowd, but a diverse selection of agriculture, large ranches, farms, feedlots, dairy farms and meet the people who provide the foods for the rest of the U.S. and the world, then decide if and how bad of people they are.

in the words of Lincoln "It is better to be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt"

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

You probably should have kept your mouth closed, then, and not commented.

on Oct 22, 2012

As a very proud Wisconsin country girl and farmer's daughter, I have a few things to say:

1. Amanda, thank you for keeping your ground and writing about your passion and what you believe. You are far from a corporate tool.

2. For all of you out there who have doubts about the nutritional quality of beef, remember that protein is essential for our health and growth. Beef is packed full with protein, not to mention zinc and iron (which are two very important needs for women). Over and above its nutritious value, beef simply put is YUMMY!

3. I love my animals. I grew up on and still actively contribute my skills on my family's 200 cow beef farm. I am able to walk in the pastures and feedlots and no animals ever go running for the corner. That's how much we work with them and are around them. Calm animals are healthy animals.

4. I really do not inderstand a lot of these rude comments and all of the hostility. We don't bash you all for eating vegetables and your vegan livestyles. We are simply trying to promote what we love and work so hard for.

That being said, I'm excited for dinner tonight. Not sure what I'll decide to make yet, but it is sure to be delicious with some of my homegrown beef.

Have a great day, everyone!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

Neal Barnard, M.D. happens to be a psychiatrist. His quotes on eating meat do not mean a whole lot.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

I don't consider myself and activist but I think that this article is actually ridiculous. I have been vegan for about a year for health reasons and frankly for me it was the best decision I ever made. Having said that you point out that vegetarian and vegan make up a small segment of the population yet you feel the need to attack the fact that they don't eat the same as you. When I did eat meat I got local farm raised meat because I didn't and still do not like what factory farming has done to our food chain. I had given up fast food years ago for that same reason. Most of my friends and family still enjoy meat and dairy and I have no problem with what they choose to eat. However my problem with this article is that instead of just promoting your belief that meat is healthy you feel the need to push a small group down in the process. It is difficult enough to find good vegan or vegetarian options in mainstream restaurants as it is without the criticism. So what if someone offers meatless options it certainly is not going to hurt the beef industry as there as burger joints and steak houses on practically every corner in America. Both options can exist on the same plate, the problem is meat has become the only option on the plate lately with our bigger is better mentality. The promotion of meat consumption has made vegetable as side that is basically an afterthought and in some cases not consumed at all after digesting a 20oz steak. That being said I am not trying to convert anyone away from consuming meat and ask the same of you regarding vegetables. I mean seriously one day out of the week you don't consume meat and you are worried?

on May 1, 2014

I would like to point out that we are on a beef site you guys come here for a fight not the other way around and if you where not trying to convert anyone or not trying to pick a fight as a vegan what are you doing on a beef website to start with. And a lot of restaurants I have been to do offer meatless options I see a salad bar at most of them. Well that is all your lies I am willing to address for today so good by and good day.

on Oct 22, 2012

If you won't believe the commentors who have posted here about the dietary hazards of meat consumption perhaps you will at least believe the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association):

We do not need to eat meat and are better off not doing so, as are the animals and the planet. There is no justification for killing animals unnecessarily and thus no justification for eating meat - or any other animal products, for that matter.

on May 1, 2014

The best justification is the fact that they taste good. And if god didn't want us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

I am a happy, healthy "SEXY" vegan! No article published can change my beliefs. I was put here to protect and honor my land and innocent animals. I have meat loving friends and vegan friends. Bottom line my vegan friends look healthier, stronger and happier.

There is a difference between a vegan diet and a plant based vegan diet. You can be a vegan and still eat processed junk food. These are the vegans who are not strong and healthy.

VeganForever! (not verified)
on Jun 11, 2013

:) vegan & sexy!

Anonymous223 (not verified)
on May 27, 2014

The vegan diet is the best!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

This has got to be a joke. Funniest thing I've read in awhile.

Farmer (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

Good for you Amanda! Keep writing these articles no matter what the ridicule is! Like Amanda, i am a South Dakota State University alum and have grown up and worked on our family farm all of my life. There are so many people on here that i can guarantee have never even set foot on an actual farm. I would invite each and every one of you to visit my farm. not just for a day either, i want you to take a month or two and actually come out and see how it works. We have a 100 head cow/calf operation with about 2200 head of "natual" hogs. These hogs are allowed to go in or out of the barn, they lay on straw and are not given any medication for growth hormones. These are not to be confused with organic hogs as they are two completely seperate things. But before you go accusing us of "factory farming" or abusing animals come out and see what actually happens. Just because you have seen a few videos of some idiots who abuse animals doesnt mean the whole industry is that way. So by all means come on out and check it out.

on Oct 22, 2012


Thank you for supporting one of the greatest industries out there BEEF. I'm not hear to bash vegans or vegetarians, we all have different beleifs and i respect that, is what i don't respect is the vegans and vegetarians that selectively read and opinionate against beef and fight our beleifs. Its funny how these people never have a problem of buying pastures and farms to put into housing developments which lead to animals being slaughtered do to the lack of pasture and because we care for our animals we have to slaughter them that way "crowding" doesn't make them uncomfortable. I would love to personally invite any "haters" to my beef operation and thousands across the country to show them how our operations ACTUALLY work and not how the mind of someone in an office all day THINKS it does.

Stick to your guns!
Mark Blake (not verified)
on May 27, 2014


Mathena (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2012

I love how open minded vegans are, till you speak something they don't want to hear...then everyone else is wrong and should burn for not thinking like they do.

Jay Richard (not verified)
on Oct 23, 2012

The lady who wrote this article is not only ignorant, but dead wrong. This coming from a moderate meat eater.

She comes across as not very bright whatsoever...

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 23, 2012

Wow... you are so terribly misinformed it's scary. What era are you living in anyway?! Put away the encyclopedias from the 50's and take a look around. Look at the exposes.. the documentaries... the studies. If you're going to disregard science at least try appealing to your conscience. Environmentally sound?! Grazing on rocky pastures? WTH? And a vegetarian diet is devoid of protein? You seriously need to do some studying before putting such BS out there publicly. You've done nothing but make a fool out of yourself. Congrats. I'd say let's meet up and debate but I'd be shocked if your heart makes it another day.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 23, 2012

these people bashing the beef industry have no idea what they are talking about. I wonder if any of you have ever visited a beef operation. I am agriculture student in California and I have the luxury of visiting many operations and seeing how they work and I have never seen what you are talking about. These animals have water, shelter and a abundance of feed to eat. Also they are looked after everyday, someone is always looking to see if one is sick. If they are not taking care of the animals then they would not be gaining weight and the farmer would not be making money, so it does not make sense for them to mistreat their animals.

Chemical Engineer (not verified)
on Oct 23, 2012

It makes me sick to my stomach that society holds such misconceptions to be truths. Sitting on the couch watching television not only is the cause of the poor health in society but is also the root of misinformation. Get out, get active, visit a farm and stop pointing fingers at the hands that feed you. If you can prove it, you can preach it. Otherwise, keep your foolish media-based education and ideas to yourself. Beef is my dinner.

Steve C., MO (not verified)
on Oct 23, 2012

Most of your comments are about eating meat and whether raising cattle or grain is good for the environment. I'd like to give you another view, and a little history, about cattle and the environment, at least wildlife (grassland) habitat. Prior to the 1950s (I know most of you weren't born then) the land that cattle grazed was the hatcheries and brooderies of nearly all grassland wildlife. Most of the cover was still either native or early introduced grass and forbs that provided nesting a brood cover. Forage agronomists, government programs and livestock producers changed most of that very rapidly in the next few decades to introduced grass and legume species that provided no cover, competed against species that had provided cover, and could tolerate severe grazing. So, while grazing lands were environmentally important, choices by Man, not grazing animals, changed everything, contributing to the near extinction or serious declines of prairie grouse, upland sandpipers, bobwhite quail, meadowlarks, cottontail rabbits and many more. Nevertheless, I strongly support livestock grazing because, although it has been the leading cause of wildlife declines, changing vegetation and grazing management offer the best, perhaps only hope of reversing the trend.

Mike Connor (not verified)
on Oct 24, 2012

I think that people that are concerned about killing things for food should stick to dairy only or stop eating altogether. Otherwise you're just a bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 13, 2013

this article is lame I'm mostly a vegetarian but I do love a fat steak once in awhile. Meat isn't good for you, well conventional meat anyways. Coming from the wood of PA I'd definitely eat a fresh killed deer any day over a fat cow stuffed with soy and corn.

VeganForever! (not verified)
on Jun 11, 2013

Dont call yourself vegetarian or almost vegetarian if you still eat dead animals! Lier!

John (not verified)
on May 7, 2013

Just for the record, most of our meat products do not come from critters who live their whole life on a farm, eating grass.

Starre Vartan (not verified)
on Jul 10, 2013

Last time I visited my doctor, she came into the room beaming. "Wow, I don't say this very often—or I don't know if ever," she said. "You actually, according to your test results, have a negative heart disease risk!" When I asked to to explain, she said that my body's levels of inflammation, cholesterol, and other potentially heart-problematic signs were below the 'normal' range, and into, basically, superhealthy.

I was not surprised. I've been vegetarian for 20 years now (vegan as many days as I can, but I think eggs from my neighbors' free-range chickens are pretty awesome and low-impact). I'm 36 and look 10 years younger. I have ZERO health issues compared to many of my friends who are starting to fall apart. I exercise-hard-often and don't wake up in pain, though I do get sore, but I can go as hard as when I was 20.

Human beings DID evolve to eat meat- once a week or so whenever they could get it, sometimes going months at a time without. It was celebratory, festival food, not daily nutrition. However you feel about animals' lives, eating meat every day is a recipe for compromised health and a heavy environmental footprint.

I'll just keep eating my veggies (that I can simply and easily grow myself), while saving money (good meat is so expensive!!), feeling great and looking pretty darn good while I'm at it.

Sahil (not verified)
on Jul 10, 2013

I'm from India and for religious reasons we don't eat beef here. Pork isn't that common. But I agree with all your scientific observations. I gorge everyday on mutton and lamb, goat, turkey, ducks, rabbits and variety of fish. Don't like chicken too much.

Just a suggestion though, calorie-by-calorie, mutton (meat from older sheep) is slightly more nutritionally dense than beef. Both are good meats but I know Americans don't have much taste for mutton.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Sep 22, 2013

3 and 5 really made me laugh.
“Farmers treat their cows right." Oh, so making them wallow around in their own waste, pumping them full of steroids and antibiotics, cramming them in tiny stalls, and killing them slowly and painfully is 'right'?
“Most cows graze--" Let me stop you there. Only about 2% of cows raised each year are legitimately grass fed and pasture roaming, and as the meat industry is getting larger, that number is decreasing quickly. Most cows are crowded in factory farms designed to get them as big as possible, as fast as possible. All so gluttonous human beings can enjoy a steak. Is it really worth it to kill an animal for a moments pleasure? No.

on May 1, 2014

Nothing you have written here has any truth to it at all. Most beef cattle are grazed, I have been to hundreds of farms and have never seen a beef cow living in a stall and for the life of me I can not think of a reason why they would be, the only reason we give cattle antibiotics is to treat sickness, and finaly a cow in pain does not produce so not only would keeping a cow in pain be wrong but un productive. The only thing I actually agree with is that yes farms to try to get cattle big as soon as possible but not as big as possible as they are trying to get to a pre-planed weight. Now lastly the meat industry is actualy getting smaller not larger we are now at a the lowest cattle numbers we have ever been at in 60 years.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 9, 2013

Items 3, 4, 5 are rubbish. In America beef is not free-range and aerates nothing but intact pollutes the air we're trying to keep clean. Beef from well raised free-range cattle is expensive - I.e. the opposite of affordable. And no, the majority of the cattlemen and machines don't care about their livestock - only the money it brings them. Looks like life on the methane farm has made you delusional.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 11, 2014

Eating meat is selfish and very cruel. Caveman behaviour really.
'Man' is better at killing rather than thinking. You can't sustain meat farming when world population is growing at the rate it is. Stop thinking about your fat gut and and wake up people!

Steve_Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 16, 2014

Seriously? These are 6 good reasons? Easy, affordable, kind? I can only take this as a joke...

Realist (not verified)
on Feb 9, 2014

Ok vegetarians and vegans stop. Keep your liberal agenda an PETA and enlightenment to your selves. Look up eating by blood type ab and b type blood require meat and meat proteins with out this the result is actually produces ulcers and severe intestinal problems. Not to mention with out meat the natural estrogen level becomes out of whack meaning it becomes high and unhealthy. That results in mood swings irrational thought process and that would explain why vegans and vegetarians are so moody and frail honestly weak. Your soy and tofu promote high estrogen levels. Animals were created to be food source but you would not know that would you ? I bet most of you truly believe that we are supposed to coincide. Half of you vegetarians and vegans think your free spirit and save the world but in reality your just submitting to some whacked out anti reality world. Get drunk then eat some red meat then get into a fight and you tell me what's real and what's fake you over emotional uneducated saps get over your Selves. Just because you were most likely beat up in school don't take your frustration out on logical truth eat a burger grow a set. Or you could stay the same and think your self righteous or enlightened if we're ghandi or Buddha were around they would say the same thing.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 12, 2014

You don't need to eat vegetables. You only need meat. The cows have already eaten the plants and incorporated them within their tissues for you.

PS. My eyes are on the front of my face and therefore I'm a predator.

on Mar 23, 2014

Meat was doubtless eaten during our evolution alongside fish and sea food. But it was wild meat. Lions eat wild meat and the study f the arteries of lions show there is an absence of fatty streaks and atherosclerosis so common in Western cultures,
It is not meat it is what people do with it through intensification that is wrong. The wild carcass has more calories from protein than fat. An intensive carcass produces 6 times the amount of fat calories than protein!! Fat even infiltrates the muscle - it is called marbling - not seen in the wild So the intensive production system is a fat production system. Is it surprising that obesity is now rampant? it is not the only reason for obesity and diabetes which leads to heart disease and dementia! None the less it is likely a major contributor. Produce good red meta from a carcass that has more protein than fat calories and you have got it!!!! It will also contain omefga 3 fatty acids and be richer in trace elements as it wil have been fed on grass, tree leaves and bark as well as getting plenty of exercise - the opposite of stall fed beef which gets no excercise - fed high energy foods for weight gain which means fat gain!

Anonymous (not verified)
on May 10, 2014

100 % incorrect

Anonymous (not verified)
on May 12, 2014

I've been on both extremes of the spectrum. For 2 years I ate nothing but fruits, vegetables, and grains. Almost 60-80% of my calorie in take were from carbs. I did have a lot of endurance cause of all the sugars that are in carbs. And I lost a lot of weight, almost all muscle. It's not a healthy way to live. And it takes a toll on your bones and body. When I ate like this I was was very moody, and weak. Now I'm eatting beef every day, I feel my best, look my best, and am emotionally balanced. Plus I can finally lift heavier, and heavier weights; which I'm turn make you stronger. Me on a high carb diet 155 lbs 6 ft tall 13% bf, low muscle mass. Me on a high fat high protein diet 190 lbs 6 ft <15% bf, and I have huge muscles now. I can genuinely say, with out a bias view, that meat is far superior than the way Vegan/vegetarians eat. This is just my personal experience.

Prince (not verified)
on Jun 28, 2014

Yes raising beef to be slaughtered is very kind because I am sure they animals would rather be slaughtered and and turned into steak than to continue living

teakettle (not verified)
on Sep 25, 2014

Just like when I was a kid, with my income, there are a lot of meatless Mondays and Tuesdays around my place.

Dave Daveson (not verified)
on Nov 30, 2014

The biggest contributor to global climate change is animal agriculture, by a very wide margin. Watch this documentary to see the breakdown. We are killing the planet by eating meat.

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