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Read Between The Lines Of HSUS Rhetoric

The Humane Society of the United States is playing the long game, acknowledging that while changing the opinions of mature Americans might not be possible, children are fertile ground for indoctrination.

Editor's note: This article has been modified from its original version.

Much can be learned in life and politics by looking beyond the political rhetoric and reading between the lines. Wayne Pacelle, the president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), has made his intentions clear. He’s politically astute enough to say it in a way that’s politically palatable and couches HSUS attacks on animal agriculture as a battle against so-called factory farming.

You have to listen carefully but he is very clear that HSUS intends “to transform agriculture and the way consumers think about and consume food.” I translate that as meaning no animal production, though I think he’s willing to accept a much smaller industry as an interim step. HSUS argues livestock production isn’t environmentally sustainable, and is immoral and inhumane, and blames factory farming for contributing to nearly every ill in America.  

HSUS is extremely sophisticated in its attacks, and attacks on many fronts. It uses legislation and public policy where possible; the judicial system to sue people into submission; has a huge public relations machine to blackmail businesses to fall in line; and effectively wields the ballot initiative to circumvent the legislative and judicial branches when those avenues fail them.

HSUS advocates for vegetarianism and works to shape general public opinion using a well-coordinated and planned effort. The organization also takes a long view, acknowledging that while changing the opinions of mature Americans might not be possible, children are fertile ground for indoctrination. 

Being one of the biggest players in what has become a multi-billion dollar activist industry, the top HSUS priority will likely always be to increase funding. And in this regard, no person has been more effective than Pacelle. It’s ironic that most who donate don’t understand what programs their dollars support or how they’ll be used.


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Our industry will never have the dollars of HSUS and the other activist groups, but our biggest advantage may be that these groups are committed to the slow demise of our industry. They need a significant industry to oppose in order to keep the dollars flowing in.

Perhaps no tactic has been more effective for HSUS than its efforts to appear to partner with agriculture. As Pacelle says, “The kind of change we are seeking won’t happen overnight.” We should pay attntion to the words of HSUS. It is committed to our destruction; and while politically astute, the group is also unapologetic.

The opinions of Troy Marshall are not necessarily those of Penton or the Farm Progress Group.

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Jim Demoruelle (not verified)
on Aug 28, 2014

Good job Troy, Now you understand U.N Agenda 21 and the need of the Animal Rights Orgs. to have legislation passes such as the big gun "Animal Welfare Act" in Federal Legislation and the many state laws against cruelty such as the cockfighting laws. The Animal rights groups must have some case law to go after the farmer\rancher. The laws against cockfighting and dog fighting were easy to get passed as no farmer or rancher would make a big fuss. Well here you go now farmer/rancher you are next. The only hope that you have is to attack the Federal Animal Welfare Act head on, do it any other way and you are playing the game the way that the HSUS has wanted to play all along, They shoot for the moon but settle for Wake Island then shoot for the moon again getting another piece of something else. You support a multi billion dollar industry so have that industry use it'spolitical capital and go for the big gun, The Animal Welfare Act. The Act is unconstitutional as it gives people who have no investment in your property a right to tell you how to do your business, control you product, your property, your animals. Remember that animals are property. Fight this on property rights grounds and not animal cruelty. Sloth will kill your industry. A free man dos not have to ask permission....jimdemoruelle

JohnRAllen (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

All animal industries need to join together, big and small and fight the common enemy that will eliminate them all. No more we are not a circus, rancher, pet breeder, reptile, bird enthusiasts, aquarium, hunter or whatever, so it does not matter to us. Join together, fight any and all regulations, restrictions anyone tries to put on animal use and ownership. Because when any one industry or owner is attacked and silenced it is one less who can help fight and support you.

"In Germany they first came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me- and by that time no one was left to speak up." Pastor Martin Niemoller

Jeff Hebert (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

John R Allen, I agree with you 100%. Please see my comment about Frank Losey. He is very close to having HSUS investigated for illegal lobbying and tax fraud. Every one in America that has been compromised by HSUS should check out this link at Frank Losey's website and make those two phone calls, one to the Speaker of the House, and one to the Congressional Oversight Committee. We have a Constitutional right to redress the government for our grievances. Contact your elected representatives. Let them know that you do not appreciate a so-called non-profit lobbying, levering, and conniving UN-CONSTITUTIONAL laws into place that affect your freedom and way of life, to be replaced by HSUS and their overly emotional USEFUL IDIOTS' OPINION of the way you HAVE to live your life as it relates to animals, which are indeed, personal property and as such are protected by our constitution.

Mr. Losey's link is below:

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

Wyoming cowpoke and deeply intellectual blogger Troy Marshall explains why Wayne Pacelle is the next Osama Bin Laden.
Are we going to have fun with this one....

Randy Janssen (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

National animal rights groups like the HSUS, ASPCA and PETA, like to pretend they are advocates of the principles of Gandhi. In actuality their eastern philosophical hero is Mao Tse-tung. Gandhi, believed in passive resistance and persuasion. Mao believed in an oligarchy controlled by him, that dictated to the masses how to live. Gandhi may have protested bad laws, but he did not lobby for laws to compel people to live they way he wanted. Gandhi tried to be an example, Mao was a thug. In keeping with their Maoist mentality, these animal rights fanatics have undertaken what they call a cooperative approach to farmers. This is the classic three steps forward one step back method advocated by Mao. The backward step is to give the appearance of being reasonable.

The HSUS has backed away from its vegan agenda. They say they want to help farmers to be kind and gentle with animals. That sound reasonable. The question is, can you use their approach and produces enough food to support out highly urbanized society. A case in point is cattle production. The HSUS is promoting grass fed beef. One thing about grass fed beef is that it does not taste very good. What gives beef flavor is marbeling and you don't get that from grass. You get it from feeding corn. The HSUS also does not tell you that grass fed beef takes three to four times more land then a feed lot. This will drive most cattle producers out of business and be a disaster for the environment. Cattle herds will be reduced to meet the confines of the ranchers land and the cattle will be in direct competition with the native species. Ranchers will not be able to produce enough beef to stay in business. Similar problems develop with the kinder and gentle production of eggs, chickens and pigs.

These national animal rights are really urban concentrated vegan cults. They play on the sympathy of our urban society and its separation from food production to raise millions of dollars to promote a radical change in our lifestyle. Like Mao, they use deception and threats and even force to get their way. They think they are superior and we should follow their dictates. They talk about factory farming, like it is inherently evil. Our urban society depends on factories. So unless you want to pay $10.00 a doz. for eggs, $20.00 a lb. for bacon and $50.00 a lb. for beef, don't support these groups. If you want to help animals, give your money to your local shelter.

Jeff Hebert (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

I agree with the comment above. How did Wayne Pacelle and his minions develop such a deep emotional attachment to some one else's property that they have no vested interest in other than as a means to generate millions of dollars and further their agenda ? Every thing they do is designed to compromise both American agriculture and the Constitution.

If folks really want to do something about HSUS, they should support Mr. Frank Losey in his effort to have HSUS investigated by Congress. Mr. Losey has submitted tons of documentation to the IRS, the Treasury Dept., and the Congressional Oversight Committee verifying the illegal and un-constitutional lobbying activities of HSUS. Lois Lerner has been protecting HSUS. She is a member !!! His link is below. READ IT !!! EDUCATE YOURSELVES !!! ACT !!!!!!!

John Doppler Schiff (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

"Our industry will never have the dollars of HSUS and the other activist groups...."

I wonder what figures you base that curious statement on, given that the entire operating budgets of the HSUS, ASPCA, PeTA, and Mercy For Animals combined don't come close to the *advertising* budgets of one industry behemoth like Tyson, or Cargill.

I've seen an amusing trend among Big Ag advocates. They love to inflate the size of animal welfare groups in order to portray them as gargantuan enemies with massive budgets dedicated solely to eliminating agriculture.

I guess it's more soothing to the ego of Big Ag to be bested by a fearsome green giant than to admit that it is failing due to its own incompetence and arrogance.

The reality is that donor-funded organizations like HSUS are successfully confronting and reforming the abuses of an industry orders of magnitude larger than the humble nonprofits.

HSUS is not the Goliath here, it's David. And that sling packs one hell of a wallop.

JohnRAllen (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

No H$U$ is successful because of their lies and distortion of the truth and are brainwashing children at an early age in our schools to build an army to follow their agenda. The same tactics used by Hitler to gain mindless control and no questioning of what he was doing.

on Aug 29, 2014

I note that two animal rights trolls are commenting above: Terry Ward and John Doppler Schiff. Those of us monitoring the internet see those names often on many media sites where animal issues are under discussion. Considering their consistent support for the animal rights agenda, one has to take their comments accordingly. The writer points out that HSUS is taking its time going after animal agriculture. Quite correct. Right now in Congress they are going after ownership of tigers and large cats, as they typically go after the smaller numbers of animal users. It seems to me that ALL animal users, whether farmers or breeders of tigers, need to fight EVERY bill that is put forward by the ARs and do it every time. Then farmers and ranchers need to wake up and stop working with HSUS. That is the sure way to assist in one's own destruction!!! These farm animal councils the HSUS creates in different states are simply a means of making it appear to the public that HSUS is reasonable. Now, since HSUS staffers know NOTHING about appropriate animal husbandry practices, I would think common sense says that HSUS should be ignored when they come forward. They are not stakeholders in the care and keeping of any animal.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

Sayin' the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result Laurella Desborough ?
Isn't there a name for that?

JohnRAllen (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

Laurella is 100% correct these two are very AR and are on every anti AR article they can find.

Thom Katt (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

Terry, considering the common theme and similarity of your comments in various forums, a person is easily justified in asking you the same question.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

'Read Between The Lines Of Both Radical Islam And HSUS'
My View From The Country
By Troy 'Black-Ops Marshall

Wyoming cowpoke and deeply intellectual beef-blogger Troy Marshall explains why Wayne Pacelle is the next Osama Bin Laden..

Oh wait...
SOMEONE is awake in the PR room.

on Aug 29, 2014


JohnRAllen (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

Troy Marshall has made the wrong comparison. Follow what history has to teach us and you will find that the H$U$ his following what Hitler did to brainwash, control and destroy those who opposed him as he took over.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

Is he still dead?

Thom Katt (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

Terry, Adolf Hitler is long dead. Sadly, his tactics and even some of his ideology are still quite alive and kicking.

KFH (not verified)
on Sep 12, 2014 sending innocents to concentration camps and slaughtering them by the millions? yup, Hitler's tactics are alive and kicking. but, as this article suggests, AR groups are winning this battle.

Walt Hutchens (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

A good article and some good comments. I have a few more thoughts.

The HSUS budget has been increasing in recent years; $150 million/year is the ballpark. However their ENTIRE program is anti-animal use campaigns and fundraising to sustain themselves so they can easily outspend a $1 billion company that has make-and-sell costs and sees fighting animal rights as overhead.

Furthermore HSUS is part of an industry: PETA, ASPCA, Animal Legal Defense Foundation (ALDF), and many others are fighting different parts of the same war with varying tactics. The total spending is probably north of $400 million/year.

Then there are thousands of true believer heavy hitter donors who play bit parts -- "Senator, if you'll help us on this bill I think we could find $100,000 for that pet project of yours." And MANY media owners and top players who either deliver animal rights propaganda constantly or would never, ever say a word against them. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity -- you ever hear either one mention animal rights? That's not because nobody ever suggested the topic to them.

They're experts at taking over the opposition. In the 1980s-90s HSUS -- which had been an AR-leaning genuine charity -- was taken over by PETA-ites. The choice of Wayne Pacelle (ex-PETA) as CEO in 2004 led to the aggressive powerhouse we're dealing with today. Within the last couple of weeks, Ed Sayres of the ASPCA has been chosen CEO of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, PIJAC. Mr. Sayres has been making soothing noises but you'd be well advised to wait a bit before buying stock in a pet industry firm or expecting PIJAC to help fight against the AR movement.

The point made by another poster that HSUS (etc.) need industries to oppose is right: They will no more eliminate beef producers than they will pet dogs -- my own background is hobby breeding. What they will do is steadily reduce the health, profitability, and cohesiveness of every animal-use industry. They'll drive parts overseas, then complain about quality control, they'll fragment production and otherwise increase costs to create black markets and then campaign against illegal producers and methods. Every problem will be a cause for federal regulation if they can get it, otherwise state or local efforts: Federal works better for HSUS because citizens have less control and the bureaucracy is so much larger that HSUS agents can be imbedded without creating a stir.

Furthermore, HSUS and the animal rights movement, 'big lies' like 'factory farming,' and 'puppy mills,' are a model for the whole of modern American governance. The overall problem we face is that Americans generally no longer put a value on liberty: If we become displeased with something, we support a law against it without a second thought, let alone any effort to research the subject to discover if we're being lied to. Nearly all of us are somewhat guilty: How many producers would oppose a new rule raising costs for competitors?

The root enemy is big government: When regulation becomes possible businesses have to to consider it as part of their strategy for profitability. Long term, we need a much smaller government: One that says to us "I'm sorry but your government can't fix that for you."

And we no longer put a high value on virtue: How many Congressmen get dumped because they got caught in blatant lies, sexual misbehavior, or dishonest dealings? But these are the offenses we HEAR about: What do we imagine they're doing behind our backs?

Liberty and virtue are the twin pillars on which our prosperity and happiness stand. They are crumbling for lack of concern.

In animal use and virtually every area OUR America is fighting a rearguard action. A few people who see what's going on are giving ground as slowly as possible. 'Reality' will one day soon reassert herself and the country we've lived our entire lives in will be upended and forcibly educated. You cannot know too much about the situation and how things actually work, you cannot help too many others to understand and prepare.

May God help us all.

JohnRAllen (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2014

Excellent, start posting more on other sites where people need a wake up call PLEASE.

Fritz Groszkruger (not verified)
on Aug 31, 2014

"The overall problem we face is that Americans generally no longer put a value on liberty: If we become displeased with something, we support a law against it without a second thought"
Yep, goes along with the Pastor Niemoller quote above. I find in every business the same complaint. Yet they are always addressed as a single villain like HSUS. It is the power of the government that is at fault, not HSUS. If the government were restricted to its designated duties HSUS would not have it as a tool.

Tunde (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

The problem that we face is that Americans (and people all over the world) generally no longer put a value on life. Money and self serving agendas seems to be the most important value these days. May God help us all including the animals.

on Sep 2, 2014

Stop using the term factory farming. The term itself is offensive. Pick our own name. Use American farming or something…

Don’t play by the terms set forth by the enemy, and they are the enemy.

Go animals (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

What's wrong with treating animals humanely? Why do you people want to continue your cruelty towards livestock?

Thom Katt (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

No one is advocating cruelty to animals and it is dishonest for you to try to spin the discussion that way. One of the primary points of diversion is the definition of animal cruelty. Wayne Pacelle and his associates at HSUS plus many other animal rights groups seek to broaden the definition of animal cruelty to include many common animal husbandry practice that have been proven to benefit the culturing animals. One might wonder why HSUS does this. The answer is quite simple. By defining beneficial practices as cruel, legitimate animal husbandry is marginalized and even criminalized. Thus HSUS and the other animal rights groups can mark along the incremental path to their destination of eliminating all use of animals for human purposes.

One can easily understand the basis for HSUS and other animal rights groups to separate mankind and animals when two points are taken into consideration. The first point is that animals were given consigned to the service of mankind by God. The second point is the Wayne Pacelle is an atheist as are many, many people involved in the animal rights movement. To acknowledge that animals were created for the service of mankind is tacit acknowledgement that there is a God. That is something that no atheist is willing to do.

JohnRAllen (not verified)
on Sep 5, 2014

Excellent Thom, excellent.

Tunde (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

The HSUS and other animal rights groups are only your enemy if you exploit, abuse or murder animals for a living or otherwise. Every time a video surfaces with animals being tortured or murdered is not staged. It is a unfortunately a daily occurence in every factory farm and farms set up for skinning the animals for profit. We do not stage it or even cause it - that is ridiculous. Meat eating is not a personal choice when another life is taken in your choice. All animals have a life that is meant to be lived. They have souls, they have brains and feelings, and feel fear, terror, love, depression, etc. They're lives were not meant for exploitation and murder for profit. The bottom line is profit. No one should make money of the suffering and murder of a life that they did not create. Only God created life and only God has the right to take life. One of the 10 commandments are "Thou shall not kill" - it is pretty straightforward. The people that make money through the innocent lives of others should find another way to support their families and themselves. Slavery was legal for hundreds of years before it was outlawed. Just because it was legal did not make it morally right. Those of us who love and respect all life hope to someday make it illegal for animal slavery to be outlawed also, where people will look upon all life as precious and not to be used to personal profit. HSUS is not the enemy of living beings, it is the enemy of those who chose to abuse and murder for profit and unfortunately personal satisfaction. Live and let live.

Thom Katt (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

Tunde, are you familiar with the Book of Genesis?

Tunde (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

yes, I am, what part are you referring to exactly? Please don't tell me it's the word "dominion" ...Now for the word “dominion” or “rule”. In Hebrew this is radah. It’s a royal word. This is the dominating rule of a king. But let’s pause and think of the kind of king that God desires. The same word is used in Psalm 72, originally a coronation psalm for Solomon. Verse 8: “May he have dominion [radah] from sea to sea . . .” But now look at verses 12-14 to see what that dominion, that radah, looks like:

He delivers the needy when they call, the poor and those who have no helper. He has pity on the weak and the needy, and saves the lives of the needy. From oppression and violence he redeems their life; and precious is their blood in his sight. (NRSV)

What is the kind of rule that God doesn’t want? Ezekiel 34:4 gives us an example. In a tirade against Israel’s kings, God says through the prophet, “You have not strengthened the weak, you have not healed the sick, you have not bound up the injured, you have not brought back the strayed, you have not sought the lost, but with force and harshness you have ruled them.”

The dominion that God desires is one that protects the defenseless and gives justice to the oppressed. Applying this to the command for humanity to exercise dominion over creation, we can see that while we rule over creation, we’re called to protect it. As a king accepts tribute or taxes from his subjects, so too we receive a bountiful sustenance from the fruits of creation. Yet also as a king should take care of the weak and poor in his kingdom, so too we are called to guard natural beauty, preserve endangered species of God’s creatures, and even to restore the places which we have too often ruled “with force and harshness.”

So, in the spirit of a targum or paraphrase, here’s my take on how we should interpret Genesis 1:28: “Be fruitful and have children, filling the earth with your life so that you can have power to fight against everything in it that leads to death. Rule with care and fairness over the natural world, over the myriads of My beautiful creatures – from tropical fish to soaring eagles to dogs and cats – every creature that is a part of this living world.”

JohnRAllen (not verified)
on Sep 5, 2014

Thom, I don't think Tunde even knows about the circle of life and how life works on this planet.

Tunde (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

one more thing....HSUS and animal rights groups are like Hitler...seriously???!? C'ome on people - Hitler brainwashed and murdered innocent people. We show the truth and are trying to save lives....the same????? OMG!

JohnRAllen (not verified)
on Sep 5, 2014

Hitler brainwashed, starting with the most vulnerable, the children, passed laws against those he did not like to weaken them, suppress them, then took their property and profit from that to gain strength, then passed more laws to take them, then killed them.

The animal rights groups are following the same path, and symbolically killing people's business and livelihood by passing laws to take their processions and property. There have been many incidents of people killing themselves over what these animal rights groups have done to them through brainwashing the public into destroying them. Check your public schools and just see how they have and are brainwashing your children to their agenda.

in montana (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

HSUS is a business...a big business with big salaries and advertising. They do extremely little to help homeless pets but they advertise themselves as if they do. I am a volunteer for a dog rescue, I don't take a salary and neither does anyone else I know in rescue. I certainly don't have an account in the Cayman Islands. HSUS has no integrity.

Procyon Lotor (not verified)
on Sep 12, 2014

When you start bringing in "Agenda 21" and Mao-Tse Tung, you pathetically take the desperation and deception of your thankfully dying and unnecessary industry to new depths of absurdity. Every day more and more people are waking up to your lies and to the harm you doing to the environment, human health and the billions of animals you torment for your filthy lucre.

R Harold Smoot (not verified)
on Sep 12, 2014

Since this opinion piece was original titled, "Read Between The Lines Of Both Radical Islam And HSUS" I'll address the original, non-revised version.
Troy Marshall originally wrote here, "I watched a news report recently on which a radical imam from Britain defended jihad and groups like ISIS and the terrorists who kill innocent civilians." He then went on to compare ISIS to the HSUS.
Unrevised article:

To my knowledge and after an exhaustive search, I found zero fatalities or innocent civilians dying as a direct or indirect result of supporting HSUS. Yet conducting a similar search on deaths as a result of the cattle industry I came across pages and chose one published by the CDC which outlined 108 human fatalities as a direct result of beef production between 2003 and 2007.
So if we're comparing any group and deaths to ISIS, the beef industry falls more in line with that mode of thought, not HSUS.
To address some of the comments regarding the HSUS or any other non-profit - yes, they all operate on donations. Just the same as any Cattlemen's Association and their lobbyists.
Link to the publication outlining their findings on human-cattle deaths:

on Sep 12, 2014

Your entire point is erroneous. I think any unbiased reader would understand that Troy Marshall was not equating HSUS with ISIS in murderous deeds. His point was to urge readers to read between the lines of HSUS rhetoric and not to be complacent regarding the threat that HSUS presents to their livelihood. HSUS might package and perfume its public message for a more benign public reception but its ultimate intent is to end animal agriculture.

Heru Copper (not verified)
on Sep 18, 2014

We should also be reading between the lines written by lying shills for Big Ag. You money-grubbers were poisoning us long before we heard of ISIL.

Andrew Neil (not verified)
on Sep 21, 2014

What a bunch of hyperbolic nonsense! Are you serious Troy Marshall? Let's examine your "editorial".

First off, declaring that Wayne Pacelle is clear in his intentions and that he is politically astute is a compliment. Not sure what the point of your first paragraph was.

Second, and I quote, " . . . HSUS intends “to transform agriculture and the way consumers think about and consume food.” So? Given the fact that Americans have some of the highest rates of obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart-disease and cardio-vascular disease, due to the heavy meat and dairy consumption sounds like they/you could use a healthy dose of reality about the American diet and a reasonable counter-point to the fallacies of the USDA food pyramid. Which I might add is not based on independent nutritional science but is a negotiation between animal-ag (including your sector) and the government.

Furthermore, given the evidence of the environmental consequences of animal agriculture, from the pollution of water tables, streams, rivers, lakes and algae blooms like what we've just seen in Ohio, American consumers should be made aware that animal-ag is the single largest polluter and contributor to green-house gases in the world.

Third, given that Americans subsidize meat and dairy operations to the tune of $38 billion dollars a year, consumers should be made aware that taxpayers dollars are being used to subsidize the true cost of meat and dairy and that governments and consumers also have to bare the burden of all the externalized costs of your industry from the various costs associated with manure remediation to the healthcare costs of diseases related to meat and dairy consumption. Plus all the rBGH and antibiotics your industry pumps into your animals is the single, greatest risk to human health. Super bugs and anti-biotic resistance bacteria are simple biological responses and mutations as a result of the high doses of antibiotics Americans get via their food system. Which I might add, the USDA claimed in one of it's own studies back in the 1970's was a practise that should be eliminated - a practise that still exists today solely as a result of your industries lobbying of the USDA and Congress. Furthermore, some of the largest animal food companies in the country are actively recruiting, undocumented, illegal aliens from Mexico and Central American countries to come to the U.S. to work for minimum wage and below. Yet at the same time Congress is screaming bloody murder at Obama for failing to do enough about the influx of illegal aliens via the Mexico border. What a joke!

Next, and I quote: "HSUS argues livestock production isn’t environmentally sustainable, and is immoral and inhumane . . . ". Well, as I've mentioned above, animal agriculture isn't environmentally sustainable. As far as the morality or inhumane nature of animal ag, he's right on that point too! Throwing baby male chicks into an industrial wood chipper simply because they don't lay eggs, is cruel any way you look at it. Taking a female cows baby, calves away within the first 24-48 hours of birth to harvest her milk form human consumption is cruel. You are denying the normal, natural process of maternal care giving that all mammalian species partake in. Shipping off the baby, male calves to veal farms to be chained at the neck and confined in a 22" wide crate until they are 5 months old only to be killed, again, is cruel by any standard. Condemning the female calves to live a life like their mother is also cruel. The constant cycles of repeated artificial insemination, pregnancy, birth, lactation, harvesting up to 10x the amount of milk in 4-5 years that that cow would otherwise produce naturally is taxing. Only then to kill her for low-grade beef after she becomes "spent" and can barely walk any more, is cruel any way you look at it. To confine a pig to a gestation crate for virtually her entire life is cruel any way you look at it. Cramming birds into battery cages and growing them to 3x their natural body weight in less than six months is cruel any way you look at it.

Debeaking, dehorning, castrating, clipping teeth, docking tails and ears all without anaesthetic is cruel, by any standard. Transporting animals to slaughter for up to 48 hours in a trailer in all weather conditions without respite for food or water, is cruel.

Next, you say, "HSUS is extremely sophisticated in its attacks, and attacks on many fronts. It uses legislation and public policy where possible; the judicial system to sue people into submission; has a huge public relations machine to blackmail businesses to fall in line; and effectively wields the ballot initiative to circumvent the legislative and judicial branches when those avenues fail them". This is laughable! There are few industries anywhere, even oil, that has greater influence on legislatures and lawmakers than your lobby groups. The USDA is a product of regulatory-capture - this is where an agency that is set-up to regulate and govern an industry ends up serving the industry it was designed to control. The check-off programs (the fees buried in the wholesale cost of meat and dairy sales) accrues annually to the tune of hundreds-of-millions of dollars and is used to advertise directly to American consumers to buy and eat more meat and dairy. Food disparagement laws (promoted and enacted due to the lobbying of YOUR industry) ensures that no one, HSUS or otherwise, can disparage anything about "beef" as evidenced by the incident with Oprah Winfrey a few years ago. It is YOUR industry that wields power second to none. It is YOUR industry that has the greatest financial resources to sue, intimidate, cajole and manipulate laws to suit your industries whims and desires. HSUS's annual budget pales in comparison to the billions animal-ag has at its disposal. To suggest that HSUS is some malevolent organization out there, outspending, out-influencing all other stakeholders is not just hyperbole, it's completely ridiculous and without merit!

Next, and I quote: " . . . .acknowledging that while changing the opinions of mature Americans might not be possible, children are fertile ground for indoctrination." Indoctrination? There is no greater indoctrination than teaching children it's okay to breed, confine, transport, kill and eat billions of sentient animals every year. If you throw an apple and a rabbit into a play pen, the child is going to eat the apple and play with the rabbit. This is the natural state of mind of any child. Until such time human adults teach them to eat animals and impose a disconnect between the "cute" and "fuzzy" Disney-esque notions kids have about animals while being duped into a complete dissociative state about where their food comes from! There is no difference, morally, between a dog, cat, pig, chicken or cow, yet we have laws protecting dogs and cats and no laws protecting farm animals. And we now have ag-gag laws in numerous states, due to the lobbying of your industry, which seeks to circumvent, constitutionally protected free-speech laws by stifling whistleblowers from exposing the abject cruelty that goes on behind closed, barn doors.

And finally, and again, I quote: "Our industry will never have the dollars of HSUS and the other activist groups, but our biggest advantage may be that these groups are committed to the slow demise of our industry. They need a significant industry to oppose in order to keep the dollars flowing in." Again, this is so beyond reality as to be barely worthy of rebuttal. The Cargill's, Smithfield Foods and Tyson's of the world have ten's, if not, hundred's of billions at their disposal. HSUS's annual budget is pocket change compared to this and I dare you to ante up any evidence to the contrary because I know you can't because it simply doesn't exist. But hey, clearly you don't let facts get in the way of your assertions.

But I shouldn't fault you for all the disinformation you have cited in this article. After all, you have your livelihood to protect. And that's all that matters right Troy? To heck with the environment. To heck with taxpayers. To heck with the welfare of the animals. To heck with the use of illegal aliens in your industry. To heck with the air we breathe and the water we drink. This is just about money . . . your money, the industries money. It is about your sense of entitlement, right? Sounds to me like you are a "taker". How ironic. Perhaps it is you who is anti-American and unpatriotic. Perhaps it is you who consumers should be wary of and not the likes of HSUS.

on May 1, 2016

This is someone who does not eat meat. Now read this. This is bible. Educate your children.Romans 14.....One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats vegetables only.

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