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Photo Caption Winners Plus 3 Positive Beef Headlines


Check out these three positive news stories featuring farm and ranch kids and cattle, and learn who won our most recent contest!

Last week, we launched a contest seeking reader suggestions on the most appropriate title for this custom print of a Hereford bull painted by Michelle Weber. The entries were many and creative, so it was difficult to narrow the field down to one winning entry.

The artist herself selected the best caption, and we’ve chosen three honorable mentions to win a BEEF cap.

Congratulations to our best entry, “Eye Of The Beholder,” submitted by Grant Raml.

Grant will win a $100 gift certificate for a custom painting by Michelle Weber. The "Eye Of The Beholder" title will be used as Weber sells prints and note cards of this Hereford bull.

Congratulations to our three honorable mentions including:

TB Bama -- "Wooly Bully"

salergal -- “Romeo”

Lindseyr129 -- “Curly”

Thanks to everyone who participated! Gear up for our September photo contest in which we’ll celebrate “Generations On The Ranch.”


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To round out this blog post, I’d like to share three positive news headlines I think you will enjoy. Take a minute to read each one. I promise they will make your day!

1. “Cows Save The Planet” by Judith D. Schwartz for

Topics include: why the soil, fungi, and cows are missing links in the climate change debate; why cows are not responsible for global warming; and the truth about rising sea levels. “It’s not just the melting icecaps,” says Schwartz.

2. Just A Farm Kid” by Rudy Taylor for

Any farm kid can handle a paintbrush, spade a garden, pull worms from tomato plants, gather hen eggs, mow grass, groom animals and take one grain of wheat, bite down on it and determine if it’s time to start the combine,” writes Taylor. 

3. “Why Showing Cattle Matters” by Darcy Sexson for

“There are some who say showing cattle isn't important. They'll say it isn't reflective of our industry, that it doesn't teach kids about commercial operations, etc. To that - I would respectfully disagree. Showing cattle matters because it helps create and shape youth that matter,” opines Sexson. 


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W.E. (not verified)
on Aug 8, 2013

Amanda, please spend some time in another of your blogs addressing the issues covered in the first of your three positive beef stories. Every cattleman should be encouraged to listen to Judith D. Schwartz or read her book Cows Save the Planet and other improbable things. . . . The issues she covers are highly complicated, but it is a good sign that people are blogging about this. If people are to become and remain healthy, if we are to avert climate change, we as cattle and beef producers cannot continue to allow the conventional marketing system to over-simplify the beef industry as we have done for the past seventy years or so. The beef industry has been ignoring the dynamics of soil. Allan Savory has been telling us for a couple of decades that cows can save the planet, but to reverse climate change will take world-wide attention to the holistic approaches of grass-farming, which can never be over-simplified. When food companies and farmers and everyday people begin to address the sources of climate change--water and the ability or inability of soil to absorb it--as the basis of human, animal, and environmental health, we may begin to avert much tragedy. We as cattlemen can either engage this issue or we can ignore it, and heaven help us if we ignore it.

on Aug 8, 2013

Congrats to the caption winners! And thanks for including my blog post above - there's a lot of great cattle enthusiasts out there supporting a great extracurricular activity for youth!

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