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PETA Killed 95% Of Pets In Its Care In 2011, Watchdog Group Charges


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an organization known for its uncompromising animal-rights positions, killed more than 95% of the pets in its care in 2011, charges the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF). Is this what PETA, an organization of self-proclaimed animal lovers, calls “caring for” and “saving” animals?

The documents, obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, were published online by CCF, a non-profit watchdog of nanny-state groups. In fact, CCF says 15 years’ worth of similar records show PETA has killed more than 27,000 animals at its headquarters in Norfolk, VA, since 1998.

CCF reports that PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year, finding homes for only 24 pets. By the way, PETA has a $37-million annual budget. Read more about it here.

This signifies all the empty promises made by PETA to all the folks who generously offer their hard-earned money to help save animals. At a time where local animal shelters have a hard time keeping their doors open, national organizations like PETA and Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) greedily take in tens of millions of dollars each year claiming to save unwanted pets but instead use it for salaries, pension funds and more fundraising campaigns. All of this is in an effort to abolish animal ownership, whether it be pets or livestock, destroy the integrity of personal property rights, and promote vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

“PETA hasn’t slowed down its slaughterhouse operation,” says Rick Berman, CCF’s executive director. “It appears PETA is more concerned with funding its media and advertising antics than finding suitable homes for these dogs and cats.”

What are your thoughts on PETA’s animal-slaying policies? How can we further spread this information to consumers and PETA contributors? And, if you could suggest one good animal organization to support, which one would it be? I hope after reading this, you don’t say PETA or HSUS.

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Mr.Smith (not verified)
on Feb 28, 2012

This story is really about heavy handed government officials and how many situations like this do not need to happen. I'll give you a situation that happened by a local government enity that because they were government, were asked by a party that had political connections with local government to "teach someone a lesson that they were at odds with" it has now gotten completely out of hand. To keep the innocent parties from further harm we'll just call the parties Mr.Smith & Mr. Jones. Mr. Smith leased a farm property from Mr. Jones and put his livestock on it ,improved the fences, fixed the interior roads, repaired the water lines, and essentially put the property back into productive use.Then Mr. Jones wanted to raise the rent and control what kind of livestock Mr. Smith could keep on the property ----in other words was trying to break the lease and run Mr. Smith off the property.When Mr. Smith stated he wasn't going to agree to any of these new terms or leave the property Mr. Jones then violated Mr. Smith's livestock in such a way that they became under weight and Mr. Jones then called complaints into the local Animal Control with whom he had political connections to that Mr. Smith was "abusing his own livestock", Animal Control a division of the Sheriff swoped in and without doing a proper investigation seized the animals without a warrent, When Mr. Smith demanded to see a warrent they threated to arrest Mr. Smith and his neighbors who were there protesting that the Sheriff follow the law. The Sheriff ended up taking Mr. Smith's animals without a warrent by force.After a while Mr. Smith's animals were abused by the Sheriff's department to the point that some died and then they gave some of them away and ethanized the male breeding animals "since they couldn't be handled" , all of this was done while they tried to prosecute Mr. Smith for " animal abuse" which it turned out were all bogus charges to cover up their illegal acts. All of these acts were known to the local courts who tried to shut down Mr. Smith from pursueing all the legal remedies to get his animals back, which would expose all the liability that the Sheriff's office had caused to the County.So it's not just the PETA or HSUS that tries to stomp all over citizens rights and swing a big club to shut people down that are trying to run their lives in a lawful manner.

Rickey in Texas (not verified)
on Feb 28, 2012

If someone wants to support animal welfare, in my opinion, one needs to support only the local animal shelters. They are the ones that take care of the animals. HSUS and PETA are money raising organizations out for the good of the people running them. Very little of the donations are used for animal care.

ginny (not verified)
on Feb 28, 2012

Is it really a newsflash that the folks who are involved in these animal rights groups aren't particularly animal lovers so much as they are people haters??? What I'd like to know is how groups such as PETA and HSUS can take money under what essentially amounts to false pretenses and legally get away with it. Maybe they're actually a front for organized crime and the Justice Department just doesn't want to tangle with them. Heaven knows if anyone of us set up a website and tried to rip people off like they do, we'd be looking out between bars at the county lockup in a heartbeat. lol !

Scott Armstrong (not verified)
on Feb 28, 2012

If you strip away the hyperbole, you get a much different picture than the biased spin that Amanda offers.

First, the “non-profit watchdog of nanny-state groups” is a front group for the restaurant, alcohol and tobacco industries. This is no more a watchdog than Rick Santorum is a mainstream candidate. It runs media campaigns that oppose the efforts of scientists, doctors, health advocates, environmentalists and groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

From a real watchdog group,, we see that Berman’s group promotes business over health and safety. Berman runs a nonprofit front group that pays him for PR work to tell us not to listen to those meddling doctors and scientists who tell us that smoking can kill us. His strategy is to attack the messenger, not the message, because if people hear the message, they could change their behavior and he’d be out of work.

As for euthanization, I have not euthanized animals myself, but as someone who has rescued and cared for companion animals throughout my life, I have certainly asked vets to euthanize many animals to end their suffering, and to do otherwise would have been cruel. Most people who have had companion animals have likely done the same. Euthanization can be the kindest act of all under some circumstances. Overall, PETA’s efforts have no doubt helped a VERY large multiple of those that had to be put out of their misery. Indirectly, PETA has likely spared millions of animals from horrific suffering by educating people about institutionalized cruelty. But that context was omitted.

So PETA euthanizes animals who are dumped on their doorstep precisely because they are suffering, and the most humane option is critiqued from an industry that kills 80 billion land and sea animals every year in the US. One slaughterhouse can easily kill that many chicken in an hour, yet where is Berman’s (and Amanda’s) outrage? The big meatpackers pay more in marketing and advertising than PETA collects in several years, so both are quiet on that matter, even though the deaths are at an earlier age and more brutal, the number of deaths is greater by more than 8 orders of magnitude, and it is done for profit, not for humane reasons.

Berman gives shills a bad name.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 28, 2012

HSUS and PETA are lobbying organizations people. While they are animal rights activists, they do their 'helping' in the courtrooms. Their main objectives involves changing legislation.... not running shelters. If you're interested in helping homeless animals or contributing to conservation medicine there are much better groups to support. Please research these groups before supporting them.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 28, 2012

Is running a business for profit inhumane? Consider the point of view that livestock and animals in general have a purpose in our lives and we have a purpose in theirs. Producing valuable and quality food products is an honorable endeavor for the people and the animals involved. Granted that we can continue improving our relationship and striving to improve the situation for the animals and the people who work with them. Much has been done and much more will be done. At the same time we have to continue contributing to the nation and worlds economy and food supply.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 28, 2012

Is running a business for profit inhumane? Consider the point of view that livestock and animals in general have a purpose in our lives and we have a purpose in theirs. Producing valuable and quality food products is an honorable endeavor for the people and the animals involved. Granted that we can continue improving our relationship and striving to improve the situation for the animals and the people who work with them. Much has been done and will yet be done. At the same time we have to continue contributing to the nation and worlds economy and food supply.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 29, 2012

It's funny how this article calls it "killing" instead of "euthanasia". When people send their pets to local animal shelters, there's about a 60% chance they'll be euthanized (unless it's a no kill shelter, in which many animals linger in small cages until they die).

But when people talk about that, they always say that the shelter is "putting down" the pet and that it was in "their best interests".

And when these same hypocritical people talk about PETA, they say "killed" and "slaughtered".

Realize that most shelters euthanasia practices are no more holy than PETAs. Maybe it's time to step off the pedestal and understand that if we want euthanasia to stop, we have to spay/neuter and adopt. It's OUR mistake, not theirs, and we need to start taking responsibility.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 29, 2012

I adopted a ten year old cat after PETA rescued 300 from one home, she was sick but no where near what the other 299 suffered through. My cat was kept in a bottom cage for 10 years...she had never been held and was lucky when she got food. After 500.00 and much love and attention she is starting to trust me. If you have never watched "animals cops" or "checked out the videos on PETA's web site than I say you are talking out the side of your head because you only have half the story.
A second thought...if you would like to do your part to care for these poor animals I will gladly pass your name on.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 1, 2012

Obviously there are some 'fans' of the PETA/HSUS and other similiar money grubbing entities attempting to take over many ag websites comment sites.

It remains a fact that those groups had and have leaders whose intent was/is to end animal agriculture and any and all 'uses' of animals whether as pets or as food. 'Saving' animals is simply a ploy to part folks from their money which will enrich owners of those organizations.

Mark Watson (not verified)
on Apr 21, 2012

You want to stop PETA and their web of murder and lies? Support an organization that actually saves animals. Not "rescues" that foster them out and take them back to kill shelters when they can't be marketed. Talk to an organization like ours that works HANDS ON, and has done the research and actually has a sustainable plan to put the killers out of business. Given half the yearly donations that PETA gets JUST ONCE we could set up a SUSTAINABLE operation to HUMANELY save as many pets as PETA has killed in their organization's lifetime. We could continue to save that number every year for the next 25 years EASILY. We have done the homework and the math is good. Coupled with educational programs and public outreach incentive programs, we could easily start a movement that would turn the whole country no kill.

For less than half a million we could turn a high kill major U.S. city NO KILL. There are enough hands-on people out there with true hearts who want to help, too. I personally know a few hundred who seriously save lives every day... They are just waiting for the resources to take it all to the next level. Set an example. Give us a trial run in one city and I know we can spread across the whole U.S.A..

on Jan 31, 2013

Recently a case was reported in which many pet animals were killed by PETA. In the name of mercy killing around 95% animals were killed those who are under the custody of PETA. No doubt it is a massacre in the name of mercy killing. Only false promises and assurances are made by PETA. For this we need to support animal right commission in order to file petition against PETA.

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