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Opinion: EPA Continues To Grow More Orwellian

EPA seems to view business in the same light as the Drug Enforcement Administration views drug smugglers. Thus, EPA believes the use of the same types of tactics is justified.

Recent comments from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials talking about “crucifying” business owners as a way of sending a message, as well as the news that EPA has been performing flyovers over feedlots, doesn’t come as any surprise to anyone who’s dealt with the agency in recent years. After all, EPA views business in the same light that the U.S. Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration sees drug smugglers. As a result, EPA seems to believe its use of the same types of tactics is more than justified.

We haven’t gotten to the point where cattlemen are holding their meetings at night in the middle of cornfields, hoping to have frank conversations free from government eavesdropping. Nor have we seen feedlots begin to cover their operations in camouflage to avoid the spying eyes of satellites and planes.

But it’s sad that the fact that we have nothing to hide and are obeying the laws of the land doesn’t mean that the next time we see a plane or unmanned drone fly overhead, that it could be our own government spying on us. I remember years ago reading George Orwell’s “1984” and Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and thinking how scary it would be to live in such societies. I was convinced back then that it could never happen here. Today, however, we all should reread those books just to gain a better understanding of the world in which we now live.

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on Jun 1, 2012

The EPA is a non-elected federal bureaucracy that writes it's own rules and laws to suit the extreme ideologies of it's own staff, the extreme environmental elements of Washington DC, and the well heeled extreme ideologues that seem to permeate non rural society.

In my opinion the EPA can't stand the fact that those of us who still own the land, are actually on the land, living a landowners lifestyle while taking very good care of the land, know how to do it more effectively, more efficiently, and far more economically than they: the "pseudo experts" receiving a federal taxpayer funded paycheck.

The EPA has been outside it's intended purpose for years. Their current tactics rival the CIA's investigative liberties making them both a legal and economic danger to sound business practice, personal privacy rights, and private property rights.

Bureaucracies such as the EPA are the reason our founding fathers had the foresight to adopt the second amendment in 1791.

MrKnowItAll (not verified)
on Jun 4, 2012

I have to laugh at your comments concerning the EPA! If you want change, look in the mirror! I have been doing research for over forty years. The cattle industry, just like government agencies, are living in a world that is fifty to sixty years behind the times. Lies, money, and power are the usual method of operation for society. I will give you the best example: Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area has been around since 1917. You have numerous government departments, agencies, and levels, (Federal, State, and Local) non profit organizations, animal welfare groups, cattlemen, and the general public., all demanding their way or no way. Millions of dollars are raised and spent to promote "their" point of view. The solution is simple, easy, and cheap!!!!! Why has this problem been going on for so long and will go on for another hundred years.....opinions and comments like yours! Take the clout that you have, the money that you can raise, and the soapbox you own and SHOW the politicians, government agencies, and the general public HOW it should be done! When no one comes to the table to bring ideas, those with the burden to solve it will.

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