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Obama Vs. The Feuding Republicans


Which Republican candidate will find his way to the top to receive the nomination to run for presidency? Who will be able to defeat Obama?

You can’t turn on the tube these days without seeing the now-familiar faces of the Republican candidates vying for a chance to run for the U.S. Presidency. Many have fallen, with only a few remaining in the race, and as the debate turns heated and personal, we have to ask, “Is the internal rancor in the primaries harming Republicans’ chances against Obama in the November election?”

This is the question of the week on the BEEF homepage. Take a minute to vote, and see what your fellow producers think on the subject. So far, 46% of you say, “Yes, I hate it,” while 17% say, “Yes, I love it.” Another 28% say, “No; and 9% “don’t know.”

As ranchers, we must do our homework. For instance, it’s been rumored Rick Santorum that is a champion for the animal rights activist movement. Mitt Romney is a self-made millionaire who is singled out for the level of federal level of taxes he pays, even though he's within the law. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich has no shortage of personal baggage and is being criticized for lapses in adherence to conservative principles. In other words, there are plenty of fingers being pointed around among the political camps.

Perhaps this sparring trio needs to focus on the real issues and work toward finding a solution, instead of focusing on the symptoms this country is burdened with. Although I tend to stay out of political discussions, and I certainly won’t be announcing my voting record anytime soon, this is an important conversation to have. I think as voters we need to ask ourselves a few questions:

What’s your take on the Republican debates so far? What did you think of President Obama’s address last night? Who is going to lead our country in 2013?

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Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

We can only hope that the current President can hold on to his position and keep the Republicans out of the oval office. It is a complete mystery to me - why do farmers and ranchers support the republican party. They have not done us any favors. The republicans have already said that they want the sugar program to fail - how long until it is the corn program, wheat, soybeans. You know if they fail the beef market will fail.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 31, 2012


The Repubs are not supporting family farms IN ANY WAY. They not only want more government intrusion (while saying they don't want "big government"), but refuse to see the jobs created by Obama, and the great job Michelle Obama is doing to promote beef and farming.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

I'm getting totally frustrated with the Republicans. If they don't quit their infighting and tearing each other apart, we are going to be guaranteed another four years of Obama. How in the heck are we ever going to survive that? Of course all the damage he has created, he has blamed on Bush. I'm a registered Democrat but I didn't vote for Obama and I certainly won't vote for him in the next election. Just give me a chance to cast my vote for a decent candidate, Republican party.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

I can't understand how anyone can support Oboma with all of the illegal things he has done.
1. Guns to the Drug Runners
2. Taken over privately owned companies and made them government owned companies at the company stockholders expense.
3. Appointed many crooked and left wing people to run our government.
4.Made a country a "Joke" to other countries that respected us before.
5. Doesn't pledge allegence to our flag.
6. Is not a "colored person" as he represents but is Arabian, receives
millions of dollars of campaign money from Saudia Arabia.

On the Republicans, the party needs to put a stop to the dirty crook, Newt Grinrch and his ridiculous statements. He only wants back in office so he can steal more money.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

You failed to mention Ron Paul. He is the only worthy candidate on the ticket. It's time for America to wake up and stop expecting big government to tell us what is best for us and how to live at the expense of our civil liberties.

We need to return to what our founding fathers worked so hard to create and what made us so properious and great.

jeff Horn (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

How anyone in agriculture could SUPPORT BHO is the complete mystery to ME ! He makes no bones about how he feels that in America we need to REDISTRIBUTE DOLLARS. Do you think for one moment that after accomplishing that, that the next move would not be to call for the REDISTRIBUTION of LAND? Wake up PEOPLE! He TOLD you that his goal was to FUNDMENTALY CHANGE AMERICA! That means he thinks that CAPITALISM does not work! We all know about the story of the "Little Red Hen" Can't everyone see that he feels the HEN should have shared equally with her barn yard friends?

on Jan 25, 2012

Just want to remind everyone to please verify your email after registering so your comments can be published on the articles. We have seen such great conversations started in the past week and we want to see them continue, it just requires one more step and you are all set! Thanks! -- Jamie Purfeerst, BEEF Senior Associate Editor

Mark Mulhall (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

All one needs to look at is body language. When the president announced GM was back to #1 in auto making Mitch McConnell sat on his hands.

My IRA has recovered, we are adding jobs, the GOP and Christian right grapple with "open marriage" issues while right Christians cannot believe what they are witnessing.

BO (Barack Obama) said anyone who says America won't fully recover from its maladies doesn't know what they are talking about. Dear Lord in Heaven, please make me wrong.

WMD, yellow cake,"Mission Accomplished," economic collapse, Alan Greenspan, outing a CIA Agent, "No regrets," I think I'll vote GOP like I did in '04.

I long for the days when Iowa farm land was valued at $1000 per acre as opposed to selling at $20,000 per acre in Hull, IA. Things were better when live cattle traded at $.69 per lbs. VS today's price. The world is better off without Internet. If I could only find my '53 Merc....

Yes folks Ronald Reagan's Trickle Down economics has worked nicely. All boats have risen as we see American poverty rise. GHW Bush, David Stockman and my father were wrong in calling Reagan's plan "Voodoo Economics."

As Toby Keith might sing, "How do you like it now?"

I'm not voting Republican,even though Liz Cheney reportedly shot bin Ladin.


Simply watch the body language


Keith Evans (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

I don't understand why anyone would want one of the current Republican candidates to be president of the United States. One thing that we can be grateful for is that they have done a splendid job of highlighting each others faults. As a result I would bet that none of them, even with with the financial backing of huge right-wing billionaires, will be able to take over the White House.

david (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

Amanda, you picked a thin-ice divisive topic when you skated out
into politics! Bet you won't again!

Being in Agriculture and supporting Barack Obama is like a young
teenage girl that thinks cutting herself is the correct way to
attain attention. Even though I love the short term effect of our
worthless dollar it's exports, it could doom our country.

Thank You for the forum.

on Jan 25, 2012

Amanda, you sure skated out on a thin-ice pond when you included politics, as nothing divides more..but admire you.
Being in Agriculture and supporting the Obama Administration is like a teenage girls that cuts herself to attain attention. Makes now sense to others, hurts people and definitely is not the best way.

Matt Palmer (not verified)
on Jan 25, 2012

Seriously? Educate yourself about the facts then come back and have something intelligent to say. In Ohio Republican Gov Kasich (that the farm bureau supported and which I am no longer a member after 25 years) is selling the prisons, the liquor agency, the turnpike, etc. and attempted to screw over hard working police and firefighters and teachers. On top of this my CAUV farm valuation jumped by 2.8 times---NOT 2.8 percent...2.8 times all without a public vote. Republicans good for farmers?! Get your heads out, listen to the news (NOT FOX) get a clue, then write back and tell me how great Republicans are

Rancher5 (not verified)
on Jan 26, 2012

You sound like a old subsidized farmer, had to have your Farm subsidies to make it, I have been a self employed individual for over 30 years, Worked on the Soil Board for 6 years and was really sick of giving the same 15 people all the Gov money, yes maybe at one time the Farms needed a subsidy but no longer, I am also sick of Firefighters and school teachers needing more help, what they need is more money to support their pension which being in the private sector I am not privy to, as a brother and a nephew with a Admistration of justice degree, I find you
not in the know, My brother retired from Wash DC at 51 my Uncle retired just before he was 55, No they don't need anymore money. Come on I gave a neighbor who just retired for Colo Springs Fire dept while working a full time jobs too, great hours , point being he has a very good pension, with my dollars, his story with most Fireman is the pick up drunks and respond to accidents, ect very very rarly do they feel any danger, Schools 3 months off great vacation in between, get out of here, We the people our sick of the 8% of those who , this day retire well where the rest of us got to hope our assets get high enough to avoid the dreaded Wallmart greeter. Forget about it, all Dems go!

Keith Flake (not verified)
on Jan 26, 2012

There is no doubt that Romney will understand agriculture and the the requirements of our industry better than any presidential candidates. That's because he understands business and risk/reward scenarios. The others have had their heads buried in the Washington sand. Romney's grandfather was in agriculture and his cousins are currently in agriculture. That might help him keep his feet on the ground.

Rancher5 (not verified)
on Jan 26, 2012

I am a little disappointed in Beef Dailey, Yes The republicans our battling it out but its a hard ball game , where as you have a President sitting back staying out of leadership so he can do the Blame game, Realize that the congress was in Democratic control since 2006 with Nancy Pelosi as the speaker of the house, I f any one of you , who is truly in the Ag business, and is voting for Obama , your a lair, part timer,
or truly clueless. This will be the most telling election of our time , knowing that half our population gets a Federal check, but to even imagine that the Federal Government is going to spend your money wisely is the biggest lie to date, Need to get Obama out of the white house and shrink the Federal Gov and give back the country to the States and the people, Federalism is not the answer , first job should get rid of the Fed education Dept, every since the Feds took over Education our students have become very uninformed, not stupid but not educated either, via Government mandates, instead of teaching an education, These few post are truly disappointing, facts what has Obama done, besides split this country into pieces , winning by division,

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 26, 2012

Now this is scary!!!

I read an ad on Craigs List when the Iowa Primary was going on. HSUS and PETA have their foot in the door of the White House with candidate Rick Santorum. Hard to believe? I thought so until I read the posted HSUS links about the candidate.

HSUS & PETA indorse Santorum and refer to him as their enforcer.

B. Creamer (not verified)
on Feb 1, 2012

Although I am not one to get deeply involved in candidate debates, I feel that the ideas presented by Amanda are ones that everyone especially those involved in agriculture must take to heart. As agriculturalists we continue to try and tell our story, but as the presidential election comes near we must think about whom as president would not only allow us to tell the story of agriculture, but also support our story and the industry it represents. I ask that each person young and old take the issues presented within this blog and do your own research; find out what candidates support groups such as HSUS and PETA and how much they support them, find out what benefits these candidates are willing to provide to those involved in agriculture for their time spent feeding the world and what candidate in the end will protect the agriculture legacy so many before us have worked so hard to build. As a young agriculturalist still in college it scares me to see what anti- agriculture and animal rights groups are doing to shut down agriculture and the power they have behind them. Agriculture and specifically the beef industry has had such an immense impact on my life that it is my hope that many more generations have the same opportunity to experience such a dynamic and influencing industry, but we will need the help of our government and its support along the way.

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