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Oct 09, 2006

Politicians Learning Well From Anti-Beef Groups

At first blush, one would have thought the recent E-coli 0157:H7 outbreak in the spinach industry would have been a neutral event for cattle. Sure,....More
Oct 09, 2006

Is Traceability Driving Consolidation?

National ID has been a comedy of errors and there's much concern in the countryside about what the program will mean for producers. But let's set....More
Oct 04, 2006

Beef Demand Getting Softer

One of the more inspiring beef stories of the past decade has been the industry's ability to turn demand around after losing about 1% annually for....More
Oct 03, 2006

A Few Things I've Learned

This week, I received an email that asked the question, "Have you learned anything, yet?" The great answer of "everything I needed to know I learned....More
Sep 16, 2006

It's Both A Sellers And Buyers Market

One thing you have to love about high calf markets and scarce forage -- at least they're opening up some value propositions on the buy side. "Cow-....More
Sep 16, 2006

Some Rain -- Finally!

It doesn't change anything for cow-calf operations that shipped cows months ago, but the rain that fell in some of the most parched states -- the....More
Sep 15, 2006

The Tide Of U.S. Beef Is Turning In Japan

I'm as guilty as anyone. I read the public opinion surveys in the Japanese media citing large percentages of Japanese consumers being concerned about....More
Sep 15, 2006

The Cattle Market Continues To Soar

The fed market saw the futures market set or approach contract highs again this week. Meanwhile, boxed beef prices rose sharply following the Labor....More
Sep 15, 2006

The Best Secret For Success Is To Grasp The Future

Philosopher Thomas Carlyle said: "A man lives by believing something, not by debating and arguing about many things." So it is with many decisions....More
Sep 15, 2006

Fly The Flag On Monday To Honor The 9-11 Fallen

In the days, weeks and months following Sept. 11,2001, the U.S. was awash in heartbreak, and unified in its mourning of the incredible losses....More
Aug 31, 2006

Boom or Bust Bidding

Just like the weather extremes that have defined the past year, last week was a case study in the stocker and feeder market taking a sizeable jump or....More
Aug 31, 2006

National ID Process Remains Muddled

Anyone hoping for answers and clarity at last week's ID/InfoExpo -- a de facto national forum for discussing and developing the national ID system....More
Aug 31, 2006

Drought Stalls Herd Expansion

"Cow-harvest rates have picked up dramatically, indicating nationwide cowherd expansion has essentially stopped. In fact, if recent trends continue,....More
Aug 21, 2006

The Magic That Is Our County Fair

We just wrapped up our local county fair last week. As I age, I'm increasing struck with just how special an event it is. Here are just a few of the....More
Aug 21, 2006

The Keys Of Trust, Traceback And Transparency

Much has been written about the doings of the World Meat Congress held in Australia this spring. (Read a recap at

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