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May 10, 2007

New, Softer Version Of R-CALF Is Up & Running

Most people with a passion for the industry see three industry organizations as even more disruptive than what two proved to be. However, the newest....More
Apr 13, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

South Korea to reopen. Beef demand soaring. Carcass weights down. Supplies to tighten. Fats trade for $100/cwt. or more. Feeders $10/cwt. higher than....More
Mar 23, 2007

R-CALF Schism Spawns New Cattlemen's Group

The beef industry has a new political group. Cattle Buyers Weekly reported in last Friday's edition....More
Mar 16, 2007

Is It "Never Another Bad Day," Or "One Last Fling?"

Holy Toledo, Batman, this market has been hot! Fed cattle set all kinds of post-BSE highs last week. Early trade....More
Jan 27, 2007

The Romance Isn't Gone But Its More Difficult To See

For ranchers and cattle feeders battling the harsh winter across the Central Plains, it's been a month-long struggle against Mother Nature. And as is....More
Jan 14, 2007

Setting Some Goals For The New Year

There's been a tremendous amount of good research done on the value of setting goals, the importance of writing them down, making them specific,....More
Dec 29, 2006

Best Wishes For A Peaceful And Fulfilling 2007

One of the more touching vignettes I've ever read appeared just before Christmas in my hometown paper, the St. Paul Pioneer Press. In a regularly....More
Dec 27, 2006

Pondering The True Meaning Of Christmas

Thanks to you all for allowing us to come into your homes each and every week, and we wish you a wonderful holiday season. When I was younger, I....More
Dec 27, 2006

Merry Christmas Wishes

As I pass through airports, I see a fair number of soldiers on their way home, or away from home to a service destination. When I can, I try to greet....More
Dec 27, 2006

Growing Old Or Growing Soft?

Last week, I addressed an industry meeting during which a speaker talked of the value of being profit-driven and that every decision should be made....More
Dec 27, 2006

Connecting With Our Ancestors

As I write this, we're experiencing one of the most severe snowstorms in Colorado in more than a decade -- 16 in. of snow, 30 mph winds, and roads....More
Dec 17, 2006

Can We Learn Something From The Auto Industry?

I've always thought coaches and business leaders are fed a raw deal, with everything focused on the now rather than the future. In both cases, while....More
Dec 01, 2006

The Fiasco That Is The South Korean Agreement

No, I'm not talking about world events in geopolitics, I'm talking about the global fiasco influencing the U.S. cattle industry -- the re-....More
Nov 27, 2006

Worry About The Important Stuff

I suppose someone can make the case that national ID, or even country-of-origin labeling, can save your operation in the case of a disease outbreak....More
Nov 27, 2006

Fear and Greed, And Supply and Demand

After three years of record-breaking, bin-busting corn harvests, corn prices have defied all conventional wisdom by skyrocketing. Bred females have....More

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Troy Marshall is a multi-generational rancher who grew up in Wheatland, WY, and obtained an Equine Science/Animal Science degree from Colorado State University where he competed on both the livestock...
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