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Jul 04, 2006

The Human Downside Of Fewer Animal Antibiotics

The lack of development of new antibiotics to treat infectious diseases in animals could leave a void of alternatives should resistant bacteria make....More
Jun 30, 2006

Peru Slights Chavez As It Ratifies U.S. Trade Deal

Peru moved quickly this week on its free-trade agreement (FTA) with the U.S., as Peru's Congress overwhelmingly ratified it and its president quickly....More
Jun 30, 2006

It's Time To Get Maniacal

If you've attended a cattlemen's meeting in the last couple of years, it's likely you've heard a presentation or two on alliances. You also likely....More
Jun 23, 2006

Good Corn Conditions Look Promising For Fall Calf Prices

The corn market has fallen sharply the last two weeks, a good sign for stronger fall feeder-cattle prices, writes Dillon Feuz, University of Nebraska....More
Jun 23, 2006

Japan Signals End To Ban On U.S. Beef Imports

Japan's Ministry of Ag agreed Wednesday to lift the ban on U.S. beef imports pending satisfactory on-site audits of U.S. processing facilities. The....More
Jun 23, 2006

Japan Officials Criticize Call For Punitive Tariffs

Shoichi Nakagawa, Japan's Ag, Forestry and Fisheries minister, today termed the bill introduced in the U.S. Senate this week that calls for imposing....More
Jun 23, 2006

Japanese Market Reopening Finalized, Again

As has been the case with every announcement coming out of Japan since December 2003, the most prudent strategy is to not get too excited until....More
Jun 23, 2006

Japan And Korea Trade Issues Coming To A Head

Japan ended its consumer education meetings this week. And, while there were a lot of concerns raised by Japanese activists, it appears the Japanese....More
Jun 23, 2006

Creekstone's Testing Gambit Is A Good PR Move

Creekstone has become the darling of the anti-packer, anti-USDA, anti-cattlemen crowd -- simply by defying USDA. The initial confrontation was over....More
Jun 23, 2006

Controlling Prairie Dogs And Other Industry Varmints

Some of you may not have a lot of personal experience with prairie dogs, but they multiply at rates that would make a rabbit blush. Amazingly there....More
Jun 23, 2006

Good Corn Conditions Look Promising For Fall Calf Prices

The corn market has fallen sharply the last two weeks, a good sign for stronger fall feeder-cattle prices....More
Jun 16, 2006

The Great Market Rally, Or Was It?

Everyone seems to be buzzing about the improbable market rally in the latter half of May and first part of June. There's an incredulous air that the....More
May 30, 2006

Take Some Time To Thank Our Veterans

There are few things as moving to me as viewing a national cemetery. Seeing those rows upon rows of white crosses, seemingly standing at attention,....More
May 27, 2006

Aussie Predictions Shed Light On U.S. Beef Situation

The past five years have been extraordinary for the Australian beef industry. Peak prices were probably set in mid-2005, with the prosperity....More
May 27, 2006

A Few Words About That "Attitude Thing"

I'm one of the truly fortunate people. I actually love what I do for a living - working with the land, cattle and horses. Our family is healthy. I....More

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Troy Marshall is a multi-generational rancher who grew up in Wheatland, WY, and obtained an Equine Science/Animal Science degree from Colorado State University where he competed on both the livestock...
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