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Dec 23, 2011

Tis The Season!

I have to begin by admitting I haven’t really caught the holiday spirit. I haven’t watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” yet. Instead, I’ve been focused on....More
Dec 16, 2011

Recycling The Industry’s Divisive Issues

While I’ve received literally hundreds of emails from producers celebrating the death of the GIPSA rule, I’d like to offer some words of caution....More
Dec 16, 2011

The Chance For Ag Ground May Have Passed1

With 20/20 hindsight, nearly everyone today laments the fact they weren’t more aggressive in the land market a few years back. The perfect storm was....More
Dec 16, 2011

Confessions Of An Ideologue1

I’m on the mailing list for an email newsletter from a producer/food activist whose world view I largely detest because I feel it’s destructive to....More
Dec 09, 2011

Election Season Is In Full Swing

There was a tremendous amount of stirring this week over the major economic speech that President Obama delivered in Osawatomie, KS. In the speech,....More
Dec 09, 2011

What Constitutes A Good Bull?

Not surprisingly, bull prices – just like the rest of the industry’s pricing structure – are seeing a major increase. It wasn’t that many years ago....More
Dec 09, 2011

Economic Climate Reignites Brand Question

I’m not talking about the issue of damage to hides by the use of hot-iron brands; nor am I talking about the animal-welfare considerations. And, for....More
Dec 02, 2011

Is It Time To Bail On Age & Source Verification?

The industry has been buzzing for several weeks, as it appears that Japan might, even yet this spring, accept the world standard for BSE and move to....More
Dec 02, 2011

Horse Slaughter Returns To The U.S.

The latest ag funding bill from Congress not only prevented the funding of the GIPSA rule in the short term, but it also quietly lifted the ban on....More
Dec 02, 2011

Finding The Value In Feeder Cattle

The dilemma isn't in creating value in feeder cattle. That's relatively straightforward, even if it is a challenge to implement. You just utilize the....More
Nov 25, 2011

The Super Committee's Failure May Be Good

I knew well before Monday's announcement that no deal would be reached by the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, more familiarly known as....More
Nov 25, 2011

A Happy Thanksgiving To You All

There are few industries with as much to be thankful for as agriculture. For a whole host of reasons, agriculture in general, and commodities in....More
Nov 25, 2011

Is Chicken Helping Out Beef Prices?

It sounds like an oxymoron but the poultry industry may actually help beef prices rise this next year. The fact is that the high price of ethanol-....More
Nov 18, 2011

Livestock Judging Ribbons Fade Over Time

Many of you reading these words judged livestock in 4-H or FFA; some of you competed at the junior college or senior college levels. And, if you....More
Nov 18, 2011

Rural America Represents America's Future

I’m not saying that agriculture is going to become a major economic driver for our nation’s economy. Nor do I contend that urban America is destined....More

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Troy Marshall is a multi-generational rancher who grew up in Wheatland, WY, and obtained an Equine Science/Animal Science degree from Colorado State University where he competed on both the livestock...
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