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Jun 03, 2011

Horse Industry Deals With Equine Herpes Virus

EHV-1 is the official acronym for the equine herpes virus that has severely curtailed the activities of the horse industry just as it moves into its....More
Jun 03, 2011

Learning From The Best Coach Ever

I just read a book on Coach John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach of the UCLA Bruins, detailing the seven principles that shaped his life and....More
Jun 03, 2011

Hey, Cowboy, Can You Spare 10 Minutes?

The 2011 National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) is asking producers to go to to complete a short survey that shouldn’t take....More
May 01, 2010

A crisis of trust in government makes trade decisions difficult

Recent news regarding U.S./Brazil trade negotiations over cotton, which could open the U.S. market to limited exports of Brazilian beef products, was....More
Apr 01, 2010

An industry's dilemma over whether the consumer is always right

Nobody seriously argues against the concept of a business being consumer or customer focused. Producing what the customer wants is simply good....More
Feb 01, 2010

Up in smoke

Taiwan announced last month that it would reverse its position on the bilateral trade protocol it had just agreed to after two years of long and hard....More
Oct 01, 2009

Certainties for uncertain times

Warren Buffett is staying away from stocks. The latest report from the Federal Reserve shows scant signs of growth. Experts warn the foreclosure....More
Sep 01, 2009

Brace yourself

Across the board, government revenues are down dramatically. The federal government is in a very similar situation to the dairy industry, which has....More
Aug 01, 2009

One deleted word

The Clean Water Restoration Act came out of committee in June with little fanfare. However, it sent shockwaves through the cattle industry and others....More
Jun 11, 2009

Opinion: The Hits Just Keep Coming

You might want to send your favorite cattle industry lobbyist a gift certificate to a steakhouse close to your....More
Jun 08, 2009

Turning The Cows Out And Aligning Priorities

I absolutely love this time of year; it’s a great feeling taking cows to grass, especially when the grass is green and growing!....More
Jun 04, 2009

New Administration, New Strategic Plan?

After the first couple months of the new administration, the one thing we can say for certain is....More
Jun 04, 2009

JBS Prepares For Expected Packer Ban Legislation

The big news this week was that JBS restructured to shed its ownership stake in cattle in....More
May 15, 2009

A New D-Day For Social Security And Medicare?

Social Security was scheduled to run in the red by 2017, but that projection was expected to be revised downward this week....More
May 15, 2009

Opinion: Punishing Prudence; Rewarding Foolishness

We’ve all heard farmers remark that they don’t believe in subsidies but are forced to play the game because the....More

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Troy Marshall is a multi-generational rancher who grew up in Wheatland, WY, and obtained an Equine Science/Animal Science degree from Colorado State University where he competed on both the livestock...
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As a fulltime rancher, opinion contributor Troy Marshall brings a unique perspective on how consumer and political trends affect livestock production.

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