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Oct 23, 2014

Politics, Power & Greed Driving The Checkoff Controversy3

The great irony in the current controversy involving the beef checkoff is that there are real and substantive issues with the program. As always,....More
Oct 23, 2014

Producers Must Act Now To Save Their Beef Checkoff Program9

A small window remains for concerned cattlemen to act to save their national checkoff program....More
Angus cow
Oct 15, 2014

The Quality Market In Beef Is Where The Action Is Today1

I learned a long time ago that when people talk about market trends you had better know their bias. So in the interest of full disclosure I should....More
Angus steers
Oct 15, 2014

In This Cattle Market, Old Assumptions No Longer Apply2

Last week, the fed market set another all-time high. In earlier times, that would be a headline-worthy event, but in today’s extraordinary....More
life goals help motivate farmers
Oct 09, 2014

My Secret To Life Is To Dream Big & Think Positive1

Motivation can be influenced by outside sources, but the harsh reality is that it is largely self-determined. Thus, you can’t allow others to....More
anti-capitalism mindset hurts industry
Oct 09, 2014

Whatever Happened To This Nation’s Support For Capitalism?7

A growing paradigm in the U.S. isn’t conducive with the capitalism that built this country....More
Oct 02, 2014

Pundits Betting On A Republican Senate In 20151

Despite the trend lines unquestionably pointing toward Republican gains in the upcoming election, the degree of those gains and the control of the....More
usda to takeover beef checkoff
Oct 02, 2014

We Were Played: USDA Moves To Take Over The Checkoff11

The USDA Secretary’s planned takeover of the checkoff calls for a new checkoff to be implemented in 2016, with a referendum to be held within three....More
beef demand
Sep 25, 2014

Status Of U.S. Beef Supply Is Certain, Beef Demand Is Not

The one beef industry certainty is a tight supply, while the main area of uncertainty is beef demand....More
cattle prices and global economy
Sep 25, 2014

Will Middle East Events Affect The Beef Market? You Bet1

One of the market drivers for the U.S. beef industry over the coming decade will be the health and function of the global economy. What role with the....More
Sep 18, 2014

Huh? Some See Industry’s Beef Quality Progress As Bad News2

With today’s price levels, it seems that everyone is looking for a reason to make it go lower. Whatever your thoughts on beef quality changes, we can....More
Ray Rice football scandal
Sep 15, 2014

Ray Rice Incident Underscores To Cattle Industry The Power Of Video3

From a cattle industry standpoint, I think the Ray Rice incident illustrates just how much we have to change and revamp the way we get our message....More
cattle markets continue up
Sep 11, 2014

Just When We Thought The Bubble Might Break, The Cattle Market Surprises Us1

Despite all the reams of data and sophisticated modeling, and the acknowledgement that fundamentals eventually determine the price, in the short term....More
Aug 28, 2014

Read Between The Lines Of HSUS Rhetoric38

The Humane Society of the United States is playing the long game, acknowledging that while changing the opinions of mature Americans might not be....More
Aug 28, 2014

The Beef Industry’s Next Era Will Be Even Better; Prepare For It1

The productivity and efficiency the industry has gained from a total systems approach compared to the past is almost mindboggling. You still see....More

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