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corn planting
May 02, 2013

Not Time To Panic About Corn Planting – Yet!

Markets are driven by fear and greed, and ag markets of late have been characterized by extreme volatility that seems completely removed from the....More
May 02, 2013

Weather Playing Tricks On Consumers And Cattlemen Alike

It looks like another year of crazy weather, and the result is a whipsaw for cattlemen. Cool weather, particularly on the East Coast, is keeping....More
ranch employee management
Apr 25, 2013

Tips To Become A Better Manager & Motivator On Your Ranch2

Everyone loves positive feedback, and good coaches and bosses praise great effort and good results. But good coaches also identify weaknesses and....More
Apr 25, 2013

April Snowstorms Bring May Drought Relief

It’s way too early to say any long-term trends are firmly entrenched. I may look back at this week as merely an anomaly, but it sure has been fun to....More
Is Political Compromise possible in DC?
Apr 23, 2013

What Ever Happened To Political Compromise?4

Perhaps it’s a symptom of the times we live in, but pragmatism and compromise aren’t accepted practices anymore. The result is that either little of....More
agriculture impacted by public policy beef demand
Apr 18, 2013

Agriculture Is At The Vortex Of The Universe2

There are very few agendas out there that don’t regard agriculture as a key player in either the solution or the problem. That means that our....More
cattle prices in commodity market
Apr 18, 2013

Beef Industry Must Move Beyond Commodity Mindset

The overwhelming hindrance to achieving the goal of capitalizing on the true value of cattle has been, and continues to be, the commodity mindset....More
winter weather brings moisture
Apr 18, 2013

Regardless Of Its Form, Any Moisture Is Welcome1

Even those who remain dry are taking solace in the fact that this weather pattern is a whole lot different than last year. So, while we may be a long....More
Apr 11, 2013

R-CALF Fumes Following Release Of OIG Report2

R-CALF USA tees off against the Office of Inspector General’s audit of the national beef checkoff. What’s surprising is the way the organization’s....More
sally jewell good for public land grazing
Apr 11, 2013

Interior’s Jewell May Be Best We Could Expect2

Public lands users hope that incoming Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s private-sector job experience will make her more predisposed to the multiple-....More
President Obama's budget plan
Apr 11, 2013

Obama’s Budget Is DOA, But A Starting Point1

Recent history would seem to validate the opinion that nothing substantive will happen to change the overall dynamics of the impasse in Washington, D....More
beef checkoff audit results
Apr 04, 2013

Two Views On The OIG’s Checkoff Audit2

Wile the OIG’s audit of the checkoff was very reassuring about the program and its stewardship, a second way to look at the OIG report is with a real....More
Apr 04, 2013

This Week I Had One Of Those “Dad” Moments

I’m convinced that if you evaluate your parenting skills by comparing what you wanted to do for your kids, and what you actually did teach them, you’....More
beef producers are optimists
Apr 04, 2013

Are You Optimistic, Weary, Or Both?

Drought is like trying to convince a good woman to love you. It simply isn’t your decision to make; you do your best, you make the effort, and you....More
Mar 28, 2013

New Mexico Horse Stunt Hurts All Producers11

Just when it appears that a commonsense, factual-based approach to the issue of horse slaughter is possible, one heartless fool decides to taunt the....More

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