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truth about animal agriculture
Feb 26, 2013

Really, These People Are “Experts?”1

We all care about what we eat, and we’re all increasingly concerned about our health and the effects of our diet as well. With consumers increasingly....More
environmental groups
Feb 21, 2013

Environmentalists Are Forced To Walk A Fine Line

Environmental groups must find a way to repackage their message and temper the effects of their agenda on consumers. If they continue to be seen as....More
culling cows
Feb 21, 2013

Some Thoughts On Drought & Culling1

We all know we’re looking at record cattle prices and high input prices for the relative short term. We’re just trying to make those strong....More
winter moisture
Feb 21, 2013

Hurray. It’s Snow... At Last!

As I’ve aged, snow had taken on a more negative connotation. As a kid, it meant no school, sledding and fun. As an adult, it generally just....More
Feb 14, 2013

The Question Of Perception Vs. Perspective2

I sometimes feel like I’m making decisions based on my perceptions of the world; at other times, I feel like I’m basing my decisions on a clear....More
cattle fax outlook
Feb 14, 2013

My Favorite Sentiment From The Cattle Industry Convention

The irony is that this industry is sitting on a set of tremendous fundamentals, but with two massive dark clouds overhead - the drought and the....More
cattle industry convention
Feb 14, 2013

A No-Show’s Thoughts On Last Week’s Convention2

I commend the tens of thousands of volunteer leaders who work at the local, state and national level on behalf of this industry. The challenges we....More
cattle industry outlook
Feb 07, 2013

It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Cattleman Hopeful1

I have quit watching the news, or following politics, after the election. As a fiscal conservative with real concerns about the debt and deficit, I....More
Feb 07, 2013

Dodge Ram Ad Shows The Power Of Marketing21

I felt really good about the overall response to the Dodge Ram commercial that ran during last Sunday’s Super Bowl. I think the major part of America....More
commercial bull prices
Feb 07, 2013

$10,000 For A Commercial Bull?5

One thing that is for certain is that producers understand the value differences that are associated with superior genetics. Thus, they’re looking to....More
conflict in cattle industry
Jan 31, 2013

The Correct Balance Isn’t At The Extremes2

The either-or debate over low cost vs. high output/quality, or the use of technology vs. traditional production methods, are just red herrings. They....More
Jan 31, 2013

The Bulls Have The Bears On The Run1

The announcement that Japan will drop its 20-month age requirement on Feb. 1 and begin accepting cattle that are 30 months of age or less removes a....More
beef industry technology
Jan 31, 2013

Dealing With Technology Vs. Perception4

Sadly, perhaps because no one wants to admit failure, our industry has had little discussion or self-reflection about how we can prevent something....More
Jan 24, 2013

Hello, Facebook Friend

I have to admit that I didn’t really understand the lure of Facebook. Even now, my understanding of how to use it is minimal. However, I’ve gotten to....More
President Obama Second Term, Photo from White House Press
Jan 24, 2013

Inauguration Offers Familiar Hoopla, Less Hope

From an ag standpoint, we can be assured that the subsidization of ethanol will continue, and that agriculture won't be a focus of Barack Obama’s....More

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Troy Marshall is a multi-generational rancher who grew up in Wheatland, WY, and obtained an Equine Science/Animal Science degree from Colorado State University where he competed on both the livestock...
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