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Duck Dynasty from
Dec 27, 2012

Duck Dynasty Is Taking Over Our Household

My boys got hooked first; they think it’s hilarious. I figured that it was just more programming designed to appeal to the sensibilities of teenage....More
Dec 21, 2012

A Colorado Rancher’s Christmas Wish

It’s easy to forget life’s problems and revel in the gifts I’ve been given when I’m atop a horse heading for work as the sun rises over the horizon....More
Dec 21, 2012

Fiscal Cliff – A Real Crisis, But Artificial Deadline

If we go over the fiscal cliff on Jan. 1, the U.S. economic system won’t collapse overnight, and we won’t become another Greece for at least 10 years....More
Dec 19, 2012

The Beef Industry Vs. The NFL Model

Today, countries with a higher standard of living are looked upon less favorably; the thinking goes that they must have prospered at the expense of....More
flock of geese - USDA
Dec 14, 2012

Are You Running In A Pack Or A Flock?

Society will always produce the occasional lone wolf, or solitary eagle. But, in general, we are served by working together. The question is whether....More
Dec 14, 2012

Conditions Offer Some Hope For Costs In 2013

There remain a lot of questions regarding 2013, but none are more important to producers than what the weather will bring in the next growing season....More
Dec 14, 2012

Maybe The Mayans Meant January 1

Ironically, the polls say most Americans prefer a combination of revenue reduction and tax increases, and they want most of the deficit reduction to....More
Dec 13, 2012

Opinion: The Importance Of Brand Management

It’s normal at the start of the year, but particularly this year, for producers to take a hard look at many aspects of their operation. Being a low-....More
Dec 06, 2012

Personal Thoughts On Two Passed Legends

The renowned motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar and stockmanship guru Bud Williams are two heroes who I never met. But both passed away....More
Dec 06, 2012

Trying To Decide On My Winter Deadline

Experience has taught me to appreciate that winterizing water tanks and the like is far more enjoyable at 50°F, than at -10. But with my local 10-day....More
Dec 06, 2012

MCOOL Compliance Deadline

With little urgency shown by government or industry, the May 23 deadline for bringing mandatory country of origin labeling into WTO compliance likely....More
Nov 29, 2012

Perhaps The Industry Needs New Allies

Perhaps our industry’s failing is that we’ve spent too much time trying to speak with one unified voice within our industry. While it certainly would....More
Nov 29, 2012

War, Marriage & The Cattle Business

We all have to make sure we are putting our efforts into the right things. Is it important? Will it make a difference? Where you expend your efforts....More
Nov 29, 2012

Checkoff Nominating Process Is A Nightmare

The checkoff shouldn’t require precious political capital expenditures on behalf of the industry to make sure they are not attacked from within....More
Nov 21, 2012

Taking Time To Give Thanks

I love Thanksgiving because it forces me to remind myself not only about how lucky I am, but also what is truly important. Certainly, I’m thankful....More

Troy Marshall

Troy Marshall is a multi-generational rancher who grew up in Wheatland, WY, and obtained an Equine Science/Animal Science degree from Colorado State University where he competed on both the livestock...
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As a fulltime rancher, opinion contributor Troy Marshall brings a unique perspective on how consumer and political trends affect livestock production.

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