Troy Marshall

BEEF Contributing Editor

Troy Marshall is a multi-generational rancher who grew up in Wheatland, WY, and obtained an Equine Science/Animal Science degree from Colorado State University where he competed on both the livestock and World Champion Horse Judging teams. Following college, he worked as a market analyst for Cattle-Fax covering different regions of the country. Troy also worked as director of commercial marketing for two breed associations; these positions were some of the first to provide direct links tying breed associations to the commercial cow-calf industry.

A visionary with a great grasp for all segments of the industry, Troy is a regular opinion contributor to BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly. His columns are widely reprinted and provide in-depth reporting and commentary from the perspective of a producer who truly understands the economics and challenges of the different industry segments. He is also a partner/owner in Allied Genetic Resources, a company created to change the definition of customer service provided by the seedstock industry. Troy and his wife Lorna have three children. 

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Apr 16, 2015

A spirited debate between the bulls & the bears on the market and moisture

Over time, I suppose everything evens out, but I have to admit that the bulls seem to enjoy the ride a whole lot more than the bears....More
Apr 16, 2015

Why every parent wishes they could turn back time

The only thing I know for certain is that kids grow up too fast, and everyone I talk to wishes they would have taken the time to enjoy the moments....More
Apr 08, 2015

Who is the best leader for the beef industry? We all are

We’ll never persuade the elites, but we can inspire and communicate with those who work every single day in the beef industry to make a living for....More
Apr 08, 2015

Beat the rancher’s curse; stop assuming people can read your mind

It’s a lot easier today to overcome the rancher’s curse than in the old days. After all, texts and emails allow us to build up to that actual two-way....More
Credit: Jupiterimages
Apr 02, 2015

It’s not scalable or practical, yet the food movement marches on

For the food movement to achieve its aims, modern agriculture must cease to exist....More
Apr 02, 2015

It's time for a beef movement! Let's sell the sizzle

The beef industry has the right story and the facts are on our side, but I think we lack the allure of a movement. It's time to stat selling the....More
what cow-calf producers could learn from grain farmers
Mar 26, 2015

Here’s what cow-calf producers can learn from grain farmers

There’s no doubt, times are good. But grain producers saw a similar high and their story didn’t end well. Should we take a lesson from them and....More
Photo courtesy of the Beef Checkoff
Mar 26, 2015

Battle over dietary guidelines is all about politics, not science

The DGAC’s move away from nutrition and science in in order to advance a philosophy and agenda under the great “sustainability” umbrella sent shock....More
Mar 19, 2015

It’s time to change our woeful beef marketing system

When cattle margins return to more historical levels, the need for radical, rapid change to the beef industry marketing system will become more....More
Mar 19, 2015

Supportive neighbors help make my ranch better

I know I’m guilty of sometimes thinking that the rural American experience is superior in a lot of ways to its urban counterpart, but can you blame....More
What's My View From The Country?

As a fulltime rancher, opinion contributor Troy Marshall brings a unique perspective on how consumer and political trends affect livestock production.

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