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Jul 24, 2014

Consumers Continue To Shake Off Beef Price Jitters3

What’s the best advice you can give a meat lover? Buy a big freezer, go to Costco and stock up on ground beef and steaks, because beef won’t be this....More
raise the beef checkoff
Jun 24, 2014

It’s Time To Raise The Checkoff10

Doubling the $1/head national beef checkoff should be a no-brainer. But perceptions about “control” of the checkoff and its spending continue to....More
May 13, 2014

Iowa Set To Debut New Generation Of Beef Plants3

Iowa cattle feeders will start delivering cattle to a brand-new beef processor, Iowa Premium Beef’s (IPB), IPB’s Tama, IA, plant this fall....More
Apr 23, 2014

Packers Continue To Fuel The Price Run On Live Cattle

Fed beef processors have been trying all year to douse the red-hot live cattle market. But it seems they’ve been using gasoline instead of....More
Mar 31, 2014

U.S. Beef Industry Has Measured Up To Every Challenge

The men and women who make up the U.S. beef industry are a resilient bunch. In my 27 years of writing about the industry, they’ve had just....More
Feb 20, 2014

Fewer Cattle Numbers & COOL Claim Another Packer10

The closure of the Brawley, CA, packing plant will be a big blow to feedlots in the region, some of which joined forces to invest $78 million to....More
future beef consumers
Jan 24, 2014

The Future Of The Beef Industry Rests With Millennials

Record prices for feeder cattle mean packers will have to get more for their beef, and that consumers will pay more for beef in grocery stores and....More
cattle supplies will be tight in Southern Plains
Dec 30, 2013

Packers Wrestle With How To Add More Value To Cattle

Rebuilding of the U.S. beef herd hasn’t yet begun; when it does, it will take even more heifers out of the feeding and slaughter mix. Cattle supplies....More
cow that stole christmas
Nov 27, 2013

10 Years After The Cow That Stole Christmas

Ten years after its first BSE case, the U.S. continues to battle to regain pre-BSE market access....More
selling cattle on cash market
Oct 25, 2013

Government Shutdown Underscores The Value Of Data

The early October data blackout by USDA and the government shutdown had everyone groping in the dark....More
market attacks for U.S. beef industry
Sep 30, 2013

Issues Management Is A Huge Beef Industry Challenge1

Industry leaders must be vigilant should social media users decide to attack beta-agonist use in beef production. They should remember what happened....More
Aug 31, 2013

Packing Business Has Evolved From Carcass To Case-Ready

The beef packing industry has evolved dramatically during BEEF magazine’s tenure: from swinging carcasses to case-ready beef....More
cattle market cash prices
Jul 28, 2013

What Happened To The Cash Market For Live Cattle?

Where’s the cash market? That’s the question more cattle feeders are asking, with good reason....More
smithfield get bought out by chinese company
Jun 24, 2013

More Foreign Money Entering U.S. Meatpacking Sector

Smithfield Foods has agreed to sell to a Chinese company. Should the deal go through, two foreign companies will own two venerable names in the meat....More
cost to run a cattle packing plant
May 30, 2013

Beef Packers Stymied By Shortage Of Working Capital2

Beef packing plants require an enormous amount of money to operate efficiently. Many small companies, especially family-owned beef processing....More

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