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Oct 01, 2009

5 non-traditional systems

The higher grain prices of the biofuels era have changed ranching. The key question for many ranchers is whether this suggests that optimal ranch....More
Sep 01, 2009

What cheaper corn means

Ranchers clearly understand they're at the mercy of the national bio-fuels policy. They also know full well how increasing corn prices the past three....More
Aug 01, 2009

Marketing weaned calves

What's your marketing strategy for your 2009 weaned calves and 2009 grass cattle? The late June price charts suggest dramatic change in the livestock....More
Jul 01, 2009

Marketing 2009 calves: Part II

These are unprecedented economic times that call for unprecedented management actions by ranchers. Previous columns have focused on the cost side of....More
Jun 01, 2009

Marketing 2009 calves: Part I

In previous columns, we've discussed producers' preparation of cost-and-return projections for 2009 calves. This month, we'll develop a set of....More
May 01, 2009

Costs & returns: Part V

Given current economic pressures, it's imperative that ranch managers work to increase profits from their beef cow-calf herds. One immediate action is....More
Apr 01, 2009

Costs & returns: Part IV

Given the current economic pressure on the beef-cow sector, it's imperative that ranchers prepare a detailed production and economic projection for....More
Mar 01, 2009

Costs & returns: Part III

This series of articles is designed to help ranchers manage through today's tough economic times as economic pressures build on the beef-cow sector....More
Feb 01, 2009

Costs & returns: Part II

Particularly in today's tough economic times, there are three red flag/green flag business measures on which astute ranchers should focus, and all are....More
Jan 01, 2009

Costs & returns: Part I

Our national economic crisis is impacting beef-cow producers. In fact, my latest monthly price analysis and management implications study suggests all....More
Dec 01, 2008

Economy's effect on ranchers

So what's the projected impact of the financial crisis on ranchers? The value of the U.S. dollar is going to be a major driver of beef exports, and....More
Dec 01, 2008

Marketing in the new conditions

I'm not sure the general public really appreciates how close this country was to an economic meltdown in September/October 2008. There's little doubt....More
Nov 01, 2008

Lowering your breakeven - part II

This month, I'll share a primary database I use in benchmarking a ranch. The data is taken from the 2007 annual North Dakota Farm Business Management....More
Oct 01, 2008

Lowering Your Breakeven Calf Price

Benchmarking is among the most powerful ranch-management tools available to ranch managers, and one of the least used. A key reason for its lack of....More
Sep 01, 2008

Marketing 2008 calves

Part V in a series of changing corn environment. The corn market is proving to be as volatile as predicted. With the impact of the Midwest floods less....More

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