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Let’s Give Bank Of America The Facts About HSUS


It’s long past due that I blog about the latest corporation to endorse the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS). Bank of America is now offering a new product, a VISA card that supports HSUS. For every new account opened, Bank of America will donate $60 to HSUS, with an additional 25¢ for every $100 spent using the card.

Just like we did with Yellow Tail, a wine company that donated money to HSUS, we must educate the CEO of Bank of America and educate that firm on the nation’s largest animal rights organization.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA) is already leading the way. AAA CEO Kay Johnson Smith penned a letter to Bank of America President and CEO Brian Moynihan stating the facts, “HSUS is a radical animal rights organization that is not affiliated with local animal shelters and instead uses its more than $100-million budget to threaten America’s hardworking farmers and ranchers. While many Americans mistakenly believe HSUS is the national organization affiliated with local animal shelters, very little of its funding is used for hands-on animal care. Instead, HSUS uses its resources to attack farmers and ranchers with legislation, litigation and public relations smear campaigns.”

The call to action today is to “Like” Bank of America on Facebook and let the company know that HSUS is a huge lobbying organization with a mission to abolish animal agriculture and eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from the dinner table.

If you recall, when a bunch of cowboys posted on Yellow Tail’s Facebook page to tell them the same message, Yellow Tail pulled its future annual $100,000 pledges to HSUS.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot more worthy causes to support with my credit card than this animal rights activist group. I took the time to post a message on the Bank of America Facebook page. Will you join me in educating this company about HSUS’ hidden agenda?

For more information, check out or

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Sarah (not verified)
on Jun 29, 2012

Thanks for sharing the Alliance's letter, Amanda! Here is the initial response that we received from Bank of America:

Colette (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

So, am I mistaken? Or does that letter really not say anything at all? It dances around their HSUS relationship and sounds like they continuing it. Boy, THAT is not going to be good for Bank of America business! As they stated in their letter, if Bank of American truly supported animal agriculture---farmers and ranchers of across the United States, then they can not continue to support HSUS. The two simply don't have the same goals. Bank of America really needs to look into their own leadership's integrity. I don't think I will be "buying" their services!!!!

Winslows Farms (not verified)
on Jul 5, 2012

I agree with you.

If they were so concerned with the plight of the American Farmer and Rancher, they would seriously rethink their position in supporting HSUS - as that is what they are doing/have been doing - is supporting their anti-American agenda, anti-animal and human agenda.

What a simpleminded person to believe the lot of lies that HSUS feeds them.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jun 30, 2012

HSUS uses lies, misinformation, hate speech, and staged video to defame innocent farmers, fishermen, fur producers, and pet breeders for profit. It is no surprise that a bank would support them. One exploiter of innocent workers supporting another. Isn't just what we expect from the 1%

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 1, 2012

Having quite a chuckle reading all those wild & crazy comments on the BOA site..
My faves are 'The Elimination of Agriculture' and " The Vegan Black-Ops plot to Take Over The Food Supply'. and the best of all ' The Elimination of Pet Ownership'
Possibly because you all don't actually communicate with anyone outside your wagon train, you may not realize how unhinged you sound to the average middle-of-the-road educated person.
Your consumers are really not that stupid either.
Five minutes on Google will tell anyone with even half a brain the the rise in food prices has to do with weather, grain price & money-market fluctuation.
There is no mention of Wayne Pacelle or Pete Seeger in any responsible economic forecast.
That you all choose to get your information from joke websites like humanewatch proves that you don't have a leg to stand on regarding your current illucid arguments.
The average farmer faces enormous difficulties, no one will deny that.
But to point fingers at ghosts and to make up fairy tales really just makes anything you say irrelevant and embarrassing.
And the unspeakably disingenuous decision to insert companion animals and shelters into this battle has earned you more enemies that you can imagine.

Someone on your end needs to grow a brain and put the big boy pants on and stop with the nonsense.
Maybe then people will begin to take your REAL difficulties seriously.

sunny (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

Really? You think HSUS is not part of the disruption in animal agriculture? You really think that HSUS did not have a part in free roaming chickens in California? Have you checked out the price of eggs in California? Do you realize most people who live on the border cross to another state to obtain eggs? What rock are you living under? Ask a farmer in the midwest about HSUS and their agenda and stop throwing people under the bus for fighting for our rights to own and raise animals without abusing them. If they were so concerned about animals, they would contribute more to shelters to help defer cost to spay and neuter pets and also care for their welfare instead of lobbying against all animal owners and doing false advertising that show what there interests are not.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

"The retail price premiums
observed for cage-free and free-range eggs appear much larger than the estimated cost
differences at the farm level. For example, Sumner et al. (2008) estimate the costs of
production to be about $0.31/dozen higher in cage-free vs. cage production systems at the
farm level, but our estimates suggest the U.S. average retail price premium for cage-free eggs
is $1.00/dozen. The data reported here are potentially revealing in what they have to say
about retailers’ pricing strategies. Although the market shares for cage-free and organic eggs
are small, such products appear in almost every major grocery store chain, indicating the price
premiums are probably not a result of the offerings of a particular kind of store. The price of
any one egg characteristic is influenced by the cost and value of the good, but price could also
be strategically set to encourage the patronage of certain consumers, allowing the food retailer
to charge higher premiums on other goods. Whole turkeys at Thanksgiving are a prime
example. Food retailers are suspected of selling turkeys at a loss on Thanksgiving, providing
consumers with a large consumer surplus, which may increase the value of shopping at the
store and increase consumers’ willingness to pay for other items (DeGraba, 2006). It is
possible that stores in some areas may sell cage-free eggs at lower prices than other areas as a
strategy to influence store volume and price premiums for other goods. Just as turkey prices
decline at precisely the same time demand rises, it is possible—though perhaps not
probable—that higher demand for cage-free eggs in one location may translate into lower

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

Todays at Ralph's in Beverly Hills TWO doz eggs $6.00
Today at Wegmans in Pa HALF doz eggs $3.29

Hmmm..Maybe I should move back to Beverly Hills.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

So for anyone who bothers to actually read as opposed to yadda, this is likely the study that whomever DOES read glommed on regarding speculation as to the so-called inevitable prohibitive prices of Cal eggs as a result of changes in hen caging.
These sorts of studies are not really my field but I can say this.Doomsday predictions are so yesterday....

Anyone who attempts to these writers have done... absolute outcomes in ANY segment of the US economy eight +years in the future is a step or two down the crazy-ladder from Madame ZuZu of the psychic hotline.

No doubt someone reading this will try and prognosticate the same end-of-the egg scenario but before you do remember how embarrassed all those Rapture crystal-ballers are about now.

Justin (not verified)
on Jul 4, 2012

HSUS attacks the faming industry, hunters, and trappers. that is where their money goes. they don't do anything to help pets, their tax forms show that. in missouri they nearlly ended the farming industry. . they even make it seem in their commercials that they own pet shelters when they don't, they do this just to scam people like yourself.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 5, 2012

Terry Ward is an HSUS shill. He comes around to any website, blogger, or journalist that posts anything that isn't supportive of HSUS and continues to spread the HSUS lies. He stalks Humanewatch all the time. The best thing to do is not feed the troll. Just ignore him.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 2, 2012

If you look up the program under which BOA "sponsors" HSUS, you'll see that they don't really pick based on policies- seems to just be a commercial relationship between the bank and one of dozens of organizations. Maybe cattle folk could get there own and stop worrying about stuff that doesn't matter.

Heber Hammon (not verified)
on Jul 2, 2012

BOA backed off quickly after a phone call. Read the response letter above. BOA understands that agriculture, including animal agriculture, is a powerful force when united. Thanks Animal Alliance for spearheading the effort. All it took was 1 phone call 1 day. To the above, so sorry that we who love the land and rural life have been forced into taking aggressive action to confront the lies and deceit of radical organizations like HSUS.

Colette (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

Nice! Good for you to verbalize to the issue! Thank you.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 2, 2012

Sarah's letter from B of A affirms that this is a business decision and not an advocacy by B of A.

While I am not in favor of this, I am also NOT in favor of boycotting via social media. It is important that comments made to B of A reflect the truth about HSUS and not merely our rantings ( which are many).

The message from Terry Ward exemplifies how clueless armchair quarterbacks can be. Although it is thinly veiled strike at ag, you should note the inferences and take them into consideration when posting comments anywhere.

It would appear from his comments that Terry suffers from the "dumb farmer" mania, believing that we are not educated. There are still a lot of folks on his wagon train who are clueless, but they do buy into the hysteria from websites like HSUS and believe it verbatim-

Thanks for the heads up Amanda. We will always suffer from the likes of HSUS and their minions. It is important that when we do engage, it should be thoughtful and enlightening.

My education really began when I stepped onto this ranch twenty seven ears ago. Before that, I believed what I read and even boycotted beef in the seventies, believing that ranchers were evil people who gouged the consumers at every turn. Boy- did I get a wake up call after seeing what ranching is all about.

I am very careful about where I get my news from, and even more careful about believing anything I cannot verify- no matter the issue. The "average middle of the road educated" people that Terry seems to refer to are not able to access the truth about a myriad of issues. They all react the same, so in the short term, the liars win.

But we have something far more compelling on our side- the truth. Terry is right about not pointing fingers - it only adds fuel to the framed argument. Point those weather worn fingers in a good direction and see if you can't coax a modicum of discernment from otherwise well meaning, but ill-informed people.It is easy for them to take the wrong stand when it feeds their need to "do something" to help.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

Alas, I suffer from the "dumb farmer" mania' only when they are dumb.

As in ludicrous dimwitted blather like 'the elimination of animal agriculture'
which is dumb bordering on lunacy.

Some day you will all realize that hitching your wagon-trains to Berman's black star did more more harm than you can imagine and created enemies from segments of society which you do NOT need as enemies.
You do not need any more enemies from the looks of things.
Having spent the majority of my career in pr/advertising (for my sins no doubt) I can assure you that because you bought Berman's rotten bologna and thanked him for feeding it to you, he laughs at you all the way to the bank.

And continuing to accuse your critics of 'veganism' just because they question aspects of animal care is SO dumb that there is no existing definition of that quality of dumbness.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

So here is what you have managed to accomplish:

No matter who I am, what I know, what my experience is:

If I support the HSUS I am stupid and clueless.

If I support the HSUS I am a proselytizing vegan... therefore stupid and clueless

If I support the HSUS and am NOT a vegan 'my goal is to abolish animal agriculture' which means my goal is to starve myself to death therefore I am stupid and clueless.

If I support the HSUS 'I don't know where my food comes from' so I think my steak originates in Wegman's basement therefore iI am stupid and clueless.

If I question ANYTHING you do I am stupid and clueless.

If I do not fall to my knees at the altar of your 'truth' I am stupid and clueless.

And a 'liar; and a 'troll' and an hysteric and a 'domestic terrorist',,,,

Maybe you can point me to ONE other profession that whacks it's customers with such joyful abandon.

Somebody slept through public relations class.

Treyvor Umbarger (not verified)
on Jul 2, 2012

I agree that some of the people taking on this fight are out there. They throw out some ideas about conspiracies that are entertaining to put it nicely but there are people like that on both sides of the table here.
That being said though there are some real concerns here about about cost of production rising from new regulations being pushed by HSUS and other organizations like it, eggs being a prime example.
I'm not saying that I'm against animal welfare. Quite the opposite actually. I've been involved with agriculture all my life and work with farmers and cattleman every day. The welfare of they're animals is top priority because a healthy, well treated animal performs better. I'm just concerned that these regulations being proposed aren't really the best options available.
If changes need to happen, then they should be done by a group of people who actually know something about raising live stock. The farmers and ranchers raising the cattle, and the people voicing the issues. Not people who have never seen a cow or pig voting on a regulation they only know about from tv commercials.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

Five minutes on Google will tell anyone with even half a brain the the rise in food prices & production costs has to do with weather, grain price & money-market fluctuation.
There is no mention of Wayne Pacelle or Pete Seeger or The Vegan any responsible economic forecast.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 2, 2012

I have posted a comment on the Bank of America Facebook page and a HSUS supporter immediately attacked my comments. Shortly after my post was removed from the page.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 2, 2012

It appears that HSUS has identified this website as a threat and is starting to comment here.

Treyvor said, “The welfare of they're (their) animals is top priority because a healthy, well treated animal performs better.” This indicates to me that he doesn’t own cattle.

Anonymous (July 2, 2012) said, “While I am not in favor of this, I am also NOT in favor of boycotting via social media. It is important that comments made to B of A reflect the truth about HSUS and not merely our rantings ( which are many).” I must disagree. We must fight fire with fire as PETA and HSUS are not backing off from social media. We’ve had good resulting utilizing social media so far.

Heber Hammon said, “BOA backed off quickly after a phone call. Read the response letter above.” I find I must disagree with his analysis of the situation. The letter is worded in such a way that the impression I received was, “Don’t tell us how to run our business.”

If you don’t think that cattle producers don’t scare HSUS, I will point you to another anonymous post: “If you look up the program under which BOA "sponsors" HSUS, you'll see that they don't really pick based on policies- seems to just be a commercial relationship between the bank and one of dozens of organizations. Maybe cattle folk could get there (their) own and stop worrying about stuff that doesn't matter.”

As for Terry Ward’s comments, I would say they are the most “damming.” He actually appears afraid of the truth. His attempts at misdirection and personal attacks show no thought whatsoever.

Evidently, cattle producers providing facts are a clear and present danger to HSUS and their attempts to destroy animal agriculture through lies and deceit.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012


Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

Bank of America may view partnering with large, name brand organizations as a vehicle to promote themselves to as wide an audience as possible. Since HSUS claims to have 11 million members, Bank of America probably views it as a good business decision. Of course, HSUS doesn't have anywhere near 11 million supporters. The true number is between 500,000 and 1.3 million, depending on the date and dollar amount of the donations. Bank of America should be informed about the deceptive numbers.

Bank of America should also know that HSUS's Director of Animal Cruelty Policy is J.P. Goodwin, a former spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front, with a long arrest record and conviction for illegal raids of farms, destruction of property, etc. What does Bank of America think of HSUS's partnership with Michael Vick and the $50,000 ++ exchanged? (The ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society and even PETA rejected the offer from Vick's PR team.)

Megabanks are far from paragons of ethical behavior, but need to be informed - whether they like it or not - when they are funding the work of liars and scammers, especially in this economy, with so many deserving charities struggling. If the corporation doesn't care, it reflects badly on them.

Terry Church (not verified)
on Jul 2, 2012

Bank of America needs to check into the organizations they intend to support. I hope they will find out the truth about HSUS. I have an organizational card with Bank of America and it really makes me think about dropping them because they're supporting HSUS.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 2, 2012

People like Terry Ward are why I stopped supporting the HSUS. All they ever do is post rude, insulting comments and never answer any questions or criticisms.

If HumaneWatch is a "joke," then why did the HSUS have to make a seperate website where they smear Rick Berman? And why hasn't the HSUS sued them for libel if their information is false?

And it's not as if HumaneWatch/Rick Berman are the only organizations/people that dislikes them. I found out about how dishonest the HSUS is from Nathan Winograd, and many members of the dog and cat forums I am apart of dislike the HSUS.

I asked on their facebook page for an explaination why they were asking for donations to care for Vick's dogs when they didn't have custody of them, all while telling the media they recommended they be killed, and had my post deleted with no explanation.

With their refusal to answer any questions and instead go straight to insulting and mocking people, it makes me hard to trust their organization.

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

StopHumanewatch is neither associated/affiliated/ with or created by the HSUS.
Neither am I.
If you do not want to be 'insulted' stop posting speculative nonsense.
If you can't prove it don't say it.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

I am going to give up my Bank of America credit card. There are other credit card companies that would like my busness

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 4, 2012

So you're saying this ad soliciting for donations did not appear on HSUS's website?

Here's another dog the HSUS didn't have custody of nor was caring for, but were using to solicit donations. Is this another false picture?

And is this news report by the NY Times where Pacelle is telling the media these dogs need to be killed false?

“Officials from our organization have examined some of these dogs and, generally speaking, they are some of the most aggressively trained pit bulls in the country,” Wayne Pacelle, the president and chief executive of the Humane Society of the United States, said in a telephone interview Tuesday. “Hundreds of thousands of less-violent pit bulls, who are better candidates to be rehabilitated, are being put down. The fate of these dogs will be up to the government, but we have recommended to them, and believe, they will be eventually put down.”

Once the dogs were seen by actual dog behaviorists, only one was put down for being aggressive.

Karri Hammerstrom (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

Sadly, the Bank of America has had an affinity card program with the HSUS since at least 2009 which means B of A has been partners with HSUS's fund raising efforts many years raising who knows how much money. In email dialogues with B of A expressing concerns, B of A compares their affinity partnership with HSUS with the likes of the American Quarter Horse Association and Bass Pro affinity partnerships! Really?!? I'm an AQHA member and their mission is not to abolish animal ag nor do they promote or argue for "animal rights.". Rather they promote animal welfare and animal husbandry. Ag advocates, farmers and rancher, and consumers, alike, need to use their buying power to bank with institutions that support ag 100% and not split their support with anti-ag forces.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

on my ... I suppose Terry Ward can verify and prove everything s/he says......

Terry Ward (not verified)
on Jul 4, 2012

Happy to retract anything i have said if you can prove it to be untrue

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 5, 2012

Do you still believe the claim that the HSUS used Vick's dogs for the purpose of scamming for donations is "speculative nonsense?"

Kurt Schatzl (not verified)
on Jul 3, 2012

BOA just removes the offending posts.

Heber Hammon (not verified)
on Jul 4, 2012

I just returned from our local market. I carefully checked all the eggs offered by the store. There were two brands that stated they were free ranging/cage free eggs. No difference in quality. Free ranging eggs (no proof just a statement) about $0.75 higher than others for the same quality. No one seemed to choose the range free eggs over the others as long as I was there (about an hour.) Bottom line: who benefits?

Matt (not verified)
on Jul 5, 2012

HSUS needs to be stopped!! These idiots bleed agriculture, dog owners and hunters/trappers of millions of dollars every year defending their way of life. It would be great if all the different victims of HSUS got together and pooled their resources and eliminated this great threat to our way of life and constitutional rights. HSUS needs to have a full scale assault levied against it the same way they are doing against the California hound hunters on the SB1221 Bill. The California democrat party is for sale all you have to do is have 200 million dollars in the bank like the HSUS and be willing to help out democrats at election time.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 5, 2012

Bank of America appears to want to destroy this country and the average person. They know what they are doing. They have stole the appraiser business, taken their money, treated them like garbage, they want total control of everything. I think they are communism inflitrated. Now they can take the farmers. Who is next?

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jul 19, 2012
Joe Eisenmenger (not verified)
on Aug 8, 2012

The bottom line is if HSUS gives very little if anything to actual Pet shelters and they don't have an Anti-Ag agenda, then what is their purpose? Speaking to the people that are contributors to them, why do you keep defending them? It seems to me that there is where the half-brained people are located. Please send your money to the local shelters where it can in fact do some good, and quit defending a deceitful organization.

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