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Horse Slaughter, Horse Welfare A Victim of Legal Maneuvering

A surprise ruling by a New Mexico judge means horse slaughter can resume in the U.S. But animal rights activists will continue to inflict harm on horses with their legal meddling.

In a move that surprised just about everyone who has been following the long and sad controversy over horse slaughter, U.S. District Judge Christine Armijo in Albuquerque Nov. 1 dismissed a lawsuit by the Humane Society of the U.S (HSUS) and other animal terrorist groups designed to uphold the nation’s inability to humanely and effectively deal with an overpopulation of horses and other equines.

The HSUS lawsuit alleged that that USDA failed to conduct proper environmental studies when it issued permits to Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, NM and Responsible Transportation in Sigourney, IA to resume horse slaughter.

The reason the ruling to throw out the suit came as a surprise is because the same judge earlier this year issued a temporary restraining order that effectively kept the plants dark, even though they could have resumed operations.

The surprise, however, didn't last long. Not surprisingly, HSUS and the state of New Mexico immediately filed an appeal in the 10thU.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. Three days after Judge Armijo threw HSUS out of court, the Appeals panel in Denver welcomed them back with open arms. The appeals court instituted an emergency injunction requested by HSUS, effectively shutting everything down again.

And that’s unfortunate, because America’s horses deserve better than the inhumane treatment they’ve received at the hands of HSUS.

While horse slaughter in the U.S. has been at a standstill for many years, horse slaughter in Mexico and Canada continues. So HSUS and its minions haven’t stopped horse slaughter, and they most certainly haven’t helped horses.

Without a way of humanely dealing with unwanted horses, abuse was sure to happen. And it has. When horse slaughter in the U.S. was shut down, the horse market fell apart, particularly for just plain ‘ol horses. And predictably, without any salvage value and expensive upkeep, horse abuse cases shot up. The stories of abuse, of unwanted horses hauled out to the country and abandoned, were numerous and heartbreaking.

The horse is a noble creature and it deserves our respect. Unlike those who oppose horse slaughter, however, I think we show respect for horses not by allowing them to starve to death, but by having the infrastructure in place to humanely end their lives under the supervision of USDA inspectors and veterinarians.

Whether or not horse slaughter in the U.S. resumes in the next week still remains to be seen, as there are other issues at play. The regulatory issues largely revolve around wastewater permits for the two plants. But for the plant owners and their employees, the regulatory hassles may be the lesser of their problems.

According to the Associated Press, Rick de los Santos, owner of Valley Meats in Roswell, is hiring security as he prepares to bring his plant back into operation. Over the past two years, he and his wife have received numerous death threats, AP reports, and last summer, there was a suspicious fire at the plant.

It’s truly unfortunate that the de los Santos have to fear for their lives, but it shows just how out of control the debate, and some of those who oppose horse slaughter, have become.

It’s time for those who oppose horse slaughter to come to their senses, lay down their swords (literally and figuratively) and do what’s best for the horses they claim to love. In the end, if they won’t, it’s the lawyers who get fat and the horses that will continue to suffer the most.


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Jaime (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2013

H$U$ should kick in some of that $125,000,000 per year they get from gullible people to help feed these horses while their meritless lawsuit is pending.

Jaime (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2013

If you own a horse, don't take it to the slaughter house if you don't like it. Mind your own business. Otherwise, explain your communal, collectivist interest in other people's private property in animals. If your communitarian ways are so good, then please identify the country in which such unwarranted interference works to benefit the population? Russia? China? Venezuela?

Chris (not verified)
on Nov 6, 2013

As someone who grew up on a beef farm, and comes from a long line of butchers and farmers, articles like this always embarrass me. Nothing but drama, exaggeration, paranoia and inflammatory talk. The world will NOT come to an end if horse slaughter stops. In fact, horse slaughter is nothing more than a convenient way for people to dispose of their animals and has nothing to do with meat production or feeding people. The beef industry should be ashamed of themselves for promoting the slaughter and sale of meat not raised specifically for human consumption. What right do horse owners have to medicate their animals as they see fit, with no regards to the hapless people who will end up eating it? What part of this is ok with the beef industry? Are you all lobbying in secret to have regulations in the raising of animals for human consumption, done away with? Why don't you get a set of balls and show us your ethical side by lobbying against the slaughter for human consumption of ANY animal that is not raised specifically for that purpose. If someone wants to kill and eat their own horse, dog, whatever, no one can stop them. But they should not ever be allowed to sell that meat commercially.

Slave to the Economy (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

I support your statement! I only have 1 question. Can't they use it for dog food?

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

Horse slaughter like cattle slaughter or other animals slaughter is run by pure greed, blood money, pure and simple. The pain, the torture, the murder of innocent sentinet beings to line your pockets with blood money is all that is wrong with the world today - shame on you for wanting more slaughter instead of lessening the 38,000 that are slaughtered EVERY MINUTE in the US, 55 miliion PER DAY - pure evil!

Slave to the Economy (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

Oh just pure evil. We will just have to wait and see what happens to you in the years to come.

on Nov 8, 2013

So just what honorable profession is it that lines your pockets?

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

It is funny that in a country which was found for freedom people feel they have the right to lash out at others for what they do legally under the law. Have any of you gone to one of these plants to inspect it on your own if a school in Washington mistreats its students do I pull my child from their school in Montana each one of you have every right to voice your opinions such as they have every right to slaughter horses for consumption yet people feel they can force their will on others because in their minds its wrong and this talk of horses being drugged has value but what about the wild horses that are destroying property and dying from starvation and over population do we simply not acknowledge them because it would hinder the drive to validate what we believe is "wrong" some people feel plants feel should we now attack vegans rights to eat as well

W.E. (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

How about a common-sense reality check: I own and love a fine old retired brood mare that runs on pasture and has never had chemicals since I bought her in the early 90s. She is still in pretty good shape at age 27. In a few years, when her time comes to be put down, if I knew of a way to allow her body to feed hungry people in a foreign land that has no cultural revulsion against horse meat, I would certainly opt for that alternative. I wouldn't mind if she went for dog food, for that matter. Dogs need meat, not corn, and we love our dogs, too. Every living creature dies eventually. I refuse to let my mare starve to death, suffer, or be wasted. When the time comes that her teeth are gone, before she has to suffer or starve, I will call the vet and she will be put down. Out in the wild, by nature's will, she would feed buzzards, eagles, coyotes and worms when she dies. Our only alternative will be to hire a backhoe and bury her. Her body will make good fertilizer for the pecan or walnut tree we plan to plant over her as a memorial. For now, we'll just keep her a while longer and enjoy her intelligent company.
By the way, we also raise all-natural grassfed beef from conception to consumer, have it locally processed and sell it all to appreciative customers within 100 miles of the farm. (We are not being allowed to label our beef as all-natural, however, because we can't prove that claim to the USDA.)
Those of us who care for both horses and beef cattle understand that they are very different creatures. Yes, we do get attached to some of our old cows and bulls, especially those that win our respect by doing a very good job as productive sires and dams of good beef animals. My current favorite pet is the Jersey milk cow that provides our family with dairy products.
However, good sense doesn't allow farmers and ranchers to get overly sentimental about our animals. Domesticated livestock were initially developed to take the pressure off wild animals, many of which our ancestors hunted to extinction. In addition to that, in my opinion, the reasons for the existence of domesticated beef cattle are 1) to make good use of renewable perennial grasses and forbs on land that is not suitable for growing food crops; 2) to naturally renew the fertility and vitality of soils where they graze, whether pasture or crop land; and 3) to provide a source of high-quality protein for human beings and their carnivorous pets. Old horses, when their time is up, could also contribute, if greedy humans didn't skew the balance of everything.

Catherine Wynne (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

We live on a cattle ranch and have 38 trained cattle working horses that work with us everyday. Each one takes the place of five or six people when working cattle. A horse is a dependable worker that is ready to work every day long hours and doesn't require anything, but good food, good medical care, safe place to live and a thankful owner. We are a drop off place for animals that people don't want and most of the horses that get dropped off at our ranch are abused, underfed, sick, and the owners should of never had an animal because they won't take care of them. The animals appear during the night and most of them can't be saved because of the neglect they have suffered. They would not go to slaughter because they are nothing but bones.
We save about half of them, but it costs a lot of money to bring abused, sick horses back to good health. Then we have to find good homes for them. The dogs are easier to care for and usually we can train them to be cattle dogs.
The entire problem is people that over breed their animals and don't care enough to take care of them. They don't take care of their children,why would we expect them to take care of their animals. The animals that are dropped at our gates are the lucky ones, the rest of the unwanted population are left to starve and die a horrible death. When I called the HSUS number, they said that they didn't take any animals and referred me to other people like us that take in the animals without any help. I have no use for the HSUS because they use all of the money to pay salaries and ads that don't do a thing for anyone or any animal. I am not against horse slaughter because I don't know any other way to reduce the unwanted horse population. The answer certainly isn't abandonment or neglect.

ridinshotgun (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

Oh my gosh, I have never seen the like of such exaggeration, whining and emotional hand-wringing as is exhibited in these emotional and dramatic posts. I think I have seen it all now, from people describing horses as divine to stating that the BLM conducts wild horse stampedes with the helicopters actually physically ramming the horses??? Come on people! Here are some facts. With the economy down, some irresponsible folks can't afford to feed or keep their nearly useless horses. They can't sell them because there is no market value due to the oversupply. It costs money to have them euthanized and properly buried or disposed of. Often they just turn them loose or worse, they neglect them severely. Also, for a host of reasons, some horses are just mean and/or dangerous. With respect to "wild" horses, (more properly known as feral horses), the overpopulation, inbreeding, disease, rangeland degradation, habitat destruction, damage to ranch infrastructure, and impact on wildlife has reached epic proportions. Horses will outcompete cattle and most wildlife for access to water sources and they will eat forage down to the dirt for miles around a water source. I have seen this.
I have used horses for years and they are a valuable asset to my operation. As such, they will always be treated to the best care. The problem is that the vast majority of horses in the US today are luxury items or pasture ornaments and until it is economically feasible to give a horse a humane end, you will continue to see them shipped long distances to other countries for non-regulated slaughter, turned out in the roadsides, starved to death, or posing varied dangers to the ecosystem or people.
Most of these posts are from people with a political agenda that is averse to all meat consumption and animal ownership. That is obvious in many statements. Please stick to the facts and stop telling the cattle industry what they should or should not do to remain profitable.

Debbie (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

Mr. Editor of this piece, YOU MIGHT want to research horse slaughter and get the true facts because most of the APNEWS on this is had NOT been TRUE as your piece shows also..... Read the unbiased factual truth then write it...

Vicki Tobin (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

Yes, Mr. Rutherford, America’s horses deserve better and if you truly believe that, you will pick up your phone, call your legislators and demand that they pass the SAFE Act. Not only will that end the brutal treatment of America’s horses but you’ll feel good knowing you were part of the overwhelming majority of horse owners, the horse industry and taxpayers that were instrumental in ending an ugly chapter in America’s history. You will know you helped keep our beef supply safe, stopped sending toxic meat be sent to unsuspecting foreign consumers and ended the stranglehold Belgium has on our horses.

I’m curious why someone that has nearly 30 years’ experience in beef industry communications doesn’t know the difference between an animal that is raised and regulated as a food animal and one that isn’t. If cows were raised like horses, there wouldn’t be a beef producer still in business. Why would you support sending any animal to slaughter that wasn’t raised as a food animal? The beef industry’s callous disregard of food safety laws in horses should be raising eyebrows. Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at what’s going on in the beef industry…

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

Sad to see all the loonies took over this post, I would gladly eat horse its no different than any other meat. Just because you deem it unacceptable doesn't mean it should be taken away. Just because an animal isn't raised as food doesn't mean it cant be food. I don't see too many mule deer farms raising mule deer for slaughter, doesn't mean we can't eat them, its the whole reason we have federal and state meat inspections and carcasses still have to pass drug residue testing. I wanna be part of the community that fed another mouth not buried a great protien source in a hole in the ground wasting it.

on Nov 8, 2013

YOU are the loonie here. Don't you know the difference between the way food animals are regulated and the way NON-food animals are regulated. The FDA considers horses to be companion animals and so approves equine meds as well as many other products - like fly spray - to contain substances that are explicitly banned for any use in any food animal at any time during their lifetime.

About 70% of equine veterinary medications contain these banned substances. Some are KNOWN to be very dangerous to humans - especially children.

You just said mule deer are being farmed as food animals - just like cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. Horses are NOT being farmed as food animals, Anon. You don't even realize how dumb that post is, do you?

Do you actually believe EVERY animal is tested for EVERY possible unsafe substance they may have been exposed to? You must live in Wonderland. In fact, the FSIS official regs state they will be testing FOUR out of every ONE HUNDRED horses. And even then they don't do lab testing of tissues from all of THOSE. Not good enough by far when you consider that it's as hard to find a horse that hasn't ever been given bute as it is to find a human who has never taken an aspirin tab. Get real!

There is more than enough meat in the world already, and no one is donating this meat - they are selling it for the highest dollar they can, and for the prime cuts that is VERY pricey. Besides, how is feeding people meat that could make them sick, cause birth defects, and even kill children doing them a favor? Please.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 7, 2013

I often wonder what it is like to have limited knowledge of a subject and yet feel you are an expert. It is interesting that a beef magazine has such a large readership of non-livestock people who feel they have unlimited knowledge of production agriculture.

In some cultures the highest compliment to pay to a living thing is to eat it. The post that referred to the end of an animals life in the natural state is correct. The cycle of life provides for prey and predator. An animal dying provides life for another. To use it to provide food for another does. If you are concerned about horses and value them then consider their use to promote the health of meat-eating animals in zoos or possibly your own pets. Such a use honors the life of the horse.

To end life starving because of neglect or physical disability is not noble. To be turned loose to fend for yourself on national park lands is not viable. In my state 60% of the abuse cases reported are equine. Much because of ignorance,some due to a lack of adequate resources.

When you refer to using tax payer dollars, be aware of the money spent by the BLM to warehouse excess wild horses. Private individuals with land available are well compensated at tax payer expense to let excess horses live out their lives in a natural state. Others spend their lives in a communal corral situation.

As an owner and breeder of both horses and cattle, I salute the awareness that has happened in the last 20 years regarding the humane handling of our animals. We have come a long way in understanding how to make their lives easier when they are in contact with humans.

This also has extended to how we treat them when ending their lives. No livestock producer wants their animals to suffer abuse at the end of their lives. We also are concerned with how animals are handled in processing and I resent those who think the only reason I raise livestock is for profit. I enjoy the animals and take pride in practicing good animal husbandry. Those of us in production agriculture are responsible and compassionate so don't demonize us as money grubbing low lives. Spend a day with one of us so you have an accurate point of view to expound.

ridinshotgun (not verified)
on Nov 8, 2013

Very well put!

on Nov 8, 2013

Speaking of limited knowledge.... I've owned and worked with horses for over 30 years. I also lived near BOTH the horse slaughter plants that used to be in Texas, and that was an education in itself. An education YOU obviously lack.

No one is defending not euthanizing horses whose lives need to be ended. Slaughter is NOT euthanasia! Even Temple Grandin admits that there is no way to humanely slaughter horses in the fast-paced, assembly line structure of the industrialized slaughter plants.

As for as the BLM's illegal and counter productive roundups of our wild horses, we have been trying to stop that for years. It's the public lands cattle grazers who are driving those roundups, NOT any kind of science and the NAS bluntly told them after a thorough review of what they have been dong.

Those horses could be managed much more cheaply AND effectively on the ranges where they are supposed to be protected. The cattlemen want ALL the land for grazing cattle - and why not, it's practically FREE for them, while tax payers pay MUCH more money for the Public Lands Grazing Program than the Wild Horse and Burro Program ever costs. You need to do some research yourself.

Horses aren't "produced." The are acquired by kill buyers by any means they can - including theft, fraud, rigged auctions, whatever. They are the cruelest in the world, and don't care any more about food safety than they do the welfare of the unfortunate horses they get their hooks into.

Man, you know NOTHING about the world of international horse meat trade and yet you accuse others of being ignorant. Educate yourself and THEN post, huh?

Vicki Tobin (not verified)
on Nov 11, 2013

Readers should also be aware of the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars that go to the welfare ranchers so they can run their private businesses on public lands. The taxpayer dollars for the wild horses pale in comparison to what taxpayers dish out for cattle.

The fact remains that US horses are not raised or regulated as food animals and as a cattle breeder, one would think you know that. Why do slaughter supporters think that food safety laws don’t apply to horses?

Let’s see those abuse numbers and official reports. What state?

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 8, 2013

Who is the jackbooted thug that wrote this article? Calling people terrorists because they disagree with him? Pathetic and shameful. Is the court one? Is the majority of Congress one for supporting a ban? To call a horse noble and then sell them for $50 to be slaughtered and eaten is hypocritical, but not unexpected from big-ag. You like to threaten people all of the time. What has done to help horses? If someone is starving a horse, how about calling the law? They are breaking it. We shouldn't be rewarding an animal abuser. I am not a defender of HSUS, but they help rescue horses, run a horse rescue and even help found a horse rescue coalition with other groups working to end horse slaughter. Again, what has or Stenholm or Wallis done to actually help horses? Nothing. If you breed a horse you have the responsibility to care for them. I grew up in the midwest on a farm and I learned that. It seems most farmers today or at least the mouthpieces of big-ag have forgotten morals or they have checked them at the door so they can make some money. Shameful. Though, that is why horse slaughter will end as it should. Too bad groups like and other bottom feeders have dragged this out so they can profit from the suffering of horses.

rachael bannister (not verified)
on Nov 8, 2013

Property rights,terrorist,activist.
Property rights--you can kill and eat your horse when ever you like.No one is stopping you.If you want to sell to a kill buyer no one is stopping you.
Terrorist-really just because others do not want the smae things you do and find them disgusting does not make them a terrorist.It makes them a citizen with the same rights as you.
Animal activist.-How about people that just like or love animals and don't want to see them abused of suffering.
You can raise fighting dogs and cocks if you want to and watch them tear each other to threads.You can beat bay seals to death with a club if you want to,you can runa ring thru a dogs nose and throw him out as bait to catch sharks if you want to,you can boil and dog alive to skin him and eat him if you want to.You can kill unborn babies if you want to,you can wlak around someone laying in the street asking for help if you want.No one is stopping anyone from doing what they want.
There are just some people who I guess you could call Activist who just don't want to do these things and try to keep the animnals and humans from suffering.
Call me what you want a loonie,crazy animal rights activist,whatever.
I will continue to do what I can to relieve the suffering,abuse and mistreatment of creatures and humans.

CM (not verified)
on Nov 10, 2013

For my fellow beef/cattle farmers or others following this discussion who are not very familiar with the horse slaughter topic: These SAME comments come up EVERY time an article about horse slaughter is put up-one anti-slaughter idiot posts it and the rest of the crowd jumps on it like blowflies to a dead animal on a 85 degree day....same old LIES..same old "holier than thou art" attitude...same old "MY way of thinking is the ONLY way to think" spewage, and those of us who are pro-slaughter shake our heads in disgust one more time. This trash has decided to attack our beef industry (yes-I AM a beef and dairy producer, as well as a horse breeder) because of the support for the horsemeat industry. They have called for a "beef boycott" in their circle of self-righteous bullies. Quite frankly, my beef, dairy products, and other farm products are far too good to waste on them-they are not fit to feed.
However, IF this attack on the horsemeat market IS successful, our other animal meat industries will soon follow. One of their arguments is that most horsemeat is shipped out of this country. Well, over 20% of our beef, over 25% of our pork, over 10% of our dairy products and much of our poultry products are also shipped out of this country-and with out these exports, we animal based farmers would face extreme financial difficulties. There is a world wide demand for horsemeat and a market for it-horse breeders in the USA have the right to access that market the same as any other animal based agriculture producer has the right to access their specific meat market.
Aside from that, the rabid anti-horsemeat fanatics keep saying that people in the USA do not eat horsemeat. That is another of their outrright LIES. Some are so desparate to get horsemeat, they tragically steal horses. If they could get horsemeat legallly and inspected, it would greatly reduce those instances. Virtually all animal product groups have specie-specific checkoffs to pay for marketing their specific product. The horsemeat market should be no different-we have a right to market our product to expand sales the same as beef checkoff, dairy promotion, the pork checkoff, ect..
I breed my horses to perpetuate my breed and bloodlines-(which, by the way , are solidly filled with champion animals moreso than the bragging yahoo above that somehow felt their horses were superior just because they are anti-slaughter) my horses (and most other ones I know of) are given the same drugs that cattle are given (as needed). I save the best for breeding and sell the rest to the highest bidder-the same as my cattle and other animal species-and the horsemeat buyers are just as welcomed to bid on my horses as any other horse buyer. Just like my cattle, my horses are drug free and healthy, and would make someone a great horse to work, or a healthy and nutitious food.
Remember-if the horsemeat market fails, eventually they will be attacking the other meat markets-infact, anyone who knows ANYTHING about our meatmarket KNOWS that we ALL have been attacked for several years. Once the horsemeat market has been destroyed, they will spend the time and money spent on attacking horse owners and breeders to aggressively attack the beef, dairy , pork, poultry and other animal based producers. Please JOIN us to fight these maniac, evil demons who are attacking the horsemeat market. The VILE HSUS counts on the "divide and conquor" movement-we must stay together to save the ENTIRE animal ag producers!! Join the United Horsemen-together, we can fight together-(and WIN) for our livellihoods, and those of our children!!

fits (not verified)
on Nov 11, 2013

Very well stated CM. I am sick to death of the AR crowd controlling an industry through emotional blackmail in congress and the courts, making decisions in an industry for which they have no clue about. Everyone should watch the video on Youtube with Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe on Lamb Castration, PETA, and American Labor.

Vicki Tobin (not verified)
on Nov 12, 2013

The same comments come up because facts don’t change. It is the slaughter supporters that keep inventing new propaganda every year. Everything but the truth. When one doesn’t stick, move on to the next. The slippery slope, renaming nouns, property rights, abandoned horses, unwanted horses, your freedom and on and on. Why is it that slaughter supporters oppose every piece of legislation that benefits animals? Whether it’s puppy mills or soring, you support the cruelty. Heck, Wallis’ even thought crawling around in a dead horse carcass was good clean fun. Why is it that everyone that opposes horse slaughter is AR or an animal terrorist? I don’t see anyone commenting that horses should have rights. How ridiculous. The only right they have, that every animal has, is to be treated humanely. And for horses, that is not a brutal death at a kill plant. A terrorist kills so it is the slaughter supporters that are animal terrorists – we’re trying to stop it. Bottom line is that US horses are not raised or regulated as food animals and should never enter the food chain.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 11, 2013

Well suzanne is a good example of someone who cant read a counter point correctly, lets your emotions control you and fails to use basic knowledge. Last time I checked at least cattlemen have to pay grazing fees to use BLM land but feral horses are just costing millions to maintain. If you want to keep feral horses around start cutting checks for the millions they cost to maintain. Me personally I wouldn't send my horse to slaughter because he's earned his keep, when his last day comes I would rather have him feed a mouth than rot in the ground thats more noble a purpose.

Vicki Tobin (not verified)
on Nov 14, 2013

Well, anonymous, it is costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars so the welfare ranchers can run their private businesses on public lands. The grazing fees don’t even make a dent in what the cattle are costing taxpayers. The cost of maintaining the wild horses pales in comparison. If you expect the taxpayers to dish out hundreds of millions for cattle why do you have a problem with $70M for wild horses and burros? At least they are native to the land.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Nov 19, 2013

Terrorist?? How dare you! I am a Veteran of these United States. Just because I don't agree with your opinion I am labelled a terrorist. Disgusting! The truth is you are ruining the cattle business by trying to push horse slaughter down our throats. What you are accomplishing is getting people to not eat beef because they don't like your bullying tactics. The MAJORITY of the people do not want horse slaughter and yet you are trying to force it down our throats. What you will get if horse slaughter becomes leagal is a severe decline in beef consumption. Do not for one second think that we, the consumers of the US, believe that horse meat won't be passed off as beef. Mark my words, it will be the downfall of your industry. Don't you see all of the meatless Mondays that are showing up already? Once we have lost faith in beef products, it will be over for you and all of your GREEDY cronies. And as for us horse owners, the good responsible ones pay back the loyalty of our sick and old horses by giving them a humane death by a veterinarian. We don't turn them over to be shot, hung up by one leg while still alive and their throats cut. What kind of person does that? This sign is from a feedlot "WE WILL NOT ACCEPT WEAK, POOR, BLIND, CRIPPLED OR STUD HORSES. NO EXCEPTIONS." So what do they want? They want the healthy horse you stole out of my pasture. They want the horses that are raised on the former cattle ranch. They want the mustangs that were unlawfully rounded up. That's what they want. And last but not least, they want the US taxpayers to pay them for killing healthy horses. Never mind, the old and sick, etc will still suffer. Horse slaughter will do no good except for the ones lining their bank accounts.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Dec 12, 2013

How much meat is wasted daily? Why does the beef industry support horse slaughter? Opening .up domestic horse slaughter plants are will eventually lead to horse meat being available in the US.
Breeders will start raising drug free horses specifically for human consumption in this country
It will be labeled as cheval the new lean red meat.
Laugh now if you want but it will happen, and beef farmers will be crying in their one spilled milk.
Cheval what's for dinner?

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