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Does Obama Deserve A Second Term?


Who should lead the country in 2013?

It’s hard to escape it, but the political battle is well underway as Republican candidates fight for the nomination to run for presidency. Meanwhile, President Obama is trying to rally the momentum he had four years ago, to earn a second term in the White House.

If you haven’t taken part in our latest poll on the BEEF homepage, I encourage you to take a minute to vote on this topic. Does Obama deserve a second term?

With 505 votes in to date, an overwhelming 84% of you say no. Another 15% say yes, with just a few who aren’t sure or are undecided.

Who is your pick to lead our country in the next four years? Which candidate will help restore the nation’s economy, solve our debt crisis, come up with a realistic solution for health care and be a friend to agriculture? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

On another note, I would like to extend a warm invitation to all of you to attend the World Ag Expo (WAE) 2012 in Tulare, CA. BEEF is once again hosting a three-part seminar this Wednesday, from 1-4 p.m. Here’s a roundup of topics to be discussed:

1-2 p.m.: Robert Gunther, a senior tax manager with Frost, PLLC, “Income & Estate Tax Update For Beef Producers.”
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Join us at WAE 2012! Hope to see you there!

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Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

If you don't understand the disadvantages of being a communist run country , then vote for Mr. "O".

Mark Mulhall (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

Please read 2/13/12, today's article published in the New York Times, "Letter from Washington: America's Economic Bright Spot: Farming."

Farming is on top of the charts. Unemployment in upper Midwest states can range from 3.0% - 3.3%. Farm operators are dying for help and politicians are set to boot migrant workers from the U. S!

And 84% of your voters vote "No" on re-electing the current U. S. president?

I love it! You make me laugh!

Rancher5 (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

If you think Obama deserves a second term as Obama does who I think has a egotistical mine frame which scares me, n=but to point he will spend another 6 trillion in his next 4 years, you our either crazy or you think your Government benefits will dwindle if you don't elect hin , which in that case your eyes our close not realizing the more we go in debt the more radicle a fix will be, and your benefits aren't gaurenteed, No He does not, besides splitting this country into section and being one of the biggest racist in modern times.

Mike Graves (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

The matter of whether Pre Obama deserves another term, is, in my opinion, wasted time.
He will be re-elected, by a large majority.
We, middle class, blue collar taxpayers, especially ranchers, are a minority.
Ron Paul is my choice.Pres Obama will be re-elected.
If he isnt, Katy bar the door,civil war is at hand.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 16, 2012

The only way Obama is going to get removed from
the white house is for all of us to get out the vote.
I have been a poll worker for years. We have Satellite voting (early voting in convient places 40
days before the General election) It makes it so
easy for everone to vote. Election day the polls are not as crowded. THERE IS VERY LITTLE EXCUSE
some one who can not drive a ride. Pick up a few
lazy ones and get them there also.
How did you feel after the 2010 election? See if you
can do your share to have a great feeling after the
election of 2012.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

Our Government elected officials spend too much of the taxpayer's money and borrow even more. That is the problem with re-electing the President and all of the Congressional members up for re-election. I see a problem with the republican candidates too. All of these folks don't have a clue what it is like to run a business and Government is big business. Sooner or later, the Banker will call in the loan and God help us when he does.

Bob Neese (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

Obama never deserved a first term, much less a second.
Mark Mulhall does not make me laugh, with his identity politics. He mocks us ranchers and farmers, (the 84%), who are so ready to see Obama gone, even though most of us are doing quite well, with record prices and low unemployment.
Ah, but perhaps we are not as shallow and self-serving as Mr. Mulhall, and just because we're currently doing well, that is no reason to send this country to hell in a handbasket with the continuance of this administration. We see a man whose only qualification to be President is that he was over 35 yrs. old, who the media refused to vett, and propped up, whose only life experience is in Marxist theory and indoctrination, Black Liberation theology, and serving as a 'community organizer' and politician in the most politically corrupt city in the country.
No, I seriously doubt the recovery of America to greatness, if this man is given four more years to "fundamentally transform" the country, and fulfill the "dreams of his father", a Marxist who loathed the west.
Of those left in the race, at this point, Santorum probably best defines and will attempt to adhere to conservatism and guide the country back from the abyss. Romney, I see as a used car salesman, who shifts with the winds, and who I have see lie when there was not even a reason to lie. A lot to like about Ron Paul, but some things he has said that he need not have said, have likely made him unelectable.
Personally, I'd choose Perry or Palin over any of them, if I had the choice..... or Rand Paul, or Bobby Jindal, or Marco Rubio, or Jim DeMInt.
I'd choose any and all above Obama, including Romney, because I believe all of them have a love for America, and would fight for our best interests. That qualifies them over Obama, hands down.

Keith Evans (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

Looking back at the country President Obama inherited, the mess that eight years of Republican administration produced, it is hard to figure out why anyone would want to return to that past. We are out of Iraq (where we never should have been), bin Laden is dead, we will soon be out of Afganistan (which should have happened years ago), the econlmy is growing, unenployment is declining, the automobile industry has rebounded, the cost of business-borrowing is low and inflation is no threat. Farming and the cattle business are in great shape. Who would want to return to tax cutting combined and financing unnecessary wars with crushing amounts of borrowed money? Not me!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

I think i will go to the bank tomorrow and borrow some money to pay off my loans!!!!!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2012

Obama deserves re-election. He did not create the mess that threatened to sink the ship. Considering the hole that the too eager construction sector and the financing greed dug in housing throughout the US, no president can turn such a large blunder around in 4 years. Besides, he didn't decide to "freeze" fat cattle prices like a previous President with the ensuing debacle for all of us who raise cattle for a living. I for one am seeing the best income of my life. The only problem may be that this period of high cattle prices may not last long enough for all of us to upgrade our old equipment and get ourselves out of debt. In the meantime, I'll be paying my income tax and quite happy that I made enough money to earn that right. However, I'm a little burned up that so many in Congress don't think Buffet or the President or the candidates running for President who seem to be earning millions shouldn't be paying a little more than me. But there are a lot of people who won't stop to think for themselves and will vote according to the moneyed propaganda, so there is a chance that someone besides Obama will be the next Pres.

Arthur Langved (not verified)
on Feb 14, 2012

Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to put a plug in the drain to prevent our country from going farther into the financial sewer. If we can't even tread water now, which and when will some generation pay our debts and interest on it?
Save room for us/ Greece, Italy, Spain, France etc.

Here in North Dakota there will be a vote to eliminate taxes (property).
I suppose with all the federal program money pouring into the state it will work if those on the recieving end take up the slack. Look it up to see how much our Governor has recieved, then multiply by the thousands. That would be just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 14, 2012

Come on Beef Producers, Farming is one of the the sectors enjoying a bit of success, plus President Obama serves more beef in the White House than any President preceding......keep eating beef!

asauklba (not verified)
on Mar 12, 2012

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