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Dec 07, 2015

What’s ahead for the beef industry in 2016? 10 megatrends to watch

We will remember 2015 as the second-best year ever for cow-calf profitability, with 2014 notching the record. What’s ahead for 2016? Here, in no....More
Nov 24, 2015

Consumers want transparency. Are you ready?

If you’re growing weary of hearing about the need for further transparency in this age of c....More
MARC research cattle
Nov 14, 2015

USDA opens the door to animal rights groups

A meeting at MARC with animal rights groups has beef producers worried....More
Steaks on the grill
Nov 11, 2015

WHO weaves a tangled web

Is there something more nefarious than just an anti-beef agenda in the recent WHO-IARC cancer report?....More
Angus cattle grazing
Nov 01, 2015

Are your cattle destroying the planet?1

New research shows cow-calf production can reduce net greenhouse gas emissions....More
Oct 28, 2015

Scientists cry foul over IARC red meat-cancer conclusions1

As the fallout and reaction to the controversial IARC report listing beef as “probably carcinogenic” to humans, BEEF continues its analysis of the....More
Large animal veteranarian
Oct 21, 2015

Is there a shortage of food animal veterinarians?

The shortage of large animal veterinarians is over, at least for some. But some ranchers still have trouble finding adequate veterinary care. Is....More
Oct 14, 2015

Planning from the cattle cycle’s front end

Has the regular, traditional cattle cycle of old returned?....More
Joe Roybal
Oct 07, 2015

Former BEEF editor receives recognition1

SDSU honors Joe Roybal with distinguished service award....More
Sep 30, 2015

Wonderments about expansion in the current market1

Will the recent price break for feeder cattle cut short the long-awaited herd expansion?....More
Sep 24, 2015

How do you use antibiotics? A new survey wants to know

All beef producers can participate in a first-of-its kind survey exploring producer opinions about antibiotic use and resistance in cattle....More
Sep 22, 2015

Sage grouse, Western ranchers dodge the ESA bullet, sort of

A great rejoicing was heard across the West this week following the announcement that listing the Greater sage grouse under the Endangered Species....More
Beef veteranarian
Sep 16, 2015

Consumers are curious about what you do

Don’t be afraid to talk about your daily life on the ranch with consumers....More
White Angus
Sep 09, 2015

Genetic accident produces White Angus2

It happened by dint of genetic accident, but a herd of white Angus cattle is contentedly grazing the pastures at the University of Florida Range....More
Ribeye steaks
Sep 02, 2015

Will beef demand keep up with cowherd expansion?1

Beef demand has remained strong as cattle numbers declined. What’s ahead?....More

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Among the industry’s most insightful thinkers, Wes Ishmael concentrates on industry price and market perspectives for BEEF magazine. Along with his monthly “Cattle Economics” column...
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