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Sep 11, 2012

NEW Photo Contest: Celebrating The “Workhorses” Of The Ranch

We have a 1974 Chevy pickup that we use during calving season to weigh and tag calves. The old and rusty truck has no seat belts, registration....More
Sep 10, 2012

Join Team ZIP To Support Beef Nutrition Education In Schools1

Each time I slip on my tennis shoes and slap on my Team BEEF jersey, I get excited about the opportunity to run on behalf of America’s beef producers....More
Sep 06, 2012

Study Bursts Bubble In Organic Claims13

Organic food is a $26-billion business in the U.S. The organic stamp on grocery goods oftentimes doubles the cost, but despite a slow economy, the....More
Sep 05, 2012

Paul Ryan’s Speechwriter Is A Vegan Animal Rights Activist53

If you’ve listened to any politician speak lately, you may have heard the new buzz phrase, “humane economy” and wondered what exactly that might mean....More
Sep 04, 2012

Leave 4-H Kids Alone, PETA46

I just got home from the South Dakota State Fair last night, where yesterday’s big event was the 4-H heifer show. With 67 classes, it was a big event....More
Sep 03, 2012

Reflecting On The Fruits Of Your Labor

Chances are you’ve been busting your butt lately -- putting in long hours and endlessly long days as you stay busy cutting silage, filling creep....More
Aug 30, 2012

It’s Time For The State Fair1

This week marks the beginning of the South Dakota State Fair, which runs through Labor Day. For our family, it’s our annual vacation. We load up kids....More
Aug 29, 2012

Animal Rights Group Pays People To Watch Propaganda89

Let me preface this blog by saying that I don’t support anyone who abuses animals. Whenever a case of animal abuse is in the news, I’m disheartened....More
Aug 28, 2012

What’s Wrong With Leftovers?5

It’s hard to believe I’ve been married to Tyler for almost two years now. It seems just yesterday we exchanged our vows and moved into our farmhouse....More
Aug 27, 2012

New USDA School Lunches Lack Protein Power19

My sister Kaley started her sophomore year of high school last week. Nine years her senior, it’s fun to watch her participate in all the activities....More
Aug 23, 2012

Was Rep. Paul Ryan The Right VP Pick For Romney?4

The Republican candidate for U.S. president, Mitt Romney, has announced his choice of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate for the White....More
Aug 22, 2012

Newspaper Tells Readers To Go Vegan During Drought50

It seems the drought is all we talk about, and rightly so. The nation is in the worst drought it has seen in 50 years, with two-thirds of the U.S....More
Aug 21, 2012

NEW Gallery Shares Beef Story From Pasture To Plate

As a cow-calf producer, I’m very familiar with the day-to-day operations of our family business. The seasons of our operation – from calving, to....More
Aug 20, 2012

Author Asks, “Should Meat Be On The Menu?”8

Should meat be on the menu? That’s the question posed in a provocative new book written by David Mason-Jones. And, for just $4.99, those of you with....More
Aug 16, 2012

USDA Makes Big Meat Purchase17

More than half of the U.S. has been declared to be a natural disaster area, and 69% of the Midwest is experiencing moderate to exceptional drought....More

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Amanda Radke is a fifth generation rancher from Mitchell, S.D., who has dedicated her career to serving as a voice for the nation’s beef producers. A 2009 graduate of South Dakota State...
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