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beef cattle feed rations include candy corn
Oct 02, 2012

Candy Corn Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore11

Cattlemen are certainly tough and resilient individuals. Natural disasters, escalating land prices, high input costs and transition challenges don’t....More
Oct 01, 2012

Consumers Vote With Their Wallets

Societal shifts are changing the way we do business. In agriculture, we see this through new regulations that impact the way we manage our livestock....More
Sep 27, 2012

Champion “Workhorses” Photos Revealed!

The last couple of weeks, we have focused on celebrating the “workhorses” of the ranch -- the people, horses, cattle dogs, tractors and four-wheelers....More
Sep 26, 2012

Mix Those Dreams With A Healthy Dose Of Reality4

I grew up watching Disney movies, where the princess always lived “happily ever after.” The fairy godmother told Cinderella, “If you keep on....More
Sep 25, 2012

Wyoming Wolf Hunt Opens In October1

French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once said, “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”....More
Sep 24, 2012

What Happens If The Farm Bill Expires?18

As our elected officials make their way back to their home states to campaign to their local constituents, the farm bill is put on the backburner....More
Sep 20, 2012

Five Hot Topics Ranchers Should Know About3

Whether you’re driving the combine harvesting corn or riding your horse checking calves in the pasture, chances are you might have missed some of the....More
Sep 19, 2012

Finalists Selected In “Workhorses” Of The Ranch Photo Contest8

This month, we are celebrating the “workhorses” of the ranch -- the people, animals, equipment and vehicles that help you get the job done and....More
Sep 18, 2012

Let’s Talk Fall Grazing4

South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension recently held an informative meeting to prepare ranchers for when the snow flies. The agenda included....More
Sep 17, 2012

BPI Fights Back14

When ABC News reported about “pink slime” in beef earlier this year, the nation paid attention. Within days of the initial report – which focused on....More
Sep 13, 2012

We Need Farmers Three Times Each Day3

Have you heard of Instagram? It’s one of the hot new social media sites that is taking the Internet by storm. Instagram is a free, fast and fun way....More
Sep 12, 2012

Opinion Piece Mourns Loss Of Family Farms4

“Is it a soggy sentimentality for farmers to want their cows to be happy? Shouldn’t a businessman just worry about the bottom line?” asks Nicholas D....More
Sep 11, 2012

NEW Photo Contest: Celebrating The “Workhorses” Of The Ranch

We have a 1974 Chevy pickup that we use during calving season to weigh and tag calves. The old and rusty truck has no seat belts, registration....More
Sep 10, 2012

Join Team ZIP To Support Beef Nutrition Education In Schools1

Each time I slip on my tennis shoes and slap on my Team BEEF jersey, I get excited about the opportunity to run on behalf of America’s beef producers....More
Sep 06, 2012

Study Bursts Bubble In Organic Claims13

Organic food is a $26-billion business in the U.S. The organic stamp on grocery goods oftentimes doubles the cost, but despite a slow economy, the....More

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Amanda Radke is a fifth generation rancher from Mitchell, S.D., who has dedicated her career to serving as a voice for the nation’s beef producers. A 2009 graduate of South Dakota State...
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