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Jun 06, 2013

Feeder Responds Positively To Tyson FarmCheck™ Audits3

Last fall, you may have read about Tyson Foods' announcement of a new audit program, called Tyson FarmCheck™, that aims to ensure responsible on-farm....More
Jun 05, 2013

10 Favorite Ranch Life Memories4

In the last couple of weeks, I dedicated not one but two blog posts to signs you might be having a bad day on the ranch. The response was so great....More
beef industry hot topics you should know
Jun 04, 2013

5 Feel-Good Stories About Beef This Week2

All too often, we focus on the negative things being said about our industry in the media. Today, I want to look at the bright side of things, so I....More
Jun 03, 2013

Readers Pick Their Favorite Ranch Sweetheart Photos1

There have been many fun photo contests on this blog over the years, featuring everything from calves, to kids, to cowgirls. But I must say, I think....More
May 30, 2013

Spring Rains Rally Our Ranch Hopes, But Is It Too Little Too Late?2

Untimely snow in April and non-stop rains in May have added moisture to the area, but is it enough to alleviate the drought?....More
May 29, 2013

Beef Demand Is Soft In Kickoff To Summer Grilling Season1

Memorial Day is regarded as the kickoff weekend to summer. Even though the official start to summer doesn’t roll around until June 21, it’s evident....More
May 28, 2013

Tailgate Up Or Down?20

Nothing says “country” quite like a pickup truck. The age-old debate about which make is better – Ford, Dodge and Chevy – continues among ranchers....More
May 27, 2013

Vote For Your Favorite Ranch Sweetheart Photo Finalist9

Happy Memorial Day! As you celebrate the holiday with your loved ones, let's celebrate! Today, we announce the top 15 finalists in the BEEF Daily....More
Al Roker visits the farm
May 23, 2013

Al Roker Visits Family Farm On “Today Show”4

Working from home, I usually have the TV on during the day, so I can keep up on the news and look for future blog topics. I’m pretty loyal to NBC’s "....More
May 23, 2013

My Prayers Go Out To Oklahoma Tornado Victims

While humans can prepare for bad weather, Mother Nature makes a tough adversary. The tornado in Oklahoma has been the hot topic on the news the last....More
everyday ranch life bad moments
May 21, 2013

Readers Share Their Best Of The Worst Ranch Moments7

Last week, I shared my top 15 signs you might be having a bad day on the ranch. Admittedly, when I compiled the list, I realized it might be a little....More
humane society of the united states has friends at IRS
May 20, 2013

HSUS Appears To Have A Powerful Friend Within the IRS10

When it comes to business, sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) appears to have a powerful....More
Beef Checkoff Photo
May 16, 2013

Is Meat The Best Brain Food?4

Authority Nutrition notes five nutrients to fuel the brain that come from meat, fish and eggs, not plants....More
May 15, 2013

15 Annoying Ranch Nuisances19

There’s no doubt about it -- I’m a glass half-full kind of gal. I like to look on the bright side of things, and even though I might have a bad day....More
ag agvocacy is more than tweeting
May 14, 2013

Ag Advocacy Is More Than Just Tweeting2

Social media may be a great platform to talk about issues, but nothing replaces face-to-face activism. Put the "active" back in activism and get out....More

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