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Nov 07, 2016

Weather is a safer topic than politics

Election day is fast approaching, and the nation is anxious to learn who our next president will be. If you’re tired of the political rhetoric, stick....More
Nov 03, 2016

Could steak & eggs be the key to a long, healthy life?1

What’s the secret to living to be 116 years old? One Italian woman shares her dietary secrets to healthy living....More
Nov 02, 2016

NFL player spends signing bonus to buy cattle1

Steelers wide receiver Cobi Hamilton purchases cattle for the family farm....More
Nov 01, 2016

Uptick in cattle markets offers hope for ranchers

A positive swing in the cattle markets is building some optimism in sale barns around the country. Do you think the market has finally hit its bottom?....More
Oct 31, 2016

TV show follows lives of next generation ranchers

Finally, a reality show focused on the real lives of farmers and ranchers. Check out “American Harvest” on CarbonTV today!....More
Oct 27, 2016

Participants needed in beef quality survey

The 2016 National Beef Quality Audit is underway, and the checkoff is looking for participants to complete the survey and identify industry successes....More
Oct 26, 2016

HSUS is a fox in the hen house5

The beef industry needs to align together to better protect ourselves against our adversaries and secure our rights to own livestock and produce beef....More
Oct 25, 2016

Food waste an important factor in sustainable food systems

Waste not, want not. Nearly 2 billion tons of food is wasted each year. Check out what Americans think about food waste....More
Oct 24, 2016

3 marketing options for the fall calf run

Check out these three options for marketing calves this fall....More
Oct 20, 2016

4 BEEF reads: Hurricane Matthew, pipeline protests & more

Violence erupts at pipeline protest. HSUS attacks Oklahoma ranchers. Hurricanes and wildfires devastate livestock producers....More
Oct 19, 2016

Watch cattle devour cover crops with this undercover video1

A GoPro video camera records the day in a life of a cow grazing on cover crops....More
Oct 18, 2016

Domino’s pledges to support FFA with $1 million donation

Domino’s is supporting future food producers and members of the National FFA Organization with a $1 million gift....More
Oct 17, 2016

What can ranchers do about market troubles?4

Cattle markets are ugly and producers are frustrated, but are we as an industry asking the tough questions that lead to finding solutions? Or are we....More
Oct 13, 2016

5 resources showing how Trump & Clinton view ag issues2

With less than a month until the election, here are five reads worth checking out about Trump and Clinton and where they stand on agricultural issues....More
Oct 12, 2016

Update on BPI lawsuit against ABC2

BPI argues ABC’s use of the term “pink slime” was defamatory and resulted in the closing of three plants and 700 people losing their jobs....More

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Amanda Radke is a fifth generation rancher from Mitchell, S.D., who has dedicated her career to serving as a voice for the nation’s beef producers. A 2009 graduate of South Dakota State...
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