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BEEF Daily Reader Warns Of HSUS & eBay Link


Shoppers on eBay might notice the option to donate to the Humane Society of the United States after each purchase. One reader noticed the link and wanted to alert the BEEF readers to the issue.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) uses its $100+ million annual budget for lobbying, fundraising and passing legislation that aims to put livestock producers out of business. It’s not a secret amongst agriculturalists that HSUS is no friend to animal agriculture, but what about everyone else?

Many consumers believe HSUS is an umbrella group for local animal shelters, when in fact, the organization donates less than 1% of its annual budget to fund animal shelters. Because folks don’t know this, they are often duped into donating to this organization. HSUS appeals to donors through fundraising efforts such as sappy, dramatic TV commercials. Recently, one reader alerted me to an online effort happening on eBay to raise money for HSUS.


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I received this email from a concerned reader:

“I just bought a couple items through eBay. On the main checkout page, where it listed your items and cost, there was an area to put any redemption codes and a line where you could ‘be an animal’s hero’ and donate to the HSUS. I assume that option shows up for everyone at checkout. Had I not committed to the buy it now features, I would have not completed the transaction. The donate to the HSUS line didn't appear until you were on the last screen to confirm your purchase. I completed my transaction and filled out the ‘how do you like our new checkout’ survey and voiced my displeasure. I intend to discontinue my use of eBay entirely. I just thought I would pass it along and see if you have heard this from anyone else.”

I don’t shop on eBay, but I went and checked things out, and sure enough, there it was. HSUS is raking in dollars from the popular online shopping and auction site. Shoppers can add HSUS as their favorite charity, donate after each purchase and check out which celebrities also donate to HSUS (Ke$ha, Hollie Cavanagh, to name a few).

Let eBay know what you think about its affiliation with HSUS. You can leave them a comment by clicking here.

Perhaps we can also suggest better organizations to associate with. Which suggestions would you offer?

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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Fritz Groszkruger (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

The heads-up on this is much appreciated. We have to work together on things like this. It is a war.

We also need to appreciate that a private business like eBay does ask, rather than just take a percentage without our consent (as far as we know), like the US government does. As for myself, our government spends money in even more damaging ways than HSUS.

eBay is an excellent tool connecting buyers and sellers and shouldn't be taken out of our drawer, just exposed that it is a tool for our opponents as well.

Anonymous Farmer (not verified)
on Sep 5, 2014

I searched everywhere and cannot find any reference to your statement about the US government not asking to give to the HSUS. Please elucidate!

Molly (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

thanks for sharing that bit of info...HSUS has also blanketed all the school food service directors in California and asked them for meatless Mondays and to post their donate link on the school site. Our school director fell for it...after my husband personally called each school board member and gave them an earful the info was taken off the site and meatless Monday's have gone away!

Fritz Groszkruger (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

Good for you (and your husband), Molly. This is a good example where we do have a choice but we have to fight for it. I don't imagine the school is voluntary. It is a big problem that situation is now taken for granted. We sent our kids to public school and reschooled them every night. It worked out, and without the cost of private school or home schooling. They took their own lunch, BTW.

Tad Williams (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

Keep harping on HSUS while the livestock industry gets more and more concentrated taking away more and more livestock producers opportunity away to farm. HSUS never put anyone out of business while Tyson, Cargill, and the others have left their mark on this country.

Fritz Groszkruger (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

While HSUS may not have put anyone out of business that we can verify, there are plenty of other examples of nutty science used to coerce people into favoring markets they, otherwise wouldn't consider.

The climate science scam is a perfect example. How many billions will be wasted before people discover that energy costs rise when the least efficient forms are mandated because of lobbyists disguised as scientists.

Those who hate the bigs because they put someone out of business should realize there are a lot of poor people who can afford meat because of the efficiency of factory farms. And if their methods are so terrible there are plenty of college professors and such who will buy niche products at a premium to keep smaller producers in business, if they make the effort.

The people at Beef appear to have a favorable slant toward large producers, but, as in anything, we can consider the source and use the information with that in mind. They make a decent effort to serve all producers.

on Sep 2, 2014

Please define "factory Farm"

Anonymous Farmer (not verified)
on Sep 5, 2014

that's easy: hog confinements

Fritz Groszkruger (not verified)
on Sep 3, 2014

When the hog business was changing fast in about 2000 we had to decide fix it or quit. My wife said, "I can't see you working in a confinement building." We had a farrowing house and nursery but the rest was outside. I'd say total confinement was like a factory. I don't often use the term myself, but do because it is part of the language now.

Tom Reese (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

My wife sells a lot on eBay and I asked her about this. This is an option that the seller selects to include when you get down to making your payment. eBay provides a long list of charities that can be included as options for a donation. In this case, that seller must have selected HSUS as one of the possible options. I have no problem with being asked if I'd like to donate a buck or two to some charity, if that seller had selected HSUS as his charity of choice, I'd think twice about buying from that seller again. It is not eBay's fault in this case. eBay is a terrific place to find things you need that are difficult to locate, I'm always amazed at the odd things you can search for and locate quickly there.

Anonymous Farmer (not verified)
on Sep 5, 2014

hmmm...actually I buy a lot from Ebay and the last transaction (last week) only listed HSUS as a possible charity. ..there were no others listed...and I am not one to have voluntarily looked for it.

California Native (not verified)
on Sep 2, 2014

This is the comment I left on my last purchase with EBAY:I will no longer shop on Ebay after this transaction. When I found that ebay is solicitating donations for HSUS , I was appaled to say the least. HSUS is one of the most dispicable organizations that exist in the whole world.The primary goal of HSUS is to destruct and destroy the existance of all livestock production enterprises-----NOT the protection and care of hapless pets which they explot for their own gain

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