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4 Items To Ponder Other Than Miley Cyrus


From outlandish consumer comments, to vegans befriending omnivores, to a consumer magazine saying steak is a health food, here are 4 items to ponder that don't involve Miley Cyrus and her over-the-top VMA performance.

My Facebook newsfeed has been flooded with blogs, photos, videos and commentary on Miley Cyrus’ scandalous and disturbing performance at the VMAs on Sunday. It seems the entire world is watching as the former Disney Channel star morphs into a mix of wannabe singer and out-of-control call girl.

Needless to say, I continue to scour the Internet looking for anything and everything beef related. I’m always on the lookout for what our consumers are saying about us. Here are 4 items I rounded up that will make you chuckle or perhaps scratch your head.

1. “Can I watch you milk your steer?”

That was the pickup line that my cousin, Andrew, received at a show last week. A fellow 4-Her of the opposite sex was trying to flirt with Andy, who had put on 30 lbs. of muscle over the summer in preparation for football season. One would think another 4-H member would realize that A) the steer was a heifer; and B) you don’t milk a beef animal, especially one that hasn’t calved yet. But I digress. Much work is still needed.

2. “An ear worm? What’s that? Will it get in my ear?”

This was the question posed to one of our farming friends whose family is renowned for their sweet corn. A motorcyclist stopped into their farmyard one evening, and the farmer offered him some sweet corn. As the farmer pulled the husk aside, an ear worm was revealed, and the farmer shook the worm off, cussing his “darn ear worms.” The traveler’s response was surprising to the farmer, who quickly realized that not everyone understands where their food comes from and how it is grown.

3. Vegans & omnivores can get along

With Team Beef members competing in athletic events across the country, they often get to meet their polar opposites, vegans. While it may be hard to find a place of understanding and compromise, at least they can smile for a picture together. Here are a few I found on Facebook that I think you will like.

This photo is of Meghan Anderson, a rancher from Guide Rock, NE, and a PETA protester at the state fair horse show. Don’t they look happy together?

This photo is of ultra-marathon runner and author Dane Rauschenberg posing with a vegan competitor. Rauschenberg proudly fuels up with beef. Do you think he could share a burger with his buddy?

4. “Yes, steak is good for you.”

This was the conclusion of a Toronto Sun article entitled, “The benefits of beef.”

An excerpt reads, “Higher protein intakes can help manage weight and increase satiety and energy while reducing hunger. And though protein builds and maintains muscles, beef also contains 14 nutrients including twice the iron, six times the B12, and eight times the zinc of chicken breast. It’s also lower in fat than chicken thighs, the latest ingredient trending in foodie circles. And by the way, sirloin tip and sockeye salmon have the same amount of fat.”

What do you think about these four items? What’s the most outlandish question someone has asked you about beef or the cattle business? How did you respond? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Discuss this Blog Entry 2

AgLander (not verified)
on Aug 29, 2013

The "beef" lady from Guide Rock has such a lock grip on the Peta girl that I doubt there was much debate or discussion with the Peta girl on her willingness to pose for a photo!

Anonymous (not verified)
on Aug 30, 2013

1. LOL I don’t think I’ll be using that pick-up line anytime soon.
2. That motorcyclist has the brain of an earworm.
3. I always love to see two happy runners together.
4. I'm glad to hear Steak is better than other meats, but unless it is super lean it is horrible for your health and in no way better than vegetables. If you think meat is the only way to get iron, B12 and Zinc, you have the brain of an earworm too.

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