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10 Reasons Why I Ranch; PLUS: Win A Hat from Greeley Hat Works


Greeley Hat Works wants to know why you ranch. Win a $300 Greeley Hat Works gift certificate for telling us what you love about ranching. 


I’m really excited to announce a new contest here at BEEF magazine. In the past, we’ve done a lot of photo contests, but we are trying something new this time around. Greeley Hat Works is offering $300 gift certificates for a quality Greeley Hat Works hat to the two winning entrants of a 300-word essay about ranch life.

The theme is “Why YOU Ranch,” and essays must include a photo. Entrants must be 16 years or older, and the deadline is March 29. Readers can vote for their favorite essay as they are posted. Thus, the sooner you enter, the better your chances are of racking up votes.

For contest rules, easy submission form, voting and registration, click here.

The contest is all under one roof, making it easy to see what everyone is writing and allowing other entrants to size up the competition before submitting their own essay.


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To get your creative juices flowing, I thought I’d begin by offering the top 10 reasons why I ranch. Obviously, the reasons are endless, but here are those that make my list:

• I get to work side-by-side with my family every single day.

• I’m able to set my own hours and be my own boss.

• I work outside and enjoy what nature has to offer.

• I enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor as calves frolic in the summer pasture.

• I feel pride when I sell my bulls to commercial producers around the country.

• I will soon know the joy of raising children on a ranch.

• As a fifth-generation rancher, I get to be a part of a lasting legacy.

• I’m privileged to be among the 2% of folks who are involved in production agriculture in this country.

• I’m not strapped to a desk job, but I can blog for BEEF and live what I write about, too!

• My work attire consists of cowboy boots and blue jeans. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Again, to enter this contest, click here. I can’t wait to see what you write about “Why YOU Ranch.” Thanks to Greeley Hat Works for sponsoring this contest. Good luck to all of our participants!


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Alex Carone (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2014

Your ten reasons sum it up, you deserve the Hat!

Ed Fowler (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2014

1) Freedom

2) Being part of Nature, every day.

3) My dogs my horses and livestock are my honest partners.

4) I was able to develop great memories of my children working with me and able to teach them the lessons they would need in later life.

5) Working with the most unpredictable boss ever and the lessons mother nature (my boss) taught me.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2014

First of all I don't want to say why "I" like to ranch. We like to ranch as a family unit. My husband Tim, myself, our children Kate (11), Gabe (9), Jada (5) and Rena (3) because we get to do many things together. The children learn the circle of life, they help round up cows and they get to help the sick ones. Is it always an easy job? No, we wade through chest high swamp grass to check for the down electric fence, and we wade through over knee high mud in the spring to help baby calves, we feed the cows in -30+ without the windchill. But we get to see the fruits of our labor when we bring those calves to the sale barn and one lot fills up that ring and you know you have done your job right. Even when the kids would rather be going to the beach but we have to go rotate cows onto a different pasture they know the beach will be there a different day and that the cows rely on us to make sure they have new green grass every 6 days. All of the children enjoy it, they beg and plead us not to preg check or vaccinate when they are in school or if we do could they please stay home? That says something to me, they enjoy it. That is why "we" do it. For our family! This summer we took a chance on a dog. We live in central Minnesota and found a trained border collie in Montana. Decided to take a family vacation and go get a dog. Our dog Kase is now a huge part of our family as well. We can work those cows like no other but is as gentle as can be with the kids. This is what life is all about, taking a chance and teaching your kids what hard work and persistence is all about. Going on vacation and still finding ranches and cows to go look at because that is what your passion is for. Going out and doing you job day by day, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Taking the hands dealt to you and rolling with the punches. Learning how we can be stewards of the land and making it a better place by putting certain practices into motion! Ranching overall we feel is the absolute best way to raise and grow our family!

JUDY CLABORN (not verified)
on Feb 13, 2014

My # 1. Reason that I love to ranch is that it brings me closer to God.
2. I love the earth.
3. I love animals.
4. I love to help animals that need me.
5. I love to work and get dirty and stand back and see what my hard work has done.
6. I love to share this awesome life with my Grandchildren.
7. I love the smell of ranching.
8. I love the challenge that nature gives us in different ways each day.
9. I love when my animals come to me and I know that they know they will be taken care of by me.
10. Last, but not least, I love the restful sleep that I get after my ranching job each day.

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