There’s no disputing the effectiveness of implants to increase cattle performance.

Consider the 10-20% boost in gain and 15-30 lbs. of added gain, based on a bevy of research trials, says Gerry Kuhl, Kansas State University (KSU) professor emeritus.

However, Kuhl pointed out at this year’s KSU Beef Stocker Conference that paying attention to implant basics can optimize effectiveness.

For instance, he says key robbers continue to include: improper implanting technique and poor sanitation, abscesses, lost or expelled implants, missing pellets, crushed or bunched pellets, and implants embedded in the ear cartilage.

As well, Kuhl says implant effectiveness can be diminished if these considerations are ignored in matching implants to the cattle and situation:
• Season of year
• Growing conditions
• Quantity and quality of forage
• Stocking rate
• Length of grazing season
• Supplementation options