Work with your state coordinator or cattlemen’s group to organize a face-to-face meeting/training. BQA trainers are located within all 50 states. Or go online to A veterinary track is available for continuing education credits and BQA certification.

As a practice service, veterinarians can also guide their producer-clients to this online BQA training site, suggests Dr. Thomson. It allows producers to self-pace their education, while decreasing the time spent away from the ranch, especially in remote locations.

Free BQA Training Information: Boehringer Ingelheim Promotes BQA

Dr. Sjeklocha adds that Cattle Empire takes advantage of the online training modules, which are available in English and Spanish, to train its employees in beef quality assurance. The feedlot has a bank of computers at the headquarters office where they can quickly get new hires into these modules.

“For us it was a matter of convenience,” he says, “because most workers don’t have access to a computer.”

When a training package is complete, a certificate of completion is available for printing. Managers can register employees and track their progress; those that complete training are recorded in a national database of certified producers.

Dr. Thomson adds that consistently, regardless of cattle type, experience or language, a Beta test shows that participants have a 27 percent increase in knowledge retention through the online training modules.

To Obtain Your MBA

Dr. Sjeklocha also completed his Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA), graduating from the self-directed online beef industry spokesperson training program funded through the Beef Checkoff.

The program consists of six, 1-hour core courses. “It doesn’t take long to do,” he reports. He admits he’s not totally comfortable about public speaking, “but I’m willing to step outside my box and give it a try.” Dr. Sjeklocha adds, “It’s going to take more of us stepping up, as we’re going to be under the microscope and I don’t foresee it stopping.”

Find more information on the MBA program.


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