Every five years, a National Beef Quality Audit is performed, in which ranchers, feedlot operators, packers, retailers and government and allied industry are surveyed.  The purpose of the checkoff-sponsored audit is to document accomplishments, future challenges and to identify areas that need improvement.  The full results of the latest audit will be released on July 26 at the summer National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) meetings in Denver. Among the advancements the industry should be proud of are those made in tenderness, palatability, animal care, quality assurance, animal welfare,  stockmanship and stewardship, beef safety and continuing to tell the beef story.  As a prelude to the release of the results, John Paterson,  NCBA executive director of producer education, provides this video summary of the challenges and opportunities identified from the audit and the road map to continuously  improve beef demand and quality.